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  2. choice! wow 2 options. My reaction is go the she shack it sounds better than a duplex. There's a lot to be said for not having a party wall.
  3. Becky... Interesting post. It has 1 window a/c and 1 square I'd say 20x20 natural gas heater in the wall (looks new too and a/c has remote!). They both blow towards the kitchen and bedroom openings. If this is where I will live then my voucher will cover 100% of my rent and I will get probably a full allowance for utilities. I have one other option that I am considering but I think it will be between these two. The other is a 2bed 1bath duplex w/ washer dryer connections that my longtime school friend owns and rents through his real estate company. They are giving it a makeover so it will not be ready for thda inspection for 3 weeks. My sister who is also a real estate agent told me today that the lady (I for the life of me cannot remember her name) who owns and rents the she shack is extraordinary busy with 2 other houses at the moment and I won't need to rush to give her an answer. I just don't know yet. 💁‍♀️ I have to weigh a few things and also see the duplex. I went down the street this evening so I could check out the neighborhood. I do know one thing... I am getting a place to call home! 🤗 Overjoyed! 🤭
  4. banjo

    the gist of the article that at this difficult times ,a politician can show love for a victim's family whatever their religion, if Ardern switched her nationality to Australian 70% want her as PM
  5. Tracy, ONE VERY IMPORTANT PLUS TO the she-shack: Your utilities will be very low. I bet you can cool the whole place with one window unit. Same for heat, only not window unit. Just something to add into the equation. Becky
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  7. Deigh

    I agree with everyone about head colds. I've always been subject to them but since my stroke they have become a lot worse and to add to the problem I have become a lot more sensitive to pollen and am having a hard time dealing with the autumnal seed bearing winds. Deigh
  8. Deigh

    Muslim prayers did not protect themselves from this disaster! Deigh
  9. scottm

    They tried that with me, doctor had to get it pre-approved by the insurance company else it was $$$$. Caused me to have tachacardia and my cardiologist made me stop and I got stuck on a cardiac monitor for 30 days.
  10. banjo

    Quoted in the local paper Trump rang Ardern and asked how the US can help and Ardern replied pray for all Muslims.
  11. HostTracy

    Oh yucky Janelle. The extra extra long colds after stroke are exhausting. I hope you feel better.
  12. HostTracy

    I hate that Ken. I do believe Medicare Part D has many different plans and many different rules. There may be a special request from your Doctor to the Insurance and sometimes it us approved but sometimes not. Talk to your pharmacist about why it was declined and you can relay this to your Doctor. It may help. Good luck.
  13. Hey everyone! I'll see you at 3 pm EST for chat! I hope to see you there. 🙂 http://www.strokechat.net/
  14. ken27

    Went to dr was prescribed Nucynta 50mgs 3x a day . Went to pharmacy to pick up script and found out my insurance would not cover the cost. I have medicare and medicaid. Found out Medicare covers Nucynta 46% of the time. How they decided on who gets cover, I have no Idea. Went back to doctor and prescribed 7.5 hydrocodones they don't help much in alot of pain
  15. GreenQueen

    Ok so I am STILL sick. Absolutely over it. I went to the doctor for a pap smear (Not fun, add in hemiparesis. Ugh) last week and he checked my throat and lungs and ears etc. Definitely only a cold that will 'take a while. Tell me something I didn't know.
  16. GreenQueen

