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Routines in Caregiverville



No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Don, me and the new puppy are poking along as usual, trying to establish and keep to a schedule for summer. To read my full entry about routines in Caregiverville, click here.


Even though I haven't blogged often myself this past month, the dogs have been very active in their blog. You can catch their view of our lives in Caregiverville here.





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I was wondering about you but then I knew you are busy with your newfound love Levi. I must be getting older too now I too like routines. hubby & I are polar opposite in our waking up patterns. he is early riser and I need somewhere to go reason to get up & shower. could you post link to yor article. in my mind you are winner whether you win that $5000 or not its different story, winnig will just affirm what I have been telling you :D.


lots of hugs & best wishes



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Glad all is "well" with you, Don, and little Levi. I'm sure the darling keeps you busy. Routine can be a good thing.

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