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  1. Happy Anniversary ruthpill!

  2. ruthpill

    Nancy, I am so glad that you are doing well. It is hard to know how far to go. and It is hard to recognize an illness that creeps up on you slowly. I am glad that you are finally getting better and Dan is cooperating with you. Ruth
  3. ruthpill

    Debbie. Tell Bruce that I am so proud of him. I love to hear that aqua therapy is really working. Wm hates it but does continue to go at least 4 or 5 times a week. It keeps him going and I love the water. He will walk a little while I swim. But we do his workout. I have not been doing any PT. William does not like working with them. It is easier to just push the water workouts.
  4. ruthpill

    time flies fast

    I need to check in. I have been lax. We have been doing well. William is still doing his therapy in the water. He does 5 days of the week with our caretaker and I do Saturdays. The three dogs are such a joy. They really pick up William's spirits. If he is confused the dogs seems to calm him down and he gets less confused. HE starts to think of the dogs rather than his problems. I am still working and I enjoy it. It is nice to have the freedom to leave home and go to work. We have settled into a routine. The only thing that I insist on is water therapy. Wm can do what ever else
  5. ruthpill

    Fred, How wonderful. So many puppies. That is a lot. What are you going to do with all of them. Maybe keep one. two dogs is nice. I love our 3 dogs. But, they are a handful. They keep me walking and busy. Take care of your little pups. Ruth
  6. ruthpill

    Happy Birthday Gary. you do such a good job a caregiving. No wonder Gary is in such wonderful Shape. I am so happy that you have a great caregiver and are getting some ME time.
  7. ruthpill

    Nancy, I am so glad that you finally got care. I can only imagine the price that you paid. You actually paid a huge price in taking care of Dan. I fortunately have a caregiver to help me and I do have a job to escape to. Please take care of yourself. You have a ways to go to get completely healed. I know how hard it is to visit the nursing home. I pray that you are able to reconcile what has happened. Please take care of yourself. I cannot emphasize that enough. You did more than most. You don't give yourself enough credit. I am glad to hear that your house sold so quickly.
  8. ruthpill

    Fred, I am sorry to hear the set back. But, yes age does have a lot to do with loss of mobility and energy. I do hope that you will be able to increase your stamina and get back some more mobility. You have done amazing recovery, Ruth
  9. ruthpill

    Los Angeles

    This was the first vacation that I have taken in 6 years. Since William had his stroke. I took off Monday morning and came back Wed niight. It was short and it was exciting. My advice is do not travel Spriirt airlines. They were 2 hours late and mine should have been at 6AM. I was at our international airport for 5 1/2 hours. I had to check in on line. Well. little did I know. I had a purse and a backpack. So I checked one carry on and Then I chose my seat. Well I really did not have to do either one of those. That cost me. You can leave those blank and get a sear assinged. My pur
  10. ruthpill

    Nancy, Take your time and get well. You are in my prayers . I am so glad to hear that you are doing well. Ruth
  11. ruthpill

    Sue, You are an angel. William loved the visits that he got in the hospital. The were so important. It is nice that we have volunteers that are so thoughtful. Take care of yourself. I do miss chat.
  12. ruthpill

    Memorial day

    I have had Thurs. Friday. Sat and sun and Monday off from work. My caretaker took some time off and I took off from my job to take over her shift. Thurs. we went to the pool and did our therapy. We had breakfast afterwards. I ordered wm huevos rancheros. He loved it. Then I had to do some shopping and went to the accountant. Wm enjoyed talking to his old friend and then I took the dogs to the dog park and wm finally go home. He had a good day. Friday we got up and went to the pool and got our therapy done early. We went out to breakfast and then wm went home md had a rest . We met a friend f
  13. ruthpill

    Nancy, I was so worried . I am so glad that you were able to check in. I am glad that somebody was able to help you get on the road to recovery. Now, take your time and get better. It took along time to get to where you were. Be patient and you will recover. Dan is doing ok and you will get everything taken care of in time. Always. Ruth
  14. Happy Anniversary ruthpill!

  15. ruthpill

    Sarah, You manage so well. We cannot chill out. Our circumstances make us hyperviligent. We think ahead and consider all types of plans. Salesmen try to do that . You tried and it didn't work . Sorry you had to go thru so much. Delivery people are usually late. I need to buy a couch. But I don't want to spend time shopping for one or waiting for the delivery person to deliver. Ruth