    Deigh all of Australis is talking about Ardern and how she got things done. Love it, but still too little too late...
  17. Thanks guys and I feel the same way. Just took a moment to feel my feet on the ground. I have, however, posted a message on our local buy, sale, trade group (Facebook) and had several friends and other community members send me good vibes, shared the post, gave me new places to check on, and generally said they wanted to help me spread the word. Also, a long time childhood friend of mine since the 2nd grade saw my post and reached out to me. He sent a private message to ask me about the rent range the program was allowing me. He basically took over his families real estate business when his mother passed 2 years ago. He has been a real estate agent/broker with his family's business for many many years. He works a lot with my sister who is also a real estate agent. Tammy told my mom that Jimmy always asks how I am doing. His message made me smile and feel very blessed. He said he wants to help me in my search as well. That doesn't take the She Shack off the option board... I am really warming up to it. I have to start somewhere right. It could really help me get used to the water before diving in. The LAndlord knows my mom and sister well because she works with the real estate office a lot. She told me Friday that she wants me to take my time, think about it so I can make a decision that I will feel good about. She explained that it only came open recently and she hadn't even prepared it in any way for an occupant yet and that she is giving me time to make my decision before even listing it because she is friends with my mom and sister and knows I need a little help and time. She said she has 2 other listings but one has a bunch of stairs and the other is not in a safe neighborhood so she didn't want to even show me those. She is thinking of my safety. My mom told her we will give her a decision by the end of next week. I think we are going tomorrow to hunt for housing options... Who knows we may or may not find another option and I'm OK with that. I can make some awesome plans for future She Shack projects. 🙂
  18. Tracy-Take a deep breath.Many of the Housing workers have as their chief duty-per their bosses-to keep the properties rented.If you don't rent a property, there are at least 20 people behind you, and chances are that one of them will. So, they just want you to move out of the way so others can move forward. YOU MAY BE SAFE WAITING A DAY OR 2 on this place, but there are no guarantees. Try the word-of-mouth approach. See if you can come up with anything you like better. There are a lot of women with kids on the Housing lists, and a 3-room dwelling does not suit their needs. This is why I think that you may be able to wait for a day or 2 on the she-shack, but it's a gamble. Try calling everyone you know asking if they know anyone in Section 8 housing? Would they be willing to call this person and ask if ,they or someone else in Housing plans to move soon?
  19. Last week
  20. Small is good! less cleaning. Scuffed painted floors are trendy 🙂 and rugs are easy so long as you put the no slip stuff under and aren't someone who trips over corners. It sounds like a good place to start getting you back together.
  21. Tracy : I already like it, it is close to your dad too which is good plus you both can help each other out if ever need comes. at the end of the day you need place place to sleep, eat & be happy Asha
  22. OK the house my mom and the renter showed me is more like a 3 room she shack lol. It is still not a no for me yet. It is still a consideration. Have to ground myself a little bit....look at what could be positive...not only see or feel the negative. This is my ongoing depression rearing it's head but my therapist is giving me tools to fight with. It is a single dwelling (no one on top or underneath me). It is on the same street I already live on believe it or not so my dad would be 4 housesdown. I would have a coop of chickens right beside me...I know Kitty would absolutely love that. (She can look out the window right where my washer and dryer could go...I tould be her new place). Yes I can put my washer and dryer in the kitchen which is very small but has a fridge, stove, oven, sink, a small work space and small cabinet area, no room for a table but lil ole me nah I can do without. It does have a little bit of yard and I can plant flowers or make a little sitting spot. I think I could fit my bed and at least a dresser or chest of drawers in the bedroom. The bathroom is really small and a little wonky (at least the shelves where towels could go). I don't think they used a level or it has settled but hey that's a project right. The shower (no bath) is small and a tiny bit sketchy but a good clean, some paint, a cute curtain and a shower head shelf could make it cute right? It has It has 4 windows and one window in the side door....ooh 5 windows (2 in the kitchen, one over the sink). It was a he shack prior and he left his curtains which were mismatched old towels. I can do much better than that. OMG this tiny little thing has 2! 2! outside doors like a front and side door. It does only have painted wood floors which are scuffed and cold but what about some really cute throw rugs! There are possibilities. I have to remind myself to see them. Besides it's not like it would be forever right? I can continue each year with approval on the voucher program and a lot can change in a year. I might find the perfect home. As Dory says "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!" fitting in my opinion.
  23. Becky thank you I'm looking into plan B, C, D, E, F... etc. It seems I've been so excited and looking forward to the possibilities that reality has been hard to chew. In my area, my meeting was this past Thursday. I won't even discuss how that went... let's just say my brain passed out quickly from the fastest talking woman in the world. After, I drove to the few apartments that I knew accepted vouchers. All of them said they had availability the day before but all had approved applications as of today. I talked to my THDA contact and he said they had 200 come to the meeting the day before me and another 200 the day I went. There were only about 10 people in my meeting so it must have been back to back meetings. I am nieve I suppose, I don't know. So it seems that the state of Tennessee has money to help people who need help with housing but the opportunity for housing to be available in your approved criteria is almost impossible. Needless to say, my stress, anxiety, fear, depression, hopeless feeling, etc. has gotten the best of me the last 2 days. I hate being like that... increased panic attacks and my ability to stay alert and awake are severely affected. Please, I know I should not let myself get down... I know I should think positive, I know everything that one may think I should do. I'm just saying this is where I am. The stroke left me with deficits that directly tie to emotion, mental health, and the ability to control how "things" affect me. Mind over matter is not in my vocabulary very often, trust me it is not by choice. I have 60 days to find a home in my allotted price range and no I won't give up... I am struggling mentally but I anticipate this will be the same during. Comfort. Soothe. Feeling emotionally safe. Calm. Security. Relief. All things my mind and body are desperate for during these moments. Air in my lungs... just breathe. I have to tell myself to do this a lot. I will be honest... I'm not ashamed that I regress back to that inner child, under the covers, squeezing my kitty (probably not to her delight), the undeniable need to be picked up and held and soothed. It's hard to be the adult... and realize or accept reality. I'm just explaining me. I don't want negative head space to invade any one else's positivity and I am not looking for attention or any reaction. Just letting out the inside. It helps me.
  24. Deigh

    To return to this subject......Here in NZ the disaster has dominated the news for more than a week. There has been an opening of hearts all round. Mosques have been open to everyone throughout and non-believers have been welcomed to enter and pray. The perpetrator of the slaughter had been hoping to start a wave of bigoted hatred for the Moslem fraternity but he has created the reverse and it has resulted in a bonding between the newcomers and us never before experienced. The government has declared that there is no place for automatic weapons in the community and they will be banned. Deigh
  25. Hi Every one : I am hosting evening chats on Wednesday 8-9PM (EST) in #2 stroke survivor chat room & on Friday in coffeeshop 8-9(EST). please join in to say hello. With me you will get interesting book discussion or philosophy discussion. Thanks, Asha Chandra
  26. HostAsha

    My husband deserves all the credit, not only he was my caregiver in the beginning,but in true sense he is my cheerleader, enabler & great dad who took care of his family with full gusto, till I recovered my wits back. I am forever grateful to him. Asha
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