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Roberta Caton


A little fishing off shore after the stroke should lower the stress levels.


I had two migraine induced strokes, one in the occipital and one in the cerebella. Only two people called me the whole time I was out. I was watching the movie "The Five People You Meet When You Go to Heaven" when I started having symptoms. The hospital staff had difficulty believing me because my blood pressure was not elevated. I was vomiting, urinating, confused, and unable to speak a full sentence. They were so caught up with the numbers, they ignored the human.


Eventually, my hairy, large assertive husband cornered the doctor as he was trying to discharge me, and informed him that neither he nor I would not be leaving the room until it was agreed I be admitted. The CT scans showed nothing, all the tests were negative. The only test left was an MRI, and I am allergic to iodine. So. off goes the nervous doctor. A different doctor arrives and orders a MRI, which shows the two strokes. Both happened in the hospital. I was trying to tell them something was wrong. I hate it when people don't listen and ignore you because they think they know everything.


What they forget is that you and I know our bodies better than they do. As I sit here writing this I have blurred vision, numb left toes, and numb left cheek and tongue, My pinky and ring finger on my left hand feel as if they have gone to sleep. I know these are not good symptoms, I have told a doctor about them today. I thought. its not your body. I figure that the more quality fishing one does the better one's health becomes. Chairs are more comfortable than the ones at the doctors office and the views are much better too,

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