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Being a caregiver is a label I neither like nor dislike. It just is what it is, although early on in the process of becoming one it felt like..... Click here to read the full blog entry.




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well said blog, I know it must have taken long road to reach where you both are today. I too feel proud of myself coming out of my victim mode and wearing that survivor lable. It feels great to know that we have that inner strength within us to get through all adversitiies life sometimes throws at you.


way to go Don & Jean.




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Hi Jean


Well this is propably old hat but as you most likely know by now. (I keep saying it)


Caregivers are survivors too!


It must be a team effort. So much to learn, so much to accept, so much to adjust to.


So much love and care to be given, so much energy to be drained.


Caregivers especially long term caregivers not only give us their best. You are our Super heroes.


Faster than a speeding bullet. Leaping buildings in a single bound. Stopping a speeding locomotive dead in it's tracks and you know the rest.


How could we EVER express properly what your care means to us. (survivors)


A simple thank you does not seem to be enough.


Smiles :)



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