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perseverance wins



Well, what a huge task that was. It seems as if last week I made plans for every day but all aspects changed as I went along. But looking back it was all for the good. It just proves that in the end it is perseverance that wins.


I had such trouble with my old computer when the chat rooms changed. It coped all right with the old chat but the new chat was way beyond it's league! I could get into chat at first but the screen kept freezing and I would be five sentences behind everyone else. It was like trying to hold a conversation in Echo Valley! Then I couldn't get in at all. No way known would my stubborn old computer enter that room. So I wasn't able to do last Tuesday's chat at all.


After I had so much trouble with my old computer finally my son rebuilt the "newer" one. Now for those of you who just type words in and there you are it is a lot of trouble to update any old computer. So Trev tried that on Thursday and Friday nights. But whatever he did the computer resisted all attempts to be updated. Reminds me of some good folk when the word "change" is mentioned. Stick their feet into the ground like a donkey and refuse to budge.


Saturday we were all busy so on Sunday after church we started trying all over again. Trev went back to the old computers we keep as spare parts and now one of the frames did look promising so he updated it with Windows XP and all should be well. Nope, nothing as easy as that. The chat rooms still would not load. So we did some more updating. I think it could have been that Java was just installing the standard platform and not the updated verison.


In the meantime we had visitors my sister and her husband came for afternoon tea. She is always with the best of intentions trying to improve my life! Well meaning people...sigh. Anyway she had seen a refridgerator at a garage sale she thought she would "buy" for me. So off she went, hubby in tow and rang to say she had paid for it and could my sons pick it up from four suburbs away? Our older son was here fiddling with my computer so we arranged for him to meet our other son who was at the movies and they brought it home. So instead of the other things we had planned there we were unpacking the old refridgerator and changing over to the newer one . Good thing to do, bad timing though.


So on with the updates until at 2am I finally reloaded the Java for the third or fourth time and YEAH! Up came chat just like it should. I don't have the MP3 player but I do have chat. So when I get back from this next couple of weeks away I will be back in chat again! Hurray! I also got to chat to Ann Rogers on Instant Messenger. I hope you are all taking advantage of that and making new friends outside of the scheduled chat times.


I am glad I can talk to people here anytime. I have made some good buddies here at Strokenet, and chat has been a part of that particularly in my lonely early days in 2005/2006 when I really needed that support to get me through the changes in our lives here. I read the newbies posts now and hear that echo of my own early posts - that lost and alone "no-one understands" feeling that suddenly seperates us from everyone else in our circle whose husband has NOT had a stroke. You know what I mean.


I am not exactly expecting to chat soon as I will not be in chat for the next couple of weeks. But I will anticipate getting my chat "fix" soon. I will be back to hosting my chat (and maybe "dropping by" in other chats as well) from early November and hopefully for a while to come.


So how many people does it take to update a computer? In our case two sons and an old lady who NEVER GIVES UP!


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You're not an old lady who doesn't give up-just determined and dedicated. We're having Sue withdrawals too!

You may give us up for a technology or appliance support group, but you know we'd never give you up. We would find you and reclaim you.

Very nice of your sister to do that. Lends new meaning to don't show up empty handed. Most visitors bring a little treat not a major appliance, but sweet none the less.

You're so right chat is an excellent means of support especially for newbies and you are a Godsent voice of understanding and comfort to many. Don't fret you'll be up and running in no time.


Maria :hug:

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Glad to hear Trev got it working. Give him a big hug from all of us! That instant messaging is pretty cool, huh? I've used it a few times here and I look forward to using it more.


Talk to you soon,



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Oh Sue,


So glad to hear you and your sona remained determined to get you up and running with the new chat. Will be looking forward to hearing about your excursions when you return in a few weeks. I know I'm sure going through Sue withdrawal.


Love to you and Ray

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my putor crashed a couple of weeks ago so sent it away and am using the old on.. hope that they leave most of the stuff I had on it before but said they couldn't gaurantee anything.. so as winter comes one has more time to spend at it... my new one is only 10 months old, so if you don't hear from I'm stuck..

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