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  2. alansd

    my wife and I went to Ireland for 10 days, rental car and B&Bs all over the country.It was a fabulous trip, the left side driving did not phase my wife after the first day, the accomodations were wonderful, hosts great.I did tons of walking, even climbed the spiral stair case in a 900+ year old castle.After the first week with steady walking in each village we visited, I found the walking easier and my legs stronger.Very encouraging. this wasmy second "european" trip since the stroke. Irs great to go and do. I am blessed with a super caregiver and the opportunity to travel some.heck the link for some photos.
  3. Hey everyone! I'll see you at 3 pm EST for chat! I hope to see you there. 🙂 http://www.strokechat.net/
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  5. swilkinson

    Sarah, it is really hard when you want to do something but can't because you are a caregiver. I have been in those circumstances too. Just keep in touch and support them both as much as you can from a distance.
  6. SarahR

    Daughter in law had rough night after 2nd surgery (to remove blockage), and they moved her to ICU this morning after blood pressure shot up. She's heavily sedated and on IV with antibiotics and fluids and fighting septic shock. Son is really worried. Wish I could get away but not possible right now. Will update if anything changes! Sarah
  7. SandyCaregiver

    I hope you are doing better, and I send all my prayers and cyber hugs to you!
  8. SandyCaregiver

    I'm sorry to hear that Dan is up to his old tricks again, and you are falling into HIS pattern of his way or ELSE. I remember the affect it had on you before, when the more you gave in to his 'or else' demands, the worse he got with them. Please be careful Nancy. Don't be controlled by him again, he doesn't see your needs.
  9. swilkinson

    Prayers coming your way.
  10. SarahR

    Just a quick update: Daughter-in-law is back in surgery again this morning - after a week in hospital and trying to recover from surgery to remove part of colon and surrounding lymph nodes, she had rough time. ... Couldn't pass solids through the intestines - and after x-rays showed twisting and blockage they decided to go in again and try to clear the blockage. She will be in surgery for several hours and we won't know more for at least 4 hours. Prayers still welcome! Thanks, Sarah
  11. swilkinson

    Nice to see you are still active in the kitchen. As we get older we can get less active so keep up as much activity as you can despite the back pain. The blog community is a great place to get support and share ideas.
  12. Madade

    The first thing I found was to have a minnit profile. Always log in with that minnit profile Then when you are logged in strokechat choose your profile on the right. A drop down should pop down. Change photo should be in the options. If you are a guest it will delete every time. Not sure if it will let you do photo's as a guest.
  13. Madade

    Wish those colors were on the chat. It would help. Thanks Kelli.
  14. ksmith

    (( On Friday evenings, please go to the coffee shop room. Top option on chat room window)) There has been some confusion regarding which chat rooms There are three (3) chat rooms in our chat area (1. # Social ( coffee shop) (2. # caregiver (3. #Stroke Survivor #2 Back in the days of Host Denny, Friday evenings were designated as a social occasion in a 'coffee shop' This chat is open to all members ( Survivors, caregivers, family, etc ) Stroke Survivor room # 2 is primarily for survivors Caregivers- All of the caregivers and family Monday-Friday afternoons (3-4pm Est) Stroke Support #2 Monday & Wednesday evening 8-9 pm Est) Stroke support #2 Tuesday evening ( 8-9pm Est) Caregiver Friday evening (8-9 pm Est) Social coffee shop
  15. HostAsha

    Deigh : I ever thought of that slow tying & how people move on to different subject by the time you finish typing issue before. It helps to write short response & more you come chatting with multiple chatters becomes easy , I know since thats has been for my case. hope to see you around often. I will be hosting tonight in survivor room 8-9 PM EST Asha
  16. banjo

    Relate to eating
  17. heathber

    Absolutely! keep on going. Hang in there, doing what you love helps!
  18. Onehandcan

    Onehandcan: still here

    I haven’t contributed to the strokeboard in a loooonnnnggggg time, but OneHandCan.com is still here. I’ve been dealing with horrific, debilitating back pain for months and am now facing major back surgery sometime before year’s end. My days usually go something like this...bed...recliner...bed...kitchen...recliner...bed... yes, KITCHEN! That’s what’s keeping me going. I love to cook and, although I have to rest numerous times in the middle of cooking a meal, using my One Hand CanDo Cutting Board allows me to continue to do what I have always found pleasure in doing, cooking and eating good food. Can anyone relate? Check out onehandcan.com and share your thoughts and experience with cooking post stroke.
  19. heathber

    Oh yes the "joys" of multi timezone chat. I hope you find a solution for the page size. keeping up with the typing can be tricky you have to not be too picky about your spelling etc.
  20. Deigh

    Getting the hang of timing for the chat room but finding that my clumsiness in typing is holding me back. By the time I have a reasonable reply typed in the chat has moved on and is often off the page. I will have to find how to increase the size of the page for this program to work for me. It got a bit crowded today,Thursday midday my time, evening the day before for you! Christine from Australia joined it and it was 1030am Thursday there! Gets a bit confusing! Deigh
  21. Deigh

    MarkA has his own picture on the emoji in the chat room. anyone know how this is achieved? Deigh
  22. ksmith

    A mothers job is never done and worrying shows how much of a good parent you are 🙂
  23. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and then introduce yourself by posting in the the Newbie Stroke Survivor or Stroke Caregiver Introduction forum.  After that, post your question in the applicable forum and others will reply.  You will quickly get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  24. Chris I can speak on behalf of your husband as I too had a stroke and spent 6 weeks in the hospital and another 6 weeks in rehab, i'm that guy that could work non stop, could fix anything and did, wife did not work and life was for the most part great other than little things that pop up unexpectedly, I feel terrible, I think I let my family down, I cant work, have practicality zero stamina, i'm dizzy all the time. I will tell you it does not make me feel like the man of the house, rather if make me feel like the one that caused it all and its tough living with that, one of my daughters understand but lives 550 miles away, I don't want her to worry about me she's got her own life, the other two are tired of hearing about how I don't feel good most of the time so I just hunker down and keep to myself. As far as my wife she told me 4-5 weeks after getting out of rehab she wanted to leave and to be honest she has a new significant other in her life that happens to be her best friend another women, I can deal with most of it but the last part tears me apart and I just stay home most days. Don't give up on him, I know its hard but without you and your smile he will be broken beyond repair unless you cant take it any more or he is violent, Hang in there because you have something, your husband and I have lost our souls or what makes us who we were Strokes are nasty and ruin lives, try to work thru it Ed
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  26. heathber

    It just proves you are better off not worrying about the next one til it actually happens. So sorry you drew the short straw. Fingers crossed for successful rehab.
  27. heathber

    Sarah you would love to be there and offer physical support, but it is not possible so send your love and best wishes and know that they know you would do more. But right now if you tried to go you would be more burden than help so don't beat yourself up.
  28. swilkinson

    Sarah, as you and I know we cannot always be there to help our kids. The priority is different when you are a caregiver. You want to be the one they can rely on but your circumstances make it impossible. I hope you can come to terms with that. You are a good wife and mother and a good friend to many. (((hugs))).
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