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  2. We are all different with how Stroke or TIA attacked us so =how it affects your own journey. I'm so glad you are being proactive in controlling your HBP. Make sure you follow your doctors orders and try not to think about it. Yes, it's easier said than done but over time, that can cause more problems with your HBP in the future
  3. ksmith

    Ruth, I'm sorry for your loss. Please make sure you spend time with family and friends and know that you have been brilliant. Surround your heart with the memories and love you have gained. Thank you for allowing us to share Williams journey with you. Bless
  4. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  5. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  6. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  7. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  9. becky1

    Alan, I don't see how it can not help you if used diligently, at leat 1x per day. A couple of things really impressed me (and I'm not easily impressed). One, it automatically bumps you up to the next level when you're ready. Takes the guesswork out of it.2- Has exercises for more than one body part. I need OT and PT, for instance. If I could afford it right now, I think it's worth a try. Where did you find it on sale? Good luck, and let us know how it goes for you. Becky
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  11. alansd

    my feeling exactly
  12. alansd

    so far I've been using it steadily, my hand and arm need assistance from the good one to get som=-e of the atrivities done. Its fun but also hard. Hoping it helps.
  13. scottm

    Time and repetition are your friends. Keep working at it.
  14. heathber

    I think it's this Deigh https://www.flintrehab.com/product/fitmi/ Which does look interesting.
  15. becky1

  16. Deigh

    What is this device you are discussing. I've never heard of it? Deigh
  17. achandra

    Ruth : I am so sorry for your loss, you both have been through lot together, & what I have seen from my blog window perspective you have done your best & you are amazing caregiver. Not every one is that lucky, so many marriages break apart when going gets tough. I am glad your bond strengthen, and you had enough supportive friends to get you through difficult phase of your life. I am so happy William got closure with his children. Knowing you & your journey was great privilege. Hope days ahead You create lot of happy memories for you. Asha
  18. tmciriani

    Wow, Ruth, I am completely moved at what you have endured. It sounds like William was finding his peace you're right life is amazing. God bless you for the loving, caring, life changing role you have been during the past 10 years. As you know 1st hand stroke doesn't just happen to the stroke survivor it's effects reach far. You are a survivor and an angel for William. I'm am so glad you can feel a certain closure and release. I'm so glad you are spending time, you haven't been able to, with supportive friends. I'm so glad you are making plans and looking forward to the future. I don't know William but I could sure bet that he would want you to. I am so sorry for your loss. I think you are finding peace as well. Thank you for the brief time so far that I have been able to be a little part in your life. You ARE amazing.
  19. HostSue

    Dear, dear Ruth, so sad that William passed away but so glad you survived the experience of being a great caregiver. Thank you for being part of the Blog Community and by doing so adding to the lives of other members. Thank you for being my friend also, it has been a great privilege. I hope the days ahead are full of happy memories rather than sad. Big (((hugs))).
  20. ruthwilliam

    It is Done.

    William passed yesterday 9-18-18 at 1:06PM. William had been in hospice for 1 month. This has been the longest month of my life. I am so relieved that the vigil is finally over. Here it is 2:40AM and I am up. I am so used to getting up and checking on William. I want to thank all of you for being there for me. I want to share that the stroke board has been a lifesaver for me since William's stroke 10 years ago. I would suggest that anyone who needs hospice utilize it. I thought that I was getting hospice in place early and I used it only for a month. They provide a wonderful service. They enabled me to keep William at home and let him die peacefully at home. When I needed more help they gave me more help. I started with help 3 times a week and ended up with help twice a day , every day. This month has been a vigil that I am glad is over. When William stopped eating and drinking, it became a matter of time. I have wonderful friends who live around me and were able to support me through this time. I was able to call upon them to be with me when I was afraid to be by myself. I do encourage you to reach out for help when you need to. Do not make yourself travel the journey by yourself. I know that many caregivers have traveled this long road with me. What amazes me is the accolades that I get from everybody about the way that I cared for William. I am called a Saint, an amazing person.....but I know so many from here that have done the same. So many of us have devoted our lives to our loved ones. William's death brought closure to his estranged children. They were able to see him in his last days. Miracle of miracles who was coherent and able to speak with them. He was able to see his ex-wife. Life is amazing. Now onto the next chapter in my life. What is going to happen? I went out to dinner with 3 of my friends last night. It was so good to get out of the house. Friends are wonderful. I will be having lunch with another bunch of friends today. My old YMCA bunch. I have my trips to California to look forward to in November. The quilt festival in November. I just got off the phone with William's cousin. It was nice to reminisce. I just want to thank everyone for their support. This board has been a Godsend to me. Thank you.
  21. GreenQueen

    Paul, I concur. You can never win. Ever. Ever ever. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. Tracy, being anti social gives me my time of peace and zen. Love it.
  22. I found a lump in my boob last year. Thankfully it was nothing major at all. While we were waiting for results, however, I decided not to fight it. I mean, what else could go wrong? Then I looked at my family and decided they were the exact reason I needed to fight.
  23. Please don’t compare yourself to anyone, sk8termum, you have every right to be anxious. We are all here to help where we can.
  24. GreenQueen

    My daughter is very artistic. Amongst other things, I would like her to get her diploma as an art therapist. It would do her good, as well as others. Kelli, you mentioned detailed questions requiring detailed answers...definitely a big problem. It’s worse when these questions come from doctors etc.
  25. GreenQueen

    That’s awesome news Tracy!
  26. GreenQueen

    Cons2g, I gave up ballet when I was about 8, as I felt too tall and gangly, no where near as graceful as my friends. I did, however, tap dance for 35 years. It still makes me sad that I can’t dance in noisy shoes. (That’s what I used to call them, apparently) Oh well. It is what it is.
  27. tmciriani

    Janelle, me either. I mean I used to could speak a bit of Spanish but today I am doing great just getting English lol. 😨
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