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Ruth Morales

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On the night of June the 25,2005 my life changed forever. I had a stroke, which left me paralyzed on my left side. I was in the hospital for 45 days. While there I had therapy for two hours each and everyday. All the while I was thanking God I was still alive to see my kids and husband. But at the same time asking God "WHY me" I'm only 28 years old. My doctors say genetics; I say, "Thanks Mom." I may never know "why me" but know I have been led down a different path--perhaps to test my faith.


All I know is that it will take a lot of time and patience, to overcome this. I have already come so far. At first I had no use of my leg at all. I now walk without a cane. I now have only an ankle splint instead of a brace. I can now to move my left arm above my head. At first I couldn't even move it off the bed. I have no real function with the hand besides grasping. But I have faith and time. It's funny how the simple things really matter now. Every Stroke of the clock matters. Pun intended!

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It is good to hear you are doing good. You are still in the spontaneous recovery period, which can last for more than 1 year. You may have minimal paralysis after a few years. You can still see and play with your kids. Good going!

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