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Back but Probably Forgotten

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It must be old home week around here. It looks like I'm not the only long-lost member catching up their blog. We've had a busy fall since I last updated my blog over at Bloggers. My newest entry is about our woos in spending eleven months dealing with Medicare over Don's wheelchair replacement and about us potentially becoming one of the latest victims of the Wall Street crisis. Read "Old and Obsolete" here.


For pet lovers, our dogs have been prolific in sharing their unique views in their blog of living in a post-stroke world with Don and me. Levi has been a joy with his spirit, energy and kisses that are given in a way only a puppy with a long, wet schnauzer beard could do. I swear he washes his beard off in his water dish then comes directly from the bowl for smooching time. To read Levi, click here. My favor story of Cooper's can be found at: Devil Cats. For some very funny dog photos Levi shares his favors here.


I think of this place from time to time but don't read here much anymore. I can't say why it doesn't hold my interest anymore but it doesn't really matter because we're doing fine in the "real world" now and that feels good.


Wishing you all a great Thanksgiving week and hope you all find what you need to be happy and healthy.



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Hey Jean, I'm still here limping along but not as active as I once was when you were here. I think of you and Don all the time and I go over and read some of your writings from time to time. Glad your real world is kicking mine has slowed down quite a bit.


I'll read your stories you listed tomorrow!.

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We have defiitely missed your presence here. Glad to hear things are going okay and you're not yet living in your Blazer - where we could all end up if things don't turn around soon.


I can totally relate to the stress eating, but I do it all day long because I'm too lazy to get up in the middle of the night to eat. LOL I keep thinking with the new gal here that I'm going to get out more and exercise but her schedule seems to be too busy to find the time for us that I need. I will get my massage today while she sits with Gary, or she'll be doing all the lifting of him if my back goes out.


Stop by more often so we don't have to worry and wonder how you and Don are doing!!




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Thank you for the update. Sure hope you won't have to live in the blazer - you 3 will be awfully cramped. I'm sure Coper is proud of how Levi is coming along. He's such a sweetie.

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Hi Jean, good to have you pop in. Happy Thanksgiving to you Don and Levi. glad to here you are doing well.



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we miss you around here. I ususally check Levi's blog to see how is life for you both. I am so happy that Levi is there in life to give you joy in life. I pray that everything work out in your favor. I pray federal goverment rescues car manufactures too. please pop in from time to time. we miss & worry about you both.




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How could you ever be forgotten? You're a living legend in these parts! In fact the other day I just emailed your blog links to a woman who needed major inspiration and could think of none other than who is the pinnacle of inspiration and strength to offer as a model of hope and light for the future.


Your wisdom and inner strength have been so impressive that as a survivor here I have not forgotten you. Thank you for all you have done for the stroke community. You have made a great impact and can not be forgotten.


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Jean, I think I come here after so long particularly for the blogs. Strokenet ever since I first came here in May 2005 has had a real community feel for me. Reading the blogs for me is like talking with the next door neighbour or getting a letter from a cousin. I have got to know people so well and to really like them too.


Got to the Gallery to see a photo of Babs(Babsz) and her husband, stroke survivor Eddie sitting with me out the back while Trev cooked us a barbecue. Without me meeting her here that would never have happened. That's the power of community for me.


Glad to read your blogs and know that you and Don are doing fine now.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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Hi Jean


It is great to see your new blog post. Hay no worries many of us (the old gang) have moved on to other things in our lives and isn't that the way it is supposed to be?


Strokenet filled a very real need in my life post stroke and I will never forget strokenet or the many friends that I made here.


Thanks for your blog links I do enjoy reading about your and Don's adventures as well as the old dog (Cooper/Bye) and the young pup (Levi)


Many great memories and many good wishes for all of you and yours in the coming month and year.


The space crew being up again reminds me of Don and I can't help but wonder if he made the flight this time.


Take care,


Smiles :)



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