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Training at the YMCA





Don and I have been really busy lately....mostly because we're training at the YMCA now. Trust me, it's not easy keeping a stroke survivor with impulse control issues on task with all the young mothers working out in the mornings at the Y. :)


Also there's been a tad bit of progress in the language disorders department. To read more, click here.


Cooper's been blogging a lot lately though. You can catch him by clicking here.




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I have to give both of you so much credit, his hanging in there and you standing by his side twice as long as I've been recovering.


I'm off work for about 30 days while VA tries to figure why I can't walk, muscles are very weak, arthritis has set in for sure. Maybe now I'll get my 100% disability rating.


That program seems to be a working thing for both of you and I can see how you stay so busy.

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When Don left rehab way back after his stroke, I was told to keep him so busy he doesn't have time to get depressed. I've tried to do just that and it's worked really well in its mission. When you have severe disabilities like he does you really need to create a whole new social life from the pre-stroke days and find meaningful things to do. You already know this...I know because I've seen you do it instinctively in your own life.


Good luck at the the VA.



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Jean just as you keep Don busy to stave off depression, I do the same with Ray. Back in 2001 the doctor said "Go out every day, one day your home will become your prison." so that is exacxtly what we do. Of course at times it is a big effort to go out but it is will power that wins over won't power.


I went to look at the hydrotherapy pool again today. I'm going to try a few sessions with Ray to see now he goes. We used to go regularly but gave up a couple of years ago when he had a series of chest infections. He has got real slow with his walking so needs to do more exercise.


Now I know he has better kidney function that is off my mind and I think going back to hydrotherapy might be the way to go. While there was any doubt about his kidneys I thought it was too risky. I want to improve his general fitness again before I take him north at the end of June.



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jean, that is great that you both are at the ymca, i think you and don will benefit alot from it. keeping busy helps me too to starve off the depression. maybe cooper can go for a swim too. it might do him some good, tire him out so he will leave the charmin alone. lol he just does'nt squeeze it, he mutilates it. i don't think mr. whipple would be to happy with him. but he does have fun it seems. it was good to hear about don's improvement with his speaking too.

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That's terrific news about Don's speech progress - Whoohooo!!!! I wish him the besy of luck in getting the affected muscles to wake up.


Cooper and his Charmin lol - our kitten, Lili, loves Charmin as well. Fortunately she can't turn the knob on the door - yet lol.

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Jean. I am absolutely enthralled with Coopers blog. Because of the creative ability you have with words I feel as though I do see through Coopers eyes and feel what he feels. I don't know who ever coined the phrase "Living the life of a dog" meaning I guess how unfortunate but had they read Coopers blog they would realize that nothing could be further from the truth. Cooper is one very remarkable pet but his owners are no less remarkable. Hang tough Cooper my friend I know you have much more time to make Mom and Dad's life a little more hectic and a lot more fun. Bow Wow Cooper wating for you next blog. Clark Taylor

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Thanks, Clark. The 'dog blog' is the most fun I've ever had as a writer. I also love reading other dog blogs. There is a link list of them in Cooper's blog, in the right hand column if you ever want to poke around them. There are some pretty cute ones out there.



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