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Dean Reinke

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Prior to his stroke on May 22, 2006, Dean Reinke was an avid whitewater canoeist. In fact, just days before, he made a strenuous whitewater canoeing trip on the Dog River, close to Wawa, Ontario. The route,

which stretched for 23 miles, included a 1,050 feet drop in the water plus a one and one half mile portage (carrying the canoe over dry land), ending at Lake Superior. Dean was more than up to completing this challenge, and at the end of his trip, he then drove 12 hours to get back to his home in Minneapolis, MN.


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Hello dean. Im sorry to hear about your stroke glad you are better . IV had three mine strokes an to small hart att . IM not good on my spelling as i wonces was . so for the spelling words. MY last stroke i had was about 1. 1/2 year ago . i was paralized on my right side with the grace of god an a lot on work om my half an a lot of rehab iv just about got it all back .The stroke leaft me with a drop foot but i make out wiht it .




I got some wood tools one year for christmas . An was doing good with it . on tell i had my first stroke . Then my husband took it away from me ..I stell have it all but every time i go to the shed i see it . Just won'ted to touch basses with u . Hope every thing goes well with u . Bye for now take care of your self an keep doing every thing u won't to do in life . God bless you .

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Dean, Sure looks like a fine shop you have yourself there. Wishing you well. Rob Peabody

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Guest hbrumfield


Dean, I was a class 4 kayaker in my 20s in Tennessee so know how much that has meant to you.


I am a bit of a woodworker still. More recently photography has my interest, and anything digital.


My stroke net contact name is Hunter, if you'd like to compare notes and general stroke BS.




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Hi Dean,


Sure sounds like you had a ruff road to hold. I'm glad that you are donig well now! I have had two strokes now since my frist one in 2006, that eff. my right side. I walked with a four proned cain and had an APO on my right leg. Then in 2010 Sept. 20, I had anurism sugery that caused me to become pralized from the waist down.


Bruce Schwentker

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