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Stroke more deadly for Canadian women than men

By smallory, 06/16/2018



I think this article is extremely valid for women and to not just accept a given answer just because we are taught to respect/believe the medical field. Not that women's best health interest isn't a prominent factor in a Doctor's decisions but that there are a lot of changes in the past years about women and stroke. That it is a scary set of facts that aren't always taken into account. Women we know our body...I believe in women's intuition. Listen to it. Be your own advocate as I told Ms. Pam in her blog. Don't take no if you feel otherwise. Listen to your own thoughts and concerns. Women are having strokes younger and younger and more. Scary if you are already a survivor and if you're not. Own your intuition...Don't let anyone tell you not to listen. It could save your life. I'm so glad this woman is here and can be such an example. Wonderful article.

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Do you think men are taken more seriously when they come in for treatment or are the underlying conditions such as high blood pressure treated more aggressively in men than women?

Are women smoking more or engaging in more stressful careers?

Are we measuring women's health better?

Many questions.

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