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  1. I just read an interesting article written by the National Stroke Association.
  2. Pam, my suggestion is to write an incident report of what happened. This can just be a document with Incident Report written at the top, the date, your report and a place at the bottom for your signature and the supervisor's signature. Make sure to include the date and sign it. Ask the supervisor to acknowledge that you gave it to her by signing it. Ask her to file it with the CNA's Employee Record. Also, ask her to let the CNA know about the incident report and that you are now keeping written records of her abuse. This should preclude her from additional abusive incidents. If she refuses to do as you ask, then write an Incident Report saying so. You should also make an Incident Report any time you feel you are abused by anybody. The thing is to be smarter then them and not be a defenseless victim. From my experience in management you will legally need at least 3, or more, reports to show a pattern of abuse. Frankly, until you have written documentation about this problem I really don't think your Ombudsman will help you.
  3. Me too! So why are they doing tests for seizures?
  4. I have done lots of research on HBOT over the years. It helps speed repair to certain types of injuries, like to speed the repair of muscle tissue for athletes and to speeding the repair of skin tissue for burn victims. So it does have its applications. When it comes to stroke it's an entirely different story. The problem that trying to repair a stroke is that no two strokes are the same. They vary by two main categories and then two subcategories within those two each categories, location on the brain and severity of the damage, which could be from a mild TIA to near death. I should also mention that how soon after a stroke make a tremendous difference. A person's age, gender and motivation to participate in therapy also makes a difference. Then, there and variations on each of those. It's mind boggling, plus it's no wonder that no two are the same! I know several well-to-do stroke survivors, who paid over $30,000/HBOT treatment, in addition, they paid travel expenses to numerous foreign countries. BTW, HBOT treatment only lasts 10 days and has very aggressive physical therapy during that time period. One of them had a mild stroke and the could participate fully in the physical therapy. The other had a massive severe stroke, could not move and could not participate. The person who participated in physical therapy had very temporary and minor improvement and the other had zero improvement. Both, ultimately had their hearts broken!
  5. Sounds exciting
  6. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. captainwolfe


      i tried to upload a picture but every picture i tried exceeded the limit??? not sure why i have posted my pics on numerous other sites with out any issue they are not high memory

  7. Our website is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We depend entirely on donations and an occasional fundraiser to pay all of our expenses (over $4000/year). We are lucky that our vendors give us a non-profit discount, too. Everything costs something. You might find something that is free but then it's scattered with advertisements. If you want a professional looking website you have to pay! I used to be an extremely active advocate for stroke. I'm not going to spoil this endeavor with negative comments but I want to tell you it really takes a commitment. About 15 - 20 years ago, I made a 3-page pamphlet with my Publisher software. I had it printed on nice thick paper so it looked and felt professional. If you use just regular paper that your printer uses, the pamphlets are flimsy and feel cheap. Presentation is everything! Imagine you are in a doctor's office and pick up a flimsy pamphlet you probably would not take the content too serious. You also need to show that the content is backed by a credible source of information. You cannot not have a source and you cannot say that your source is Joe Schmoe. So, my source of funds was The Stroke Network. The Stroke Network paid for everything and it looked professional for the pamphlets to say that they were made by an organization with a business name, website, physical address and phone number. BTW, I did extensive research on getting a grant. What a pain in the butt! You cannot just say that you need money for something worthwhile. You have to search for a philanthropist who is willing to give you money. The pamphlet project could be completely paid for less than $500. The philanthropist is looking for worthwhile projects that need hundreds of thousands of dollars. Philanthropists will only support specific causes and I mean exact! Oh, if you ever meet the preliminary criteria, you must show that you have the right staff and capabilities to effectively manage and track the project. Sheesh! Forget about it!
  8. Let us know if it's edible.
  9. Welcome to StrokeNet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. Myjade


      Kelli, I do have a question, I have noticed that some of the posts go back months ago. Is it alright to still respond?

  10. I have to agree with everything you are saying. Cool list! It's unfortunate that people don't care about stroke until it happens to them.
  11. Have you posted where you live in our Members meeting Members forum? Use this forum to post where you live, to discover who lives close by and then setup a coffee date to meet members who live in your vicinity. Post pictures of your get together in our Gallery. Make new friends forever!
  12. For the most part, just about every website on the Internet that is about stroke is primarily interested in just repeating the standard information about stroke. That is fine for the majority of people but, in my opinion, does not come close to actually explaining an in-depth look at it. That is why I decided to create my own websites that have information meaningful to anybody wanting to know what stroke is really about. Check it out!
  13. I just discovered a really cool new feature. If you want to quote just a sentence from a post highlight just those words and a little window will popup reading Quote this. Click on it and that sentence will automatically be inserted in your Reply window.
  14. I was thinking of you, Tracey, when I added the emoticon that is laying down throwing a tantrum.
  15. Just hover over the Community dropdown menu and select Blogs.