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  2. Well , I can only speak for my little world, even though I'm vaccinated and since Feb. and going to be getting the jab on Friday morning for Flu and waiting on the booster for Moderna ( still waiting on final approval) I still wear my mask. I know that most of the mask mandates have been lifted, I still wear mine and truthfully, I am finding that I'm becoming more reclusive . I miss bring in crowds like a concerts but I'm finding my trust with others is very thin. And it's sad . But.. it's also getting darker earlier and colder so this is KINDA par for the course. Though I agree with t
  3. ksmith

    Check it out now. Here is just a screen shot
  4. ksmith

    I didn't change Friday name. There wasn't enough room to add that so all it says is Survivor chat.. The hope, like Denny made it, when they click on it, it'll say... sorry
  5. Willis

  6. Last week
  7. SueC

    It was confusing to me too Mark.
  8. Madade

    That Tuesday Caregiver is much better I think. Friday Coffee Shop gone now? It was also confusing, again just me.
  9. To make finding the correct chats, I changed the name of the chat... kinda. All I did was take out the day in the name to just afternoon and evening for they are on the day so no need to specify that. I also changed Tuesday evening chat to Caregiver chat to make that more evident. Please let me know if that makes it easier or not and I can change it back. Thanks x
  10. ksmith

    Home decor
  11. ksmith

    yeah, it was tough for a lot of folks. It just goes to show how important this site is and glad that you tried again 🙂
  12. ksmith

    thanks Deigh
  13. Madade

    .....and you too heathber
  14. heathber

    yep happy happy joy joy. It feels like an early Christmas present to get you all back
  15. heathber

    Very true Nancy, you have to keep smiling the alternative is too hard to live with. Enjoy what you have and try not to dwell on the might have beens. Glad Dan is feeling better, tummy bugs are no fun when you can't run easily (they aren't much fun when you can either 🙂 )
  16. heathber

    So relieved to see the site back, Thankyou to all those who worked on and fixed the problem. I'm well and it looks like Melbourne might finally be coming out of this last lockdown. Fingers crossed out patient services at the hospitals will reopen soon too, I miss my therapy sessions.
  17. heathber

    So good to see the site back online! I had just about given up. Not sure why I tried again tonight. I hope everyone has been well and thriving while we couldn't "talk" -Heather
  18. becky1

  19. nancyl

    Truth - to both of you who responded. Dan is feeling better, sadly we missed our newest granddaughters first birthday - but via face time I got to be included and watch the party for a bit. So all was not lost this past weekend - and we didn't have to drive 4 hours ( one way) to be part of it. I've learned through the years don't push Dan it never ends well. And I have learned -- if you have no bad in your life- then you really have no good either........
  20. Deigh

    Without doubt we should get rid of the necessity for adding a home address. These days no-one with any sense gives that information away. This would encourage more people to join us. The amount of newcomers at the moment is a negative figure and this means we will automatically vanish into the ether. Deigh
  21. Madade

    Profile background still never figured how member can change that.
  22. Madade

    Photo posting and your Gallery. I know I can post them but its quite a complicated process. If your trying to post several photos or explain a single photo. I'll try and give more instances that I find are a trick. The Heart and Stroke logo here I post is preset to size pasted for example.
  23. HostTracy

    Holiday Decor
  24. HostTracy

    So happy to see the site open up! Missy you are awesome and I know many members will be so happy! Kelli thank you for all that you do... you are awesome too! Welcome back to everyone!
  25. swilkinson

    She is very much appreciated. This site has been such a great help to me over many years. We are all in need of the companionship the site provides. Thank you Missy.
  26. swilkinson

    I will add my prayers too. You guys are all very special to me.
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