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Stroke Anniversary Coming Up



Don's eighth anniversary out from his massive stroke is coming up. To read about our plans and my thoughts on the big day, click here.


Levi and Cooper have been blogging and giving away the family secrets a lot lately. You can check them out here.


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Congratulations to both of you in your long journey of stroke recovery and caregiving. It's an amazing journey and both of you have been an inspiration to so many on this website and I'm sure everywhere you go together.





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Hi Don and Jean


Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. Jean, Don is right you are very cool. It is an honor to have met you on the Stroke Network site and to have been benefited by your insight and knowledge of the stroke recovery process.


I hope you and Don have a great trip and enjoy your time together (Don is indeed fortunate in having you in his life)


I wish you both every success as you move on in your lives. As stroke survivors and caregivers that have managed to find our "New Normal" and move on, we have an obligation to help others as they begin their journeys as stroke survivors and /or caregivers.


I see you continue to do that in your writing. (congratulations)


I am fast becoming a fan of "The Levi and Cooper Chronicles" as it is such a fresh and unusual approach. I will always of course miss Cooper (bye) from our nights in the Stroke Net chat room.


I hope that all stroke survivors/caregivers are able to enjoy success in getting on with the rest of their lives post stroke as you and Don have.


Smiles :)



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Congratulations to you and Don on the upcoming anniversary. "you've come a long way baby" applies to you both as you've adapted to the post stroke normalcy. Life does go on after stroke and you are proof of that. You will always be an inspiration to me as well as to many others. The Cooper and Levi Chronicles are absolutely adorable too.

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hey Don & Jean:


congratulations to you both for your upcoming 8th year anniversary. you both are really cool. I am so happy you were still on this site when I was still trying to find anchor for my life. you both saved mother of my son. Jean you both inspire lot of people in real and virtual life.




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