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  2. GreenQueen

    Becky, excellent point. Maybe worth (yet another) visit to your doc.
  3. I hope you're giving yourself a big pat on the back for a job well done!!! Becky
  4. Well done Tracy and keep at it! we can make a difference
  5. becky1

    Tracy, Just an FYI in case you need it: I have had inner ear ( and other ear infections) all of my life. None recently, THANK GOD. Inner ear infections can occur with/without pain, and the only sign may be dizziness (vertigo). The vertigo causes nausea. If you still have tomorrow, may want to see your doc. Becky
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  7. tmciriani

    Tracy's Place

    Pictures of family and things I enjoy.
  8. tmciriani

    Feeling better today but still in bed relaxing. I'm extra tired so am not pushing it today. Yesterday was more than I thought...waking up late and getting to my brother's estate sale late. Just being at the estate sale for my brother who passed. The house, the things. It was cold. My toes were purple...I wore slip ons with fluffies that go across the top but truthfully are just sandles. 👡 I went to tjmaxx and bought a pair of sneakers and socks. I ate dinner later than usual. I had to replace my makeshift car cover I made to keep tree sap off of my car... ridiculously difficult. I'm just going to blame feeling unwell on the day.
  9. Thank you guys. 🙂This certainly gives me motivation to expand these changes. I've already seen changes implemented at my local hospital so beyond that is icing on the cake and can hopefully save some lives. I feel super good about that!
  10. Wow! Good for you! Who knows how many lives you will affect, home many people will get appropriate treatment because of you. Congratulations.
  11. It's a minor data point, but I find that when I get stressed or fatigued some of the stroke symptoms that I usually have under control start to re-appear (Whew!). My vision starts to blur, my left leg starts to drag, thinking its confused, memory becomes far worse, sense of direction disappears, speech becomes difficult. I can quite see that any neurological insult could do the same thing.
  12. I was an avid reader before my stroke, now find that reading long texts makes me really fatigued, and find it difficult to keep track. I saw a psycho-neurologist at Sunnybrook who looked at my CT scans, and pointed to a minor lesion in what is apparently the part of the brain that chunks up text. She said that I will always read long-form text word by word, and will have difficulty with comprehension and fatigue. Her recommendation was to read short stories as much as possible, or stories with the simplest plots possible. Elmore Leonard is good -- he focuses on his characters' "voices" (dialog) rather than complex plots. So it's easy to read and enjoy without having to remember what came just before. Her short story recommendation also works well, especially as many authors have published short work.
  13. Madade

    There are moments I could do this. If I could kick better I'd like to send it flying, Times I'd like to send the arm and pumpkin flying. Blowing them up does have an appeal edkel1.
  14. GreenQueen

    Thinking of you Tracy and big hugs...hope this lot isn’t around for long.
  15. edkel1

    That's great but I personally like sticking M-80's in them and running like hell or should I say stagering away before i'm wearing pumpkin and explaining to the owner why I just did that to there masterpiece, just the hell raiser in me trying to get out like I use to Ed
  16. edkel1

    Tracy I am truly sorry but this is our new life, hang in there it beats the alternative.............. or does it happy happy Joy Joy Talk to you soon Ed
  17. Tonight I have severe vertigo. Like the through up king. Blood sugar 115...BP 128/82. Had all med. Some headache. Ear pain. 🙁So nausea. I hate these moments. Scared me.
  18. GreenQueen

    Sue that’s so awesome! Your husband has certainly turned the corner. Vancouver...we spent a few days there (still haven’t told everyone about our trip) a couple of years ago. Went to two Canucks games...we are all Canucks! Tracy you nailed it! Laughing about stuff is exactly the right medicine! I can just picture you with twigs in your hair!
  19. tmciriani

    Wow Sue that is so great!!! I bet you both will love the support group. Mine is my 2nd family as well as you guys. I'm glad you and your husband can feel the humor that comes along with some of the stroke stuff that trips us up...literally lol. About 5 months after my stroke I walked out onto the porch and tripped landing head first into the hedge! I was holding on to the branches for dear life as I watched them inch closer to my face. I was so startled and exhausted I couldn't tell for help. My daughter came outside and said "OMG" and yelled for my bf. He pulled me out in one jerk holding onto the back of my shirt and then I just sat on the porch and cried lol. After settling down we laughed and laughed!! Laughter is definitely therapeutic.
  20. Last year did an owl with the Dremel wife purchased as I was too shaky with exacto knives. Couldn't remember how I transferred the photo. Thanks to chatroom moderator the suggestion turned out the best. First doing a Montreal Canadiens logo for a friend. It should be a surprise. Next will be an Austin mini cooper for a friend from chat group. Daughter wants a witch. We found one she likes. The learning curve is slow. This is a good lesson in patience for me. Hope to go to wood later on. I'll post when get finished. Glad the Dremel ran out of battery power or else I'd be still puttering.
  21. tmciriani

    I agree with everything said. I have found it very common for big strides in recovery the 1st 3 months, still pretty good strides 3-6 months, and it is noticeably slower at one year. I agree that journaling (only a short paragraph or even a list) over time will remind you of your progress. We really do forget lol. I do believe that improvement does not have to stop. You just have to be stubborn, believe in time and work hard! Sometimes you won't even notice improvement but if you start keeping a journal you can look back and you'll say "oh yeah, I couldn't do that back then but I can now". 🙂 Best of wishes.
  22. tmciriani

    Janelle lol I may sleep 2 days now! Wow I hope you are finding time to rest up girlie. But I think it is true to "when it rains it pours". I know I have moments like that whether I can deal with them or not. You are a super star!
  23. Last week
  24. Oh Tracy, I wish I could give you a big hug. I agree with both of the comments. I would be hurt, upset and angry too. Keep in mind all of you are grieving and nobody is thinking clearly. Your sister may well see that when she moves, that she doesn't need some of the things she is keeping. I don't know what your relationship is with your sister. Perhaps when she starts packing to move, you may be able to ask her if she is giving anything away, would she give you a call to see if there is anything that you could use before she gives it away. You certainly have a lot on your plate, and it's amazing to me that you are coping as well as you are. Be proud of that! And quitting smoking on top of all the stress- well, that's a HUGE accomplishment!!! Don't feel bad about how you feel, there is no shame in having feelings. Don't be mad at yourself. You have suffered a loss, and it seems there isn't a lot of recognition of that, as your entire family is grieving. Keep venting, we are all here for you.
  25. SueC

    Wow! You do more in a day than I can do in a week!
  26. SueC


  27. SueC

    We have seen the neurologist since my post and he will be setting us up with a support group for survivors and caregivers. I am grateful to live in Vancouver and the stroke clinic is literally 20 minutes down the street! My husband is willing to do whatever he can and we have decided to see the humour in the many silly things I do now. Thanks so much Paul, I appreciate your reply!
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