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Denny Shane

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I had my first ichemic stroke was in 2004. My 6th ichemic stroke was in 2007, about a month ago.


After the first stroke I had absolutely no outward signs. Sometimes I needed a cane, sometimes I would go without.


Strokes 2 through 5, still the same thing. I had ambivalent feelings about the whole thing. A friend, who a stroke about 6 years ago, is confined to a wheelchair and has not talked to date. He has had one stroke. After five strokes I was walking around, acting quite normal.


Last month I had #6. Things changed... this time it changed my brain around a bit. I had aphasia. I could understand what was being said, but I had my problems with language. I had problems with speaking the words and with just finding the right words. It really irritated me that I had all of the words and sentences in my head but they would get lost by time they got to my mouth.


The other problem is typing. My fingers will not type what was is in my mind. I often misspell and and I seem to type some words twice in a row.


All and all, it is quite interesting. I am learning a lot.



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Hi Denny: Just read your bio ... I guess it takes what it takes. I hope you are doing better. In May 2006 I had a few TIAs (undiagnosed by me or the drs. ... boo to them, but the MRI & CT showed nothing), then the same month a right brain stroke which landed me in the hospital, then 2 weeks later a brain stem stroke which paralyzed me and put me in a drug inducced coma for a month. It's a miracle I am alive and can function at all. I am probably recovered 80% and still wanting more.


I couldn't talk either but because of a trachea and then had to learn to project my voice, inunciate (sp?) etc. so I can relate. I still have problems grabbing the right word. I presume you are the Denny who hosts Fri night chat. I plan to start coming. So I'll see you there. Hasta la vista, Leah from Arizona


I don't drink or smoke (quit 11 years ago) but here is one for you :party:

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