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  2. So much can be done with virtual togetherness. Sounds like they should have sent you a list of items you want to have handy for your painting session so you could have been better prepared. They are things the session leader would have bought along to an in person event. So glad you had fun.
  3. heathber

    Sounds like a great trip. will be worth the "cost"
  4. Absolutely Jana, Statistically x% of people will die crossing the road, but we don't stop crossing roads. Anxiety is hard to shake off. Some of your anxiety could be due to the rewiring of your meat computer, some people find knowing that helps. Many find the serenity prayer helpful. I tend towards mindfulness and the practice of taking the debilitating thought when it occurs, looking at it logically and thoroughly and then putting it on the "top back closet shelf " This gets easier to do with practice and with knowing I'm doing all the things I can to live a full and healthy life, and wor
  5. Mark : your camp sounds so much fun & I agree they should make it monthly meeting for this kind of meeting. It will be nice to meet each other that way often . Maybe we should also have zoom call for our chatroom & maybe play one of this games on zoom once a month or something, it will be fun. Asha
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  7. For the last 3 years I've attended a camp for brain injuries. This year the powers to be formatted the camp for us to stay in touch. No doubt it was a logistical head banger and something I certainly couldn't handle. Kudo's to all involved for pulling off the virtual camp. They had an opening ceremony to explain the Zoom and times. They mailed out a package with a T-shirt which they do every year for campers. Supplies for the activities which you felt you could handle. The first event I participated in was the scavenger hunt. The posted items on the Zoom Meet
  8. hello, Ms Becky, thank you for your perspective and you explained it perfectly. Your words are so helpful and definitely perked me up this morning! My babies need me, my family needs me, and I WILL thrive. I am starting to learn that the mind (i like to call it our "meat computer" 😂) is a powerful organ. It may be a little complex to "restart" it, but it can still be done!
  9. Thank you, Mr Willis, I truly am part of the club we never asked to be a part of 😂 though all of our (everyone in our "club" included) strokes were different, our worlds were completely flipped upside down. Its odd to say, but its nice to say that I'm not "special," we are ALL going through these same trials. Its so nice to meet you, Mr Willis!
  10. Thanks Becky. That was explained nicely. "They" say mine is probably one and done. I hope "they" are right. Maybe because after all this time I am pretty sure it was from a fall when I hit my head a couple weeks prior. The thing for me was I was 4 months short of 65 and had been retired 5 years already. Not how I pictured my later years but I'm here. It always makes my heart ache when I read the ages of some of our members. Back to the life not being fair thing guess. God Bless, Wil
  11. Jana, Your fears are shared by many of us about ourselves, and each person has to find his/her way of coping with the "what ifs". I'm no different from you in respect to the reason for your anxiety: I, too, am afraid of having another stroke even though my first and only stroke was 13 yrs. ago. I still take anxiety meds to ward off panic attacks. One of the things that helps me is to look at it this way: Researchers are looking for averages or the most frequent occurrences.They only mention in passing those who don't fall into the averages. To borrow from your example above, the researc
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  13. Willis

    That could be the best report I've read since however long I have been a member. Tracy I have done that on the phone when I'm the one forced to have the conversation. If I can humble myself I let the person know I'm stroked. That usually help. Just thinking about explaining those things is exhausting. What were the odds of talking to David? I have often thought it would be nice if the person at the other end of the phone knew somhow we were challenged.
  14. Welcome Jana as I always like to say: to the club none of us ever wanted to be a part of. You will be communicating here with some great folks of all ages and from around the world. I'm 70 year old now. I had a brain bleed stroke that pretty much took out my left side. It has mobility but very, very little sensation. I think it was from a concussion I didn't know I had a few weeks before. My"anniversary" is Feb. 14, 2015. Valentines Day! You know that saying "It takes one to know one"? That applies 10 fold here. We all get it. Check back and you will find a lot of support and answers to at som
  15. hello all, im not sure what to write honestly. I'm really glad I was able to find this forum. I felt really alone for awhile. And I apologize in advance if this is the wrong topic to post in, or if my post is too long 😞 I guess I'll start with my story. On August 2nd 2017, it was about midnight. I was 25 at the time, exactly 4 weeks postpartum holding my newborn son. I was walking to the room that my husband was sleeping in during his break from night duty. As I approached the room, the hallway started to spin and I held the wall, screaming nonesense to my husband. I ended up having a rig
  16. Willis

    it was great! I saw this posted about anti-maskers. "I hate wearing clothes but I do it to protect you."
  17. swilkinson

    Sounds good, enjoy your time with your friend, wish my best friend was still alive but sadly she died two years ago which is why I had my brain aneurysm operated on. Best wishes for fine weather and lots of fun. You can sleep when you get home, you will surely need a good sleep by then.
  18. GreenQueen

    Pinjarra is 5 1/2 hours from home. Jennelle is my very best friend; we went to the UK together in 1994 and were away for two years. When she married Jeffrey in 1997 I was her chief bridesmaid. When Wayne and I married in 1999 she was my chief bridesmaid. Wayne and I are their eldest daughter's godparents and Jennelle and Jeffrey are Carrah's godparents. This whirlwind trip will take it out of me, but there was no way I was missing it. We are on the bus for 4 1/2 hours, then Jennelle will pick us up in Perth for the last hour. Can't wait to see her.
  19. GreenQueen

    Road Trip

    My beautiful friend Jennelle is 50. Carrah and I are off to Pinjarra to spend the weekend with Jennelle and her three daughters.
  20. Willis

    I think it happens more than we realize and we are fortunate if we are able to recognize it when it happens. Is it part of that "you can go back but not make contact " thing? Could be. Another incident recently was the 29th of June when we had to make the choice to put our 14 year old dog down. His last days he was having a difficult time breathing and was panting all the time. It was time. So in the front of my house are a couple bird feeders. It is not unusual to hear a bird fly into one of the 2 picture windows. That has only happened in front. My wife was in the kitchen that afternoon when
  21. ksmith

    that is such a great story. My cousin was a paramedic and during the service the fire alarm went off ( small station next to cemetery) and we all smiled for we knew it was him
  22. Willis

    I believe the dead's souls have moved on when they pass and they indeed are around me in spirit. My wife's brother who was my age died in June and the day of the wake when we were turning in for the evening April looked out the window facing the backyard and there was a deer standing in the middle of the yard looking at us about 50' away. So yes after almost 40 years on this two and a half acres I have seen deer but never one in the middle of the yard before. Hello Milt. We will miss you. Thanks for the visit!
  23. swilkinson

    You have a great attitude Kevin, and plenty to keep you busy. I hope you know when you have done enough for the day. The changes you have to make going into winter will keep you busy for a while.
  24. swilkinson

    That sounds really good ASHA, somewhere you can be as a family when you go back to the village. I am glad you are looking forward to the future and grandchildren. That is what keeps me going when the going gets tough.
  25. heathber

    Sounds like you are getting to know your spoon count and using them effectively. Looks like a big job!
  26. heathber

    Sometimes things do just work out, I do hope this is one of them.
  27. heathber

    HI Kev yes slow and sometimes boring but worth persevering.
  28. ksmith

    This is a tricky thing for me. My cousin passed away while I was in the rehab after my stroke. Through out my recovery I've had two grandmothers and a grandfather pass. They are all buried in a lovely place near me. BUT.. I barely have memories with them. Though I'd known them my entire life. So basically it's like it never happened. So although I've dealt with death, I can't really say. My family have all been cremated and put it into our family plot , mainly for genealogy ( my family is in to that). But we all also believe they aren't really there anymore. It might sound insensitive but we
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