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Billie Jo Lau

Billie Jo
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I had my first stroke March 20, 2007 at my Mom's house. We were sewing.. and she noticed I was sewing all over the place. Knowing how picky I am.. she asked me what I was doing - I said "I don't know" She noted that I had no expression and was vacant. She told me to stop sewing. I did, then she said "Something is wrong - come on we are going to the hospital" I stopped my sewing machine and got in the car. I smoked a cigarette on the way. It was dark around 9 or 10. I don't remember any of this, it is all what was told to me by my mom 4 days later. That night they put me in the hospital and told my mom that I had had a stroke.


It was in the front of my brain between the two halves. It affected my emotions and my right side. In a week I recovered my right side enough to go home. Mom said I was moody and uptight for about a month, I remember sleeping a lot for a month. Then I had enough energy to walk nine miles a day! I did not walk that far before the stroke. I quit smoking and coffee made me scared to death! I had a panic attack four months after the stroke. It scared the hell out of me! On August 23, 2007 I had a TIA losing my left side this time but had my wits about me. They put me in the hospital for four days and I have recovered almost completely. I go to therapy three times a week at our local wellness center. I am on Aggrenox and liptor. They do not know what caused the strokes, but are continuing to try find out. I am gratetful I can drive and talk and walk. I have a little problem with standing very long, but that will come! Come hell or high water! I am determined to recover! :)


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Hi Billie,read your bio.I am confident you will get there,you impress me as a woman who is determined,same as myself.I stroked 10 years ago.You can read my bio if you like my name is Laree Martz I was 43 at time of stroke,stayed in the hospital 3 months.Life is good now thank the lord.All the best to you hang in there it will all get better dear one.

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