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  1. Happy Anniversary jadegreen!

  2. Happy Anniversary jadegreen!

  3. Happy Anniversary jadegreen!

  4. jadegreen

    hi Dave, yes indeed i think its safe to say you are not alone in this my left side was affected and once it gets cold can take hours to warm up, the heat does not bother me as much as the cold, wrap up well and good luck Jade
  5. Happy Birthday jadegreen!

  6. mine was a haemorrhagic stroke, as to why, no real reason was ever detected, high blood pressure being the main suspect. My left side was affected and 10 years on i still have no use of my left arm, my left leg recovered sufficiently to be able to walk around the house, until i twisted on my knee in January and broke it in two places, i can walk with my cane now even slower than before and i only do it under the supervision of the physiotherapist, falls rob you of confidence which is not as obvious as the physical evidence. I'll get over that eventually too. The breaks are healed now but the m
  7. jadegreen

    it certainly is awesome, Jade
  8. jadegreen

    hi Karen, i have been diagnosed with CPS also about 4 years ago now by a pain specialist. first it was Lyrica a very low dose but he may as well have sent me off with a case of whiskey, i was so wobbly and unsteady when walking at first but those symptoms went away after 10 days or so and as the dosage was increased the side effects however did not, the Lyrica did nothing for the pain, i broke my knee in 2 places recently and that was nowhere near as bad as the CPS. while in hospital the doc switched the Lyrica for Neurontin ( 300mgx 3 a day) i have no side effects from it but it does nothing
  9. jadegreen

    you are wearing yourself out trying to keep this mask on and its really not necessary you are only assuming that people will see you as letting them down, i understand how you feel, its the main reason i did not return to a job i loved after my stroke because i felt i could not pull my weight. Try asking just once and see what happens, the people in your office will probably be only to glad to help but dont offer it for fear of offending you. try it, the weight of the mask is exhausting you and you need your energy for other things. take care and give yourself a break hon Jade p.s. if you a
  10. jadegreen

    the thought of public speaking freaks out most people ( stroke or no stroke) try not to worry too much about it. Jade
  11. jadegreen

    WOW, its kinda scary it would make me run the other way, Jade
  12. jadegreen


    amazing, stunning, yep i'm a cat lover. Jade
  13. thank you all who sent congrats on my 7th year here :)

  14. 9 year stroke survivor

  15. jadegreen

    i'd want Dr.House