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  2. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and then introduce yourself by posting in the the Newbie Stroke Survivor or Stroke Caregiver Introduction forum.  After that, post your question in the applicable forum and others will reply.  You will quickly get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  3. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and then introduce yourself by posting in the the Newbie Stroke Survivor or Stroke Caregiver Introduction forum.  After that, post your question in the applicable forum and others will reply.  You will quickly get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  4. Hi gang. As you all know, we host daily chats in the afternoon and three nights a week. ( Caregivers do their own thing 🙂 ) and we are in need for more hosts. A Chat host is the one that leads the chat group and can offer advice if needed. Those who have been a part of our chats, you see how they can be very helpful. Our Denny has been taking charge on many of them and it is tough on him. You may say; " It's only an hour a day". It is, but, e is having some health issues and can't commit to as many as he has been covering. I've had to return to work and that has taking a bite on my time for I work evenings on two of those chat nights. I cover on the days I'm home. Host Linda has been remarkable is what she has been doing and helping out. We are looking for more hosts. One (1) hour a day is not much to ask and is a blessing to those who come in need of help. Monday-Friday 3-4pm(est) and Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8-9pm (est) Thanks~ Kel
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  6. scottm

    I was wondering when you got into Lego's when I first saw the picture. What a great idea 🎖️, I may see if I can 3D print something like that.
  7. My wife Valerie has weak fingers and some difficulty breaking pills out of the pensioner proof packaging from the chemist. To aid her I have created this device which I purchased as a kid's stapler from the local op shop. I have modified it so that thumb pressure on its head will press a pill out the packaging and make life easier!........It is known as Petra, the pillpopper. Deigh
  8. BadgerSteve

    Great to hear Paul. I commend you and your spouse for working through it together. May not always work, but at least you will always know you tried. Having just exited a 25 year relationship (21 of it married), I can tell you that being more assertive and more definitive will help. Getting out for date nights where you can connect and talk is key. My ex and I did not do enough of that. Be careful of ignoring the deficits. Maybe its just word choice and my interpretation. I always prefer to put it in a more forward thinking light. Instead, I'd say to remember the strengths and focus on them." Feel grateful and gratitude that you have those strengths and always look for ways to bring them to the fore, and when you are feeling frustrated or disappointed, knowing those strengths are there will help pick you up. Best of luck! You can do this. Cheers!
  9. BadgerSteve

    That's really terrific to hear Mike! So happy for you. And kudos to your employers for giving you the chance to show them you can still contribute in a meaningful way. I am certain you will be terrific! Cheers!
  10. heathber

    yep reality is its none of their beeswax. and if I'm happy why does it matter to anyone else. It isn't what I wanted from my life, I was lucky to know that at the age I did. (If I'd said at 18 I want to be a doctor no one would have questioned me, but when I said no kids the answer was always "you'll change your mind in a few years".) Now my elder niece is the one getting it. Just because she and her partner have been together nearly 10 years and have bought a house together doesn't mean they are going to get married or have children. So long as the choice is right for both of them no one else has any right to comment.
  11. heathber

    Hi Mike the way I think of it is your brain is now a battery that has been fully discharged one too many times. It takes a lot longer to recharge and does not hold a charge well anymore. It also tends to run out with a "bang". With constant trickle charging and being careful not to fully deplete it again it will eventually improve, but this takes time. Learning to manage your energy and saving it for the stuff that matters is the key.
  12. Hi I also have no idea of the stats, they can't even tell those of us who've already had the full catastrophe how likely it will be that we have another. other than to tell us our risk of a stroke is higher than other people who haven't had one yet, but are otherwise equivalent. So get out there and live your best full life while you can and appreciate every part of it. Remember it's the things we didn't do that we regret, when we look back at our lives. And yes the whole process is fascinating, I too continue to be amazed rather than scared. I think that's the best way to deal with it. Also be stubborn in the best way.
  13. Now that's a tough pill to not swallow. Hopefully they can try something like Pam has been on where they physically change the nerve impulses. RFA, electrode intervention etc. There's also the harder fixes where you need to retrain the brain to understand the signals it's receiving rather than just linking everything to "pain". These take a lot longer and are extremely difficult when you have to unlearn the current responses as part of it.
  14. MJS1963

    Paul, All journeys begin with a single step forward. Will yours be easy? Nope. Will yours be rewarding? Yup. Small steps, one at a time. Be open, honest, non judgemental, and caring. I understand the fear of losing your marriage and all that has been. You fell in love before, you can again.
  15. Tarina, It sounds like you have long-term memory issues. As the others said, it will improve over time. But, there are probably things you'll never remember. Why not start a "memory book" for each child complete with pictures when possible of things you don't want to forget? Like Christmas,2018 for example? You can also start a blog here at Strokenet chronicling your stroke journey. You can also write about things other than just your stroke journey. Becky
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  17. Time is your friend with this as with everything stroke. It will take time but should improve. 4 years here and still improving my memory abilities. Yes, I have a period which is gone forever but I slowly recovered my ability to hold things in my memory mostly because of the memory skills they taught me in speech therapy. A good speech therapist is priceless for recovering memory abilities.
  18. achandra

    Sue : you write so beautifully. reading your blogs reminds me that we all will face similar situation or know someone who might be going through that. I feel in the end all we have in this life is just ourselves , so need to become self reliant & independent. I know its hard thing & I just shiver thinking about it. I wish you lived closer since I ache for having meaningful friends I can count on. Asha
  19. I use this we bite, it truly helps....brainhq Practice daily and you will see improvement as you go,
  20. scottm

    I ask myself this often. I told the doc I was broken once, she corrected me that I am injured. Being disabled is a state of mind to me. Sure, I could get a hang tag and park in the blue spot but there are people out there who have injuries that make those few extra steps worse for them than me. I'm able to work so don't try to collect disability. It isn't always easy and everyone tells me I should including my docs but at the same time approve of my still working to stay active.
  21. I tried weaning off lexapro, the crying came back too soon. I went back up on my dose. it is controlled now.There are so many things that make me sad, not the least of which is "why me?" Im glad to be alive and functioning well, but stlll held back in so many ways
  22. alansd

    i had a time on our cruise last summer where I could not get to a restroom fast enough,I actually had pee on my pants after trying. How embarrassing! I visited a doctor after I returned home , and he said alcohol and caffeine both irritate the bladder, so bu sure to go before you feel you truly need to. that works for me, ''its a preemptive pee" '
  23. Got a call from the neurologist an hour ago to stop taking the new medication as it was sending my blood pressure into the 160's. We've now gone through the suite of tools he has and there is no pharmaceutical solution that doesn't either do nothing or has unacceptable side effects. We went through every antidepressant and anti convulsant and they either put me in a fog, screwed with my cardiovascular system or did nothing. I'm apparently in the group of people they consider essentially untreatable with medication. Neuro says call in 3-4 weeks when my system has completely flushed to discuss,
  24. PaulNash

    Well, we're trying. We have had a "full and frank discussion" (sorry, South African expat humour -- when the police had a "full and frank discussion" with someone, they usually ended up dead). We're going to have a "date night" on Friday, no talk about work, household stuff, just the two of us talking about how we feel and trying actively to rebuild intimacy. I don't think that it will be easy -- I feel broken, worthless and withdrawn, plus I now have difficulty with small talk; Linda is tired and resentful after bearing the emotional and logistical brunt. We are also trying to get to see a psychiatrist at the local stroke centre who specializes in couples therapy. And I am working on being more assertive, more definite, and trying to ignore the deficits. The most important part is that we have talked about the issues, and come up with a plan of sorts. I'm not expecting miracles, but it is progress, and Linda appreciates that I am taking the initiative in this. 90% of the battle is just showing up.
  25. PaulNash

    Is there something like "March of Dimes" nearby where you can find some assistance? I have never needed to use outside help (my wife is super-organized), but there have to be public service groups around who can help you. You could even try sometime like a local old-age home (they'll be used to sorting out paperwork for people who are overwhelmed) or a school
  26. PaulNash

    My father (who used to travel on business a lot) used to say that you should never pass a toilet without taking a pee. Because you never know when you'll pass another one.
  27. Hi Tarina I have something similar (I remember things erratically). Since my stroke three years ago, my memory has been improving. Still not as good as it was before the stroke, but better than it was a year ago. In may case, emotionally-loaded thinks tend to stick, facts less so. But I am discovering techniques to remember things, for example I find it hard/impossible to memorize the numeric combination of a door lock, but I can remember the locations of the buttons to push, and what order. Voila! That problem solved. This birthday will probably be lost (unless you have some externalized memory, like photos), but the ability to remember will probably improve over time. As will your ability to compensate (photo albums, diaries, to-do lists, calendars). Good luck. We're with you. paul
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