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  1. Happy Anniversary wwang2!

  2. Happy Anniversary wwang2!

  3. Happy Anniversary wwang2!

  4. I posted here before when my mom had her stroke. Since then, she was in a rehab center and she was doing remarkably well. My mom was eating, speaking, walking by herself a little, remembering a lot, and almost normal. In fact, the rehab center was speaking to me about bringing her home overnight to see how she would do. That week, I set up Saturday to bring her home and take her back on Sunday. However, on Wednesday I received a call stating that my mom fell in the shower and she would be taken to the hospital. Later that day, I received another call from her doctor saying that there was massi
  5. Hey Leslie! My mom had a stroke on June 20th when she was 54, and she is showing the same conditions as your mom. Physically, my mom does not show any paralysis, but she is affected mentally; short term memory, long term memory, and cognitive parts are affected. I would suggest that you try some tests like have her count money or say alphabet to see if she can do those things correctly. The key in dealing with strokes is patience. Take it one day at a time and try to be light-hearted even if you are frustrated out of your mind. The brain is a very mysterious organ, so anything can h