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Marie Claire Dub

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Her name is Marie Claire Dub

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Hi Marie Claire: I want to express my appreciation for your story which appeared in the Stroke newsletter. Wow, you have sure been through a lot and I can see you have the drive and determination to have come through this on the other side in spite of your disabilities. Having God on our side I feel is a necessary compoment for recovery and peace of mind (which I am still trying to find). Acceptance doesn't come easy and while I know it is ongoing I hope I am able to reach an acceptance level somewhere more comfortable than it is for me right now.


I also have left-side paralysis, mainly in my left leg, knee and foot. An AFO doesn't help and I walk with a cane or rolling walker. My left knee is spastic and so my left leg doesn't "track " properly and, of course, balance stinks. Enough about me! I am still doing PT, just not as much as the 1st 2 yrs.


Congratulations on your engagement. What a blessing that is especially knowing that Andre (I love the name) loves you for YOU and for just the way you are.


I'm sure I'll run into you again in chat or on the boards. You survivor friend, Leah :friends:

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