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  1. Happy Anniversary Little Jo!

  2. Happy Anniversary Little Jo!

  3. Happy Anniversary Little Jo!

  4. Traying to get to the chat room

  5. Little Jo

    Hello it looks like you love animals .I do to . Ilike to crochet an cross stich An do puzzels it helps me think an use my brain . be couse whnen i had my List stroke it parlizeed me all over . I could not read of walk or sit up or hold on to eny thing .But as time went on i did what i had to do i work on getting every thing back . And with God help he help me get it . Now i fell like a new person . Me an my husban went to vested his faimly in Canda three years a go an they make their own bread AN THEY ASK ME DID I an i said no why an lord i choyld have shut my mouth . So his auint got her stuf an showed me how to do it . now my husband think i should make bread 1once a month . hahaha so i dfo .becouse if i dont i dont never here thwe end of it .
  6. Little Jo

    Hello Becky1 .Im a stroke survivor . Glad you could join us glad you have found this site . Iv had 2 mine strokes an 1 HEART ATT an 1 that pairlaz me but i got back up an did what i had to do to get better. did a lot by my self when i came home The one that got me down was the last one . But im walking now by mty self with out a wilchair are eny tother .ALL i had to do is put my soul in to god an ask him to help me get better an with my self i did . NEVER give up . Little Jo
  7. Little Jo

    Hello Cat glad to here from you .Take care an get well Little Jo
  8. Little Jo

    Well ifound out that i all so have Bipola . An i dont thinl i can dell with eny thing els right at this time . Ifill like the world is come down on me . Every thing is going rong at this time .Dont know what to do . All i wont to do is cry . I know i have a lot to be thankfull for . Every thing i seem to do is not right . that what every one at my house is saying to me . I gess im haveing a bad day an i dont know whitch way to go . Little jo.
  9. Little Jo

    From: Stroke doctor specialty?

    Source: Stroke doctor specialty? I agre They never said that to me eather . An now iv got BIPOLAR. I had not went to see her inabout a mounth couse Ihave had eye surg on both eyes . hope my inc pays moust ov it ..An i dont get eny money from eny where . We have tryed to get help . but they say trhat my husband make's to much money . Which is a joke .He works for the city an you know they dont get much money after oaying the doctors on him an me he has dibets an so do i . an i have to go to three doctors a month. That is what makes me so mad .
  10. Little Jo

    Subi99 I know what you are going throught my so call friends an some of my faimly says the same thing to me .So you are not by your self even if i say eny thing about stroke they get up an leave . SO i thank we have some where to go when we wont to talk about it .So if you fell that you won't to talk about it I would love to talk to eny one that would leasion to me . So please you can talk to me if you can . So you have a friend here if you ever need one ok . Little jo :thumbsu:
  11. Little Jo

    Just be their for i him. I had the same thing But i wen't an got help I don't if it will help u are not what i had was Bipola . I have been readying up on it. The Bipolar cancome with the stroke some times . Take care wish you the best . Little Jo :thumbsu:
  12. Little Jo

    Sandy my name is Estella . Hope he gets better.
  13. Little Jo

    Hi Nacy im glad Beth is ok . When im trying to mop my floor some time i forget that it is wet an down i go . but i set there for a min thin i try to get up after i bless my self out . Oh by the way you can kssp the snow their haha. take care love you . Estella
  14. Little Jo

    I just love this song . .IF i could fine music to briing my spirt up when im down an put them on my computer i would love it . But i love coumtry music a lot .
  15. Little Jo

    Ken it sounds like you know what you won't Iknow how you fill When i had my last stroke i had no felling in my legs our in my fet our my hands i got home thirp but it did not do eny good tell i made my self get so mad that i told my self that i was not going to let eny stroke get the best out of me ..So i got up one morring an told my self GETup and i did grinding my teieth Iwot mad at my self an made my self do what ever it took for me to be abble it walk by my self so i work out for seven mouth then one day i said to mty self ok im fgoing to put the walker down an i did i was talking baby steps put i was so proud of my self didnt have no help for 12 weeks i work out but now im walking all by me self . Soi know it can happen IF THEY wont it to . it hard but i did it .