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Kathy Saul

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I did not feel well the morning of September 16, 2005, but I had felt flu-like for the past month. My doctor could not find any reason for my body aches, extreme tiredness or sudden temperatures, so I took a couple of Advil, and concentrated on driving my husband and his brother to Tampa for their 6am flight to Utah.


Driving back, I thought about calling in sick to work. At 53, I was a health inspector for the state of Florida and I had a very physical job (before moving to Florida, I had spent 25 years in social services working with children and families).


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Guest hbrumfield


Kathy, you seem to be doing brilliantly. The last thing you want to do is feel sorry for yourself. (Ok, ok, I occasionally have to remind myself!)


But think about what you'd have done differently instead of enjoying the birds in your backyard -- I wonder what you actually gave up -- six, seven more years dealing with clients, meeting deadlines, looking forward to the weekend?


See it as early retirement, and just let it happen. You KNOW what the alternative is...!




That was May. I read your story over again in January. Except that I was 56, and it was August 2005, not September, most of the details were very similar. I did have moderately high BP but it took a death in the family to bring about the stroke. Anyway, keep plugging away at it. Life is just different. Maybe better but no worse unless you let it be.



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Hi Kathy

I like your story and i hear you. In every detail. Every day is new. Kinda a shocker. Having to think before you talk but ya can not think fast enough and ya studder your words or ya stop ......because ya had to think of the word. In a group of ppl you can not follow along in a conversation.Waking up in morning having that cup of coffee but not even the coffee could keep you awake.

I do some what the same Kathy. My strokes caused no paralisis tho i lossed some of my brain. I keep busy tho. Run a small carpet cleaning service, We have 500 blogs on Angies list. I spend my time between home in Bloomington,MN and lake place 150 miles north. In both places i have made a birm. Home 1200sft at lake 3500sft. Filled with home 4 pines 5 rose bushes Ornimental grasses. dog woods 5 barks lylocs lillies many kinds. At lake 3 black hills spruce pines apple tree flowering crab tree burnining bush tree carl foster grasses lilles And i just scratched the surface. Next year big boulders and perenniel flowers. To finish and watch grow. I had my stroke's april 27 2010 one i was sleeping the other one hit me in the face. Did all this from may through june. Talk about denile. Any way heres to you kid sorry ya had to suffer phisycal therapy stuff. I do wii fit yoga i fall over all the time. yuk yuk

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