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Stacey Klein

I'm a 41 year old female who had a mild left brain stroke March 7, 2005 in Takoma Park, Maryland. I was 39 at the time. It affected my right side. At first I could not walk.


Speech was never a problem for me...actually the speech therapist was LOOKING to find things to work on with me. Eventually, she asked me to help out by trying to understand another patient's speech. I also never had any cognitive losses, except I'd passed out WHEN the stroke happened. So, that I do not recall.


My right arm and hand do not work properly...and my right leg can support me, but I cannot walk for long periods.


I use a four-pronged cane when outdoors...inside I'm pretty good without anything for support. My right ankle does occasionally turn and I can lose my balance at that point, but I do pretty well.

Not much else to tell. I'm up in Canada but was born in the U.S..


I cook the same, though maybe go about it differently. I feel lucky, the stroke damage was not bad.

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Stacy,You look really good.I hope your feeling better these days,I know its still soon but you'll get there.Welcome hope you read info.that will encourage and help you on this journey we all share.Hang in girl. Laree

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stacy your as strong as you feel your your own bossyou do whats best for you never ever give up hopeyes there is a light at the end of the tunnel been there donr that so you can also be donr get mad get even :Tantrum: :Clap-Hands:

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