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Looking Back Pre-Stroke & Giving Back





This past week I've written a couple of blogs entries. The first is about caregivers looking back to pre-stroke days and the second one is about giving back what we've been given. Plus the dog has really been on a writing streak. "He's" written several entries since my last trip to Strokenet's blog community including one on how he acts as a service dog to my wheelchair bound husband. The little snot has more subscribers than I do. I'm half jealous. :)


CRAZY GLUE ON MY SHOES --- Some times I hate listening to music. It makes me cry too often. I mean, who wouldn


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Good to hear from you Jean and know things are still going!!! I'm about the same my self, doctors appointments and working. Take care!

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Guest lwisman


Don't be too jealous of Cooper. Remember, without you he would starve to death, never go outside, would have a difficult time getting his words together for his blog not to mention typing (Do they make doggie keyboards?)


Hope you, Don and Cooper have a good week. The good news here is that they now say the temp will go up to 60 tomorrow (Monday). Hallelujah.

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Cooper's blogs are way too cute. He needs his Mom though to assist him in the preparation of his blogs. Other critters are going to want to create their own blogs lol.

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I am biggest fan of your blogs, your love for Don & your shared relationship tells me, I still have miles to go before I reach that level of love for my soulmate, but I take pleasure in knowing that I am headed in the right direction which is big plus.




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great blog jean. you are kept very busy in your life but i know your 2 men appreciate all you do for them. cooper sounds like he has had alot of fun in his life, because of his great parents. you have such a gift for writing in both languages, dog and human. keep them coming please.

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