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  1. Happy Anniversary Manders!

  2. Happy Anniversary Manders!

  3. bear hugs manders, hope your well

  4. Im not gonna tell you my stroke experience because that's not what you came here for. I wish I could tell you a clear cut yes or no answer. Unfortunately, with stroke, there is no one (not even a doctor) who can tell you what is permanent and what will go away. You have to take one day at a time and remember to focus on the positives. You have come so far!!!!!!! You are amazing!!!!!!
  5. Manders

    lol my mom is my hot button as well. If im on the phone with her and I get even the slightest attitude. She comes back with "did you take your medicine today?" and then I just go off. She sure knows how to p*** me off lol
  6. Manders

    Acceptance is a really hard stage to reach. There is no magic way to get their either. For me, acceptance was difficult but I finally reached it once I started looking at my stroke as an accomplishment. I am so proud to say that I am a stroke survivor and I defied all odds, Surviving a stroke is what makes you special.... Everybody in life has a story. Ours is that we survived a stroke. A good friend of mine just had a stillbirth Another friend of mine just lost her son in a car accident. How do they find acceptance? We all have a story. You are no different Kelli. You can either let
  7. Manders

    I think you are being hard on yourself. You are doing great! and your coworkers are just trying to stay positive and they obviously want the best outcome. Its not to say that "her life will be over" unless she receives treatment, but they wish her the best. I have never envied another stroke survivor but I do see women my age and I often become jealous. But then I realize that im only putting myself down when I should be focused on the positives. I look at how far I have came and that always makes me feel better. When im feeling low and I need a pick me up I will re read my story from the hosp
  8. Happy Birthday Manders!

  9. howdy my friend, hope u r well, luv ya

  10. Manders

    Missing the old me 6 years later

    This summer will be six years since my stroke. I am realizing more and more that stroke lasts a lifetime. I guess I was hoping that one day I would wake up and this would all be over. Brain injury is something that never goes away. Last week I spoke in front of 600 people at a fundraiser for the hospital that saved my life. I enjoy talking about my stroke but it makes me remember my pre-stroke life which often saddens me My stroke left me completely helpless. I had to relearn to walk, talk, swallow, brush my hair, tie my shoe, write...etc I had a great team of professionals that helped m
  11. Happy Anniversary Manders!

  12. When I first told people about my stroke I just got some strange looks and no one knew what to say. It wasnt until I spoke proudly of my stroke that people really started to be understanding.
  13. bear hugs manders

  14. Merry Christmas!!

  15. Manders

    Honestly, relearning to drive this time is the same as when you were a teenager. Just be patient and practice practice practice.