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  3. Good luck with everything Tracy. Don't forget to breathe
  4. Hey everyone. I will be somewhat absent i think for a little bit due to a number of things. My cat hosting will stay the same I am just super busy right now and it takes all of me to get this noggin going in the right direction. As of today my dad is back in the hospital in CCU. I have been a bit under the weather with my tummy and it seems i still am having issues. Good news is I should be moving into my duplex next week! I will be doing a lot of things but I am here and give me a hello whenever you like I will be back regular soon. 🙂 Tracy
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  6. Jim, Welcome to the club that no one really wants to join! You have found the site a lot earlier than I did in my recovery journey. The first few months left me very confused and unsure at what had hit me. This site gave me the opportunity to discuss my problems with people who had faced them themselves and were prepared to offer solutions. Deigh
  7. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and then introduce yourself by posting in the the Newbie Stroke Survivor or Stroke Caregiver Introduction forum.  After that, post your question in the applicable forum and others will reply.  You will quickly get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and then introduce yourself by posting in the the Newbie Stroke Survivor or Stroke Caregiver Introduction forum.  After that, post your question in the applicable forum and others will reply.  You will quickly get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  9. swilkinson

    Sarah, you are a champion caregiver. Maybe a special brunch out at a casino? Whatever you feel is a way of marking this milestone. Ray and I did 13 years from the stroke that forced our retirement, me to look after him but his first stroke was in 1990 so 22 years prior to his passing. I have happy and sad memories of those years. But is is half of our married life so worthy of remembrance.
  10. heathber

    It has to happen, scared is fine. Do your advance care plan before hand (just in case) then trust your plan and hope it isn't needed. You've got this. (((hugs)))
  11. Hi, Jim. Welcome aboard! You are about to embark on the longest, hardest journey of your life. Just remember that we'll always be here for you to help you any way that we can. Remember, too, that many of us have been where you are now. We know that there will be times when you just want to quit. But, please don't do that. Come here, and let us try to help you. Becky
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  13. That seems like a god idea, I'll adopt it if you don't mind! I try to really concentrate on names when meeting new people, one trick is to bracket them with other people I have known with the same name. This can surprisingly successful. If their name is a new one to me then I rhyme it with another word that can describe them. That is easier to do than it sounds! Perhaps one day we will all end up with barcodes tattooed on our hands which contain our name plus other data like our address and credit rating which would only be read with people with special power! Deigh
  14. swilkinson

    Nancy, once you get over the embarrassment of seeing and hearing your person in a demented state, and being expected to take responsibility for that everything else becomes easier. I especially learned that with Mum and her weird behaviour. So hold your head up high, plaster a smile on your face and visit as often as you can. Really Dan is their problem now. It is all care, no responsibility. Here we call the situation you are in and I was in "separated due to ill health" and that is exactly what it. is, without the dementia you would be living a different life. So smile girlfriend, you got this.
  15. swilkinson

    May be having the brain operation soon. I am scared stiff but it has to happen. Just hope I become through it okay. Can I do this? I've been through a lot in my life and somehow have managed to come through okay.
  16. nancyl

    thinking of you!!
  17. nancyl

    just checking in

    Just checking in-- life has a way ,even as it slowly ebbs by, to all the suddens have passed. When I think of it ( like anyone- ever doesn't think about stroke devastation) -I do check in and look at blogs of people who have mentored me through the task of caring for Dan. What a job it has been and continues to be. We do have a routine and still i have obstacles with him, but it is what it is. My rope is much shorter now. Ive had to learn - to not care as much-- to accept - his life and his desire to live or have a quality of life so to speak is not my responsibility. It about kills me sometimes, but I push through the BS I have been handed and low and behold Im still standing. This entry may seen almost cryptic to some but a few " old-timers " will get it.... NancyL
  18. nancyl

    All I can say is WOW--- and WOW again...... How you have done it is beyond me... Nancy
  19. PaulNash

    Interesting that you take carbamazepine. My wife has been on it for most of her life for epilepsy. Looks like a useful all-purpose drug :-). I'm really glad that you have something that works.
  20. Over the past three years I have found out a bunch of stuff about memory. I use to have one of those off-the-charts memories for every detail of every thing/conversation/person. Now, bu the time I open the cupboard door, I struggle to remember what I was looking for. I'm especially bad with people's names and contexts. When I am first introduced to someone, I usually say "I have a terrible memory, you'll have to remind me next time we meet". A surprising number of people say "me too". And no-one is upset when I recognize a face and say "I know you from somewhere, remind me please". This is without telling them about my stroke, or anything else. Hang in there, things get better. Depending on the damage (location and severity) some things will improve, some will stay the same, and some will get worse. I guess that is what life is like anyway.
  21. One of the big problems I have on a regular basis is forgetting peoples names who come up to me and begin a conversation. I also find myself having trouble thinking of responses and feel bad when I am not able to come back with a response. it is very frustrating and makes me feel horrible as many people don't understand what is going on, they just think I'm being a jerk.
  22. Paul it is hard to measure years passing and we remain unchanged or even going In wrong direction. Others get irrational.think we like what happens.get comfortable. Or not want improvements. Or think it is on purpose. Well some things may be true that but we not want to think of it. Keep surviving.know you are just like me too. 💖
  23. Jim Welcome and all I can say is ask questions and read and when you think you have the answer read some more, its is hard but hope this makes it a little easier. Its a long strange journey,and take is slowly. Ed
  24. The best advice I can give at this point is sleep and rest! Don't try to overdo it. You would not go for a run with a broken leg. Right now your brain is injured and will take several months just for the physical healing. When your concentration is shot your brain is trying to tell you something, learn to listen to it. Your brain gets it best recovery when it doesn't need to do anything other than the minimum required to keep the body going so sleep when you can. Yes you need to push limits sometimes but be realistic too. There is a time and a place for "Stubborn" Heather
  25. Hi Heather, It has been an emotional last three weeks and days like today were my concentration is shot makes it that much more difficult. I have a feeling I will be asking a lot of questions and reaching out for advice to help deal with this new element in my life. Jim
  26. heathber

    I'm in the celebrate it camp, too. 15 years is an achievement for both of you. It might not be a happy memory or a good moment in your lives but it was a major change and you both got through it and it should be marked in some way. Why not have a party so long as it's not too much for either of you. Can you ask a friend or family member to do the "work" of it?
  27. Hi Jim, nice to meet you although I would rather this wasn't happening to you. But you can't undo so you move forward. Yes the first few months are full of questions and the emotional roller coaster can be overwhelming. Congratulations on reaching out for help. Unfortunately this is a marathon you've just embarked on with no preparation so it will be tough sometimes. Don't beat yourself up, ask all the questions you need/want and if you just want to get on here and scream occasionally know that we've all been there and "get it" and will offer advice to the point where you wish we would all just shut up. But that's the joy of forums like this you can ignore us any time you want to and we'll still be here when you need us. -Heather
  28. Hi. Welcome Jim..Almost 5 years coming up. Lots of questions I'm sure, as did I have. Still asking many.
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