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Asha Chandra

My whole ordeal began on February 4, 2004 at age 34. We were expecting our second child, and I was 24 weeks pregnant. I was working in a small startup company in Pennsylvania. I volunteered to take my son to the dentist that day since I also had an appointment with my gynecologist. The day began like other day. I left from my office around 2 in the afternoon. I took my son to the Dentist and then we went to my monthly checkup at gynecologist.


By that time I had been driving over 4 hours, so I was having little lower back pain. I complained to the doctor. She checked and said I was dilated already and sent me to ER. After a few tests, the doctors said I had infection in my amniotic fluid, and we will have to deliver the baby at 24 weeks. Those few days were nightmares in hospital. We delivered a baby girl at 24 weeks who weighed 560gm. I won't lie I was not ready to accept a baby who could end up with lot of disabilities, so the next day February 7 when baby passed away I was relieved. I went home that night.


On February 8, after having breakfast I climbed one level up to my bedroom, and my mother screamed just looking at me. The last thing, which I saw in mirror, was my crooked face. At the hospital my sister told me that my left side was paralyzed. Nothing made sense to me for few days. I was hopeful that once I was out of ICU and in rehab I would be fine. The doctors keep telling me "You are too young to have a stroke. You will recover fine." I believed them, and I have great family who were with me so life was not that bad. I was praying to God, "Please let me walk, and give my hand back." The doctors found a PFO, patent foreman oval, in my heart. They said the PFO and my pregnancy were the reason for stroke.


Now after a year, I can walk unassisted. I am trying to work part-time. I don't want to live on my SSDI for rest of my life when I am capable of doing so much more. I won't admit or give in that life is over for me. We are planning a European vacation. We have caved in too many times for my son's Disneyland vacations, so now it's my turn to pick the place. I am picking Europe. Life is too short, so I want to enjoy myself with my family before my time is up.


I m sad about losing my baby but, we can always adopt a girl. Believe me there is life after stroke. Sometimes it's hard to see it when we are in the middle of recovery


May 2005


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It was nice to finally put a face with your name!!! You are very beautiful. flowers.gif


Hope you are doing well.


God Bless,



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so sorry to hear bout your girl your pic your 1 hot mama tough i was just looking at biosand saw your picand had to let you know you are 1 strong person to haveendoured so muxh in such a small time frame be good ill catch upon stroke net soon



:) :)




BESSY :big_grin:

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