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  2. Madade

    Thanks for the information Steve.
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  4. smallory

    Denny had pneumonia when he died. His wife, Peg, said his heart gave out.
  5. tmciriani

    😧 Oh my goodness...this hurts my heart. I never had the pleasure of meeting Denny but I have spoke with him so many times in chat and we are friends on Facebook. He was always so welcoming and helpful in any way he could be in the chat room. I know many have met him there. My prayers for his family and friends. 🙏 Denny will be missed so much.
  6. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and then introduce yourself by posting in the the Newbie Stroke Survivor or Stroke Caregiver Introduction forum.  After that, post your question in the applicable forum and others will reply.  You will quickly get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  7. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and then introduce yourself by posting in the the Newbie Stroke Survivor or Stroke Caregiver Introduction forum.  After that, post your question in the applicable forum and others will reply.  You will quickly get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. becky1

    I only met Denny once, and his kindness and patience impressed me. Those are qualities I admire in anyone. To those who knew him well, and his family, my condolences. Becky
  9. heathber

    Oh ouch! that's nasty. Fingers crossed the pain management people can keep you going until the doc is willing to operate.
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  11. becky1

    You're welcome!
  12. Benni

    That's it exactly! No, I didn't use any lotions of any kind. It's weird that they were there for so long then, overnight, they're gone!! Thank you, Becky!!
  13. NikalPikal

    Update on the ovary issue. On December 21 I went to the ER because the pelvic pain was unbearable. They did another ultrasound and CT scan, said the ovary wasn't twisted, and sent me home. They refused to treat my pain beyond one dose of pain medicine in my IV. I saw my family doc a few days later and he gave me enough pain med to get me through until I saw the gynecologic oncologist on January 8. To make a long story somewhat shorter, what initially looked like a solid mass was most likely a blood-filled cyst. So, almost definitely NOT cancer! They just want to do a follow up ultrasound in 3 months to keep an eye on it. That's great news. The only problem is that I'm still having a lot of pain which no one wants to treat due to all if the new prescribing laws. Thank you junkies for screwing it up for the rest of us! I have to go to the pain management clinic next week. The pain may not even be directly from my ovary; it may be adhesions. I've had lots of problems with them in the past. The only thing that will fix my pain is surgery, but the gynecologist is reluctant to do it yet because it's only been about 7 months since my stroke. I just feel like my whole life has been put on hold until this issue is resolved.
  14. smarshall

    Hi Becky, I stay away from milk, butter, and red meat, and like you wrote, fried foods, fast food, etc. (Once in a while I'll indulge just to keep it interesting!)
  15. HostSue

    Kelli, many of us will mourn Denny as a personal friend. He and I had many chats as we did a chat around the same time. He often came as a "guest" to Caregiver Chat. I had a great admiration for Denny's dedication to his work with stroke survivors on Strokenet and his great love for his wife Peg and his family. Farewell old friend.
  16. HostSue

    Looking ahead but not too far

    Every now and again something jolts me back to reality, today it was the post on Facebook by Steve Mallory announcing that our friend Denny (Dennis Jeffries) had died. Denny and I talked frequently during my years when he was a chat host on Survivor Chat and I was chat host for Caregiver Chat. He was also my friend on Facebook. Like so many of my friends on Facebook and Strokenet we never got to meet in person but nonetheless we were friends. In this modern age this will be so for many of our friendships. My heartfelt condolences to his beloved wife Peg and their extended family and all those who knew him and valued his friendship. As I minister to the older church members in my own church and others in the organisations I belong to I am probably over familiar with death but never inured to it. I know each death robs us of a piece of our history and breaks down some of the bonds between us and others. All we can do is to remember those friends who have passed, remembering why we liked them, what we shared with them, remembering all that was good about that particular person and the ways in which the friendship enriched both our lives. We also need to remember those they left behind. I have just had my daughter and her family here for the weekend. Not her husband as he had injured his back trying to start a stubborn water pump so he stayed home for some bed rest. It was only a day's notice so it was unexpected but turned out to be a really fun time. My grandson Chris starts University this year so is a grown man now, his sister Naomi is 14 so quite a young lady so it was funny to see them playing with the toys Alice aged six had got out to play with. The Nintendo Wii got a bit of a workout and more so on the second night when Pamela and the three Adelaide cousins joined us. I guess that is when I realise my house is small when five teens and near teens are fighting to see who will be the challengers in the new Wii games. I do so enjoy having my grand children here, every time I see them I can see the changes in them. With Trevor and Alice's visit the first two weeks in January and then all the others last weekend I have been so blessed with the amount of time I have been able to spend with them. The Adelaide kids are going home in a week's time to start back at school, they are all doing well according to their abilities. I love them all and want the best to happen to them but have no illusions about them. Like Ray and I they will have their own struggle with life. They know Granma prays for them, but only two fully understand what that means. Summer has been very humid so it is out shopping etc in the morning and home in the afternoons. I have to keep hydrated and remember to take some time with the affected leg elevated. I have just lined up all the appointments and tests for the second week in February prior to seeing the melanoma specialist, with more tests before I see the neurosurgeon in March. I figure this is all for my good, remembering especially that this is prolonging my life so I can look forward to seeing my grandchildren grow up. I have felt the negative effects of wearing the body stocking toes to waist bevause of the humid weather but try to remember that too is to ensure I live as full a life as is possible. On the whole life is good and I have many blessings to count. I have a roof over my head, food on the table and many good people behind me challenging and supporting me. At my age I know that as long as we have love in our lives we are truly blessed.
  17. heathber

    Yes bliss is the word I couldn't find the other day (thanks Tracy), but the bliss is certainly not until after. However it IS WORTH THE PAIN, in the long term. My Physio often uses a heat pack before starting on an area to soften things enough that he won't break his fingers too. and if he doesn't have time to get as deep as he thinks it needs he'll use the needles. He often also puts a disposable stick on heat pad on me before I leave so that I don't seize up again in the car.
  18. It is with the deepest sadness that I must tell you that one of our friends and true backbone of our community has passed away this morning. Dennis Jeffries was the Chat Host Administrator and a member of our family since 2003 who has had the pleasure to meet many of you and touch our hearts with his selfless dedication to stroke recovery as well as regaling us with his love for crosss stitch. We were all aware of his recent health issues but unfortunately, we don’t know to much more than that at this time. When more information is available, we’ll pass it on.
  19. becky1

    Susan, What did you do about your diet? I avoid fried food, and known offenders" like potato chips and fast food, and I still don't come down. Maybe there's something I'm not avoiding. Tracy,If you're already diabetic you should ask your doc. I didn't research what it might do to someone who's already diabetic.
  20. tmciriani

    Yes I've read some of the negative effects. I'm definitely talking to my Doctor.
  21. Last week
  22. becky1

    Benni, My left, affected foot has a continuous problem with swelling, and I get similar bumps on that foot. My doc said it's from the expansion/contraction of my skin. Sometimes they itch, and if I scratch them, they fall off. And if they stay on long enough, my skin will actually peel ( looks a lot like the peeling you see after a sunburn). There's a medical term for it, but I don't remember what it is. Anyway, they aren't serious, and look as though they need a good moisturizer- they're white, small, scaly bumps. When yours went away, had you bathed or used lotion on your skin? As I said, sometimes they just fall off, and look like dry patches of skin. Becky
  23. smarshall

    Hi Tracy, I had horrible side-effects, (Not neurological or cognitive) and had to stop it altogether. I'm watching my diet, and have cut-out a few foods; my primary is pleased with my numbers - so it's all good!
  24. Benni

    Yes, most likely it is.
  25. tmciriani

    Becky knowing that I am already diabetic makes me even more concerned.
  26. tmciriani

    That is something to talk about with my Dr. Becky...thank you.
  27. becky1

    Tracy, Crestor is a powerful, effective med, often chosen by docs after you first have a stroke because of its' effectiveness. As a first-line-of-defense drug, it usually excels. However, it also has a host of side effects. I took it for almost 7 yrs. after my stroke. I didn't have the side effects that you've described, but I had others. It caused me to have a prickly sensation on my skin. This only lasted a few minutes, was more aggravating than painful, and I could handle it. I couldn't handle diabetes that it caused. Unfortunately, all statins can cause this, but I wasn't on all statins; I was on this one. After being off of it for about 6 mos., diabetes went away. I did exhaustive research after my diagnosis and found that most docs know about the risks associated with statins, but there isn't anything else out there that compares with their effectiveness, so they feel as if they don't have a choice, especially with high-risk patients[like us]. I moved and had to get a new doc. She patiently listened to my concerns, then tried to convince me to stay on Crestor. I wasn't convinced. She finally put me on Lipitor, a milder statin. My cholesterol still hovers in the high-normal range, which it did on Crestor. But gone is the prickly skin and diabetes. It may come back, I know that, but what choice do I have? Good luck, Becky
  28. tmciriani

    I haven't tried that yet. My Neurologist says this is one medicine I have to stay on after my stroke. That and aspirin 325mg. My stroke was cryotogenic so no found cause. I see my PCP next month and it is on my list of concerns...the list is more essential than ever right now.
  29. tmciriani

    I understand that Heather. I may feel great after but during I feel every ache and knot. My therapist used to put a body heating pad on me for about 15 minutes before kneading into my muscles. 😰 Owww!! The use of the warmth loosened my muscles a bit before we started. It always hurt though. Massage is so connected to bliss...for me I can understand that afterwards.
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