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Bruce Smith

Fifty-six years ago I was born in a log cabin... Nah, that myth has already been taken. I was born in a log hospital in the wilderness city of Toronto, Canada. I had an unremarkable childhood. I went through school in the usual way, graduated university at age 21, and began my first job with my first wife, first baby, and in my first house.


Fifteen years and two divorces later, I returned to university. Seven years after that, I came out with my doctorate in another field, in another house, with another wife, in another city, in another country, and in another job. Twelve years later, I am in another state, another house, without another wife, but without a job. Five years ago, I had a catastrophic stroke. While I returned to work five months after three in the hospital, I fooled only myself that I could do that kind of work ever again.



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It seems that you have lead an intersting life. I have only been married for 34 years. We have two chidren one is 25 a girl and we have a son who is 22 years old.


Bruce Schwentker

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