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  1. For the parking, I 'kinda' get why he put her first because they're married. I know you get it but on the flip of the token, I would have been so hurt myself. I found when I watch a game show from the 1950's - 70's " What's my line" on YouTube and I like the panel and I start to get choked up thinking they have all passed. If I'm watching something that makes you feel 'warm and fuzzy' I begin to cry. I have been completely weaned off of my depression meds.. so I have 10+ years of emotions that were suppressed that need to come out. As with you, my day to day functions change literally everyday. I can't plan anything. it sucks. you understand that. I'm thankful of your blog for I have a hard time keeping a thought or point in my brain long enough to post my thoughts and yours are almost a like. I "heart' you :)
  2. I've not had them myself but just by reading the comments, can this be long term?
  3. You are not alone in your feelings. I'm 9 + years post and STILL have vision problems, STILL get tired after 10 mins.. I'm STILL dizzy all the time.. Don't feel sorry for yourself.. it sucks.. for sure but as you said you can do almost everything you once could do.. just with a little "Stank" on it,, ( bull shoes)
  4. what it crazy is that's why I always needs sound, whether it be music or talking, to help quite my brain. I've always been this way though, so has my father.. strange
  5. Yes I had therapy using that both at office and at home. My issues couldn't be helped my the program but what a great idea to help strengthen the eye muscles
  6. I have vision issues but not what you explained. Have you considered prisms in your glasses? Or glasses at all? I never wore glasses before the stroke full time but after my stroke my eyes weren't leveled at all and that caused me terrible headaches and dizziness ( more than what I have from cerebellum)
  7. Not so much biting for me but I have a hole in my cheek for I end up wearing 80% of food or liquid
  8. Best wishes your way. If you start foot support , please let us know
  9. I have not but looking at the website. it looks pretty rad!!!!!
  10. it very well could be. How long have you been taking it for? Sometimes , like you said, it is changing of medicine. Hopefully you can find your balance soon
  11. Sometimes all you can do is smile. I agree that it is bad form not to keep your word though I do understand that sometimes life happens and our memory isn't always so sharp. You just continue making beautiful art and making others smile and a stupendous high five for raising a flipping awesome son
  12. Dean, your 2nd stroke wasn't that long ago. I'm sure as with the 1st, once you get a routine with yourself , after some time you were able to do more than you thought. I can understand not having the confidence to go out and that is a hard hurdle , I know It was with me, however I finally came to the realization that I'm not going to be happy unless I say "F-it" I'm doing this. My therapist once told me, which is true, we are our own worst enemy within our heads. She said imagine walking into a restaurant. We "know" everyone is looking at us and judging us. The reality is they are so consumed with their own lives that they may look up at us and continue to talk about their issues. I know I hated going out. I had a bus system call C.A.T.S ( Cumberland County Transportation Service), named for the county I lived in, that services the elderly and handicapped within our county. And State Wide, there was another transportation service for Handicapped ( with a small free for both per trip) that helped me for everything. Maybe if you look into your state there might be something like that. I take Trazadone for sleep myself. I have 'speed brain' and grind my teeth ( wear night guard) and my schedule varies day to day. Some nights I go to bed before 8pm and then after 3am. But .. You have someone making you breakfast daily???? Sweet Tracy, your house looks beautiful. Will you travel to New Jersey?
  13. That's a good idea and maybe, hopefully, it can be made into law or at least an option
  14. yeah she is. Glad your doing better now :)
  15. http://www.strokeeducation.info/deficits/pba/ this can explain what everyone else said :) Agreed you are not alone. Am weening off my anti depressant ( was on for over 12 years) and I read/watch/hear something that may not be sad and the tears fall.