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Les Miserables



I am SO EXCITED! Patrick and I are going to go see Les Miserables next Thursday, (Sept 18th) for my birthday! Patrick had told me a few days ago that the show was in Denver so I decided that seeing it again would make the perfect birthday gift. I went to the website and tried to purchase the tickets online but was unable to get any seats except in the "value" section. I called the box office to see if they had any better tickets and it just so happened that they has just had four tickets returned in the prime seating area. I told her we would take two. As it turns out, we are in the second row, center. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Here I just wanted to be able to see the actors as the first time we saw the show (13+ years ago) I couldn't see their faces- we were too far back. Of course we didn't care at the time, the music tells the story, but this time...WOW... we should be able to see every nuance! This time I will wear my waterproof mascara! And I'll have to buy new shoes, and Patrick will need a new pair of pants...


:bouncing_off_wall: :bouncing_off_wall: :bouncing_off_wall:




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What a terrific birthday present that will be for you. Hope you guys have a great time - fantastic seating!! You deserve the night out and the new shoes :big_grin:



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Hang on! New shoes? I remember that when you went to Vegas.....


Good for you, a birthday gift that will be a lasting memory. Many years ago Ray and I used to go to the occassional live show and I discovered the difference for me is the vibrations from the music that you feel in your body! A singer is so much more than someone singing the tune combined with the right words - it is the emotions that come across the footlights.. I agree take something to mop up tthose tears.


Thanks for the reminder that I need to plan a few things to look forward to too.



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wow what a beautiful and special present for equally beautiful & special lady like you, ofcourse you need new shoes, new dress, and new pants everything. I am sure you both are going to have great date & time that day.




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Kristen, Ray and I went to a concert today and a lovely young soprano sang "I had a dream" from Les Mis. and I cried over that. Didn't we all have dreams?



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Awesome Sue! I absolutely love the music in this show. They are able to tell a story during the French Revolution and yet let the audience of today identify with their plights through the common emotions and challenges of life. I can identify with so much of it as I am sure others do too- which is what makes it so moving.



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My colleagues gave me tickets to Le Mis on Broadway before it closed for my 40th birthday. You are absolutely going to love it. It won't matter where your seat are the story and music are so powerful. Although you've seen it before so you know this. Enjoy and have a wonderful time.

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