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  2. I like it. -- Thank you.
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  5. Nope. Back to broad Aussie for me!
  6. I don't do coffee but I'm gonna say definitely with milk. East or west?
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  10. You're not complaining, you are questioning. You need to explain (or show them something written - an article) that the more you can do for yourself, the quicker you can learn to do things that help your recovery. Someone else cannot recover you, you must do it yourself. It's part of your therapy to lead to more mobility and independence. A therapist wouldn't help you, they'd encourage you to try it yourself because they want you to heal. (you could print out the answers you get here and show it to them)
  11. Ogilvie Not technically a city...its near here.
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  14. Did you know there were 40 failed attempts on Hitler's life? Bit somber sorry, I'm watching a doco about him at the moment!
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  16. Pam, You can ask the ombudsman, but I don't think that the nh can legally refuse to let you make an incident report. And you want documentation in case this CNA ever does this to you, or another resident. Without documentation like an incident report, there's no proof that you reported it, or that the incident ever occurred. Look at it as a CYA thing. Becky
  17. Thanks Deigh for the response, I don't know how to deal with these things. I am afraid of hurting someone's feelings.A dear friend of mine met me at a health food market for coffee, when we got up to leave, she took hold of my arm to help me up. My caregiver said to her "She doesn't like to be touched. I felt so bad I never did explain to her that I like to do for myself.She is a good friend, I know she would understand.
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  20. Not easy to do. I was fortunate that my wife Valerie understood the situation immediately and made a vow not to help me unless I asked. This must have been incredibly difficult to do since she would automatically want to mother me. Apart from a few minor spills when carrying cups nothing serious went wrong. Visitors are a different kettle of fish and I often have to make it clear that I don't want people picking up anything I drop! Deigh
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  22. You're right Benni, Someone is watching me all the time! I am at a point in my recovery, that I want to do all I can for myself. I don't want to depend on others. I want to say to my caregiver, I Love you Now leave me alone. How do I do that without feelings getting hurt?
  23. I'm still pro use. To begin with, cannabis of any sort, whether for medical or recreational purposes, remains illegal under federal law. The federal government first regulated marijuana in 1937, when Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act. As with the Harrison Narcotic Act in 1914, Congress deemed an act taxing and regulating drugs, rather than prohibiting them, less susceptible to legal challenge. As a result, the 1937 legislation was ostensibly a revenue measure. Just as the Harrison Act used taxation and regulation to, in effect, prohibit morphine, heroin and other drugs, the Marijuana Tax Act essentially outlawed the possession or sale of marijuana. More stringent measures followed. In 1952, the Boggs Act provided stiff mandatory sentences for offenses involving a variety of drugs, including marijuana.( ) Anslinger((was a United States government official who served as the first commissioner of the U.S. Treasury Department's Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN). He was a supporter of prohibition and the criminalization of drugs, and played a pivotal role in cannabis prohibition)) claimed cannabis caused people to commit violent crimes and act irrationally and overly sexual. The FBN ( Federal Bureau of Narcotics) produced propaganda films promoting Anslinger's views and Anslinger often commented to the press regarding his views on marijuana in 1930. I still believe, in my heart, that it comes from the earth and has been used since the beginning of time to treat ailments. Only within the 21's century, has increased hysteria been given over the use of marijuana.. I truly believe, between the healthcare industry ( Pharma) and increased uses of pesticides in the growing of weed, issues have been presented to those who partake. I think that the regular use of smoking without the extraction of HTC may be the result of some bad behavior that caused the negative views. I personally smoke 'Hemp oil' or vaping. There is no tobacco or preservatives . I must admit I haven't read the article so I know making my point may be without merit but i know my personal view is pro.
  24. BLOGS -- Still trying to find my way around the newly designed Strokenet. Is there a comprehensive tutorial? My dh and son are planting trees for me to view out of my forever window. A Golden Maple, an Autumn Blaze Maple and an Austrian Pine tree. Such lovely new colors to feast my eyes on and hopefully they will attract more birds and maybe some new species for me to identify and observe.  I love birdwatching.

  25. I use to eat only breakfast and supper. Now I also eat a lunch, an afternoon snack, and dessert. I'm so thin that I look like Kermit the frog! It doesn't show on the scale that I'm losing weight. That's why I thought of muscle mass. I wonder if that's what's happening with MY shoulder? When I wear v- neck shirts I constantly have to pull it up as it slides to my shoulder?
  26. Seems like someone is watching you. Probably to make sure you don't fall or hurt yourself.
  27. Does anyone else have extra shadows since your stroke? I have a large,loving family. It seems Everytime I turn around, someone is standing inches from me.Ever since I fell,broke my hip and had to have a hip replacement,Every one tries to protect me.If I go to the front porch to sit for awhile, There's that shadow. If I go to the back deck, There's that shadow. If I go to . the potty, There's that shadow!Sometimes I feel like I can't breathe. I am actually very lucky,because some have no one to help or care for them. So, on second thought, Maybe I want complain. I'LL JUST Thank the Lord for all his blessings on me.
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