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  1. ksmith

    I'm so happy you came back. You are truly someone who has helped so many others, along with all the caregivers and family, with understanding and advice. You are always welcome here and I can say , on a side note, was so happy to hear your name again.
  2. OMG Tracy, I was just telling someone that when there is a big gust of wind, swear I will blow over
  3. ksmith

    Yes, I quit right after my stroke and they say ex smokers are the worst. But I can admit EVERY once in a while, I don't mind the smell of a menthol. Crazy.. I'd never smoke again though. 12 + cold turkey as they say. I'm not sure if a doctor or nurse or a mental Hallucination but I was told if I smoke again I'll die. So.. stopped for I was sacred to die....
  4. ksmith

    I am THAT cat lady as well. My small 900sqft place looks like PetSmart. On social media, you'd never know I had human children lol Going back into a place again must be sad/scary/love/peace all wrapped into one. I think that you are very strong and will find that once there, you're living for you both. He is in your heart. Try to think before the stroke and the happiness and love and wrap that tight and put that in your heart and mind. Love is a powerful bond my friend and it's still raw and of course you're going to be in a "funk". Allow it but don't let it take over. With the warmer w
  5. ksmith

    I do not have phantom itches but the smells.. Oh boy I smell cigarette smoke and I , not meaning too, think my mom has forgave me but when she cooked her famous ( to us) pot roast I told her it smelled like garbage . I had to leave the house
  6. ksmith

    I have read that phantom smells are common after a brain injury. Have you experienced any?
  7. That comment made me so sad but I know it wasn't intended. Heather is right but have you also looked into playing on-line? Only for some places aren't fully open so like maybe donate to a church or senior center with beautiful music. For the senior center, I know this time being separated from family and friends, like us all, having someone being kind would give them a smile that some may not have had in a while. I know I work in a group home and the individuals can't go back to the Active Day ( Senior center for peoples with disabilities) (( on a side -side note:: Covid is not getting better
  8. ksmith

    thanks for sharing such good information Heather and Deigh, best x
  9. thank you Sue. It is hard . Our organization should have one on stand by especially for those who reside in a group home. There are therapists in an institutional setting. We are not , in anyway, that agency. All we can do is ask and to be told.... "well...." for we all know its the $$ for insurance. Again, I feel it would be beneficical. Boy, I'm so glad you can read stroken'ese. I was re reading my blog and golly, it truly reads like a Pollock paining hahah
  10. So I work for the an organization that supports individuals with both mental and physical disabilities and mostly are adults, at least I where I have been. With anyone, aging may cause other health issues like dementia, Alzheimer's. I worked with a man, who was on a chopped diet, ( food cut no more the 1 inch and eliminating foods that could cause choking) and I would explain to him that I also had issues with swallowing too. Well, I got moved to another program in since December, he had to go on Puree and just the other day I heard he started to asperate on Ice Cream. Firstly, I would have
  11. Wow.. I have had bad posture , since my stroke, and when I try to stand against the wall to straighten my neck and back again and BAM.. dizziness. Part of my stroke was, as you know, in my cerebellum but not as bad as yours, and that similar happens to me. I can understand your anxiety and frustration with Pts. I get frustrated trying to explain how my