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    I use to play the guitar, sing, dance. I like to Read.
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  1. Happy Birthday Hostbruce!

  2. HostBruce

    I thought it was pretty good. It makes you think of your life and what it means to you. My life is faily simple in the fact I kive my life for God. Hr dosen't do anything wrong. My body is perfect in his eyes. That's all I need to know!
  3. HostBruce

    Yes go get em!
  4. HostBruce

    That is a woderful story! It shows you the things of the past, and how they are important! Thank you for sharring that!
  5. HostBruce

    I agree with you! You have got to face your fears and move on. Life has dealt you a bad hand but you can learn to controll your actions now!! I had my first stroke in 2006. It left me with my right arm with no movemet and my right leg down in the dumpes. My second stroke happed in 2010 due to my anurism surgery I had in Sept. of that year. I came out of it parlized from my waist down. So now I have an electric wheel chair that I ride in.
  6. HostBruce

    Good Luck with it! Hostbruce
  7. HostBruce

    Congradulations Janie! I'm sure you are porud of him!! Best whises for his life! Bruce Schwentker(Hostbruce)
  8. HostBruce

    MC I'm so great full you had this oppitunity to be with them! I konw how happy it made you!!
  9. Happy Birthday Hostbruce!

  10. HostBruce

    Bonnie, It's good to have you back too. I'm soory you have had so many probles but you have come though them all. Bruce
  11. HostBruce

    Yes I agree with Sue we cannot tell when we'll be killed or anything like that! We just have to trust God on that one!! I would hope I would be spared that one! But we cannot live our lives in fear like that one. Bruce
  12. Lenny, That sounds woderfull that you got togather with your co-works!! I'm sure they all had as much fun as you did!! It was a good day all around!! Hostbruce
  13. HostBruce

    That's good mc I'm glad you went and had a good time!! What ever was the poroblem was it wasn't brought up!! That shows you can be to gether and get along! I'm proud of you! Hostbruce
  14. HostBruce

    Dyan that's great news!! Hostbruce
  15. HostBruce

    I thought I would laugh out loud on that one. But I didn't. Poor you can't even get some privcy at all!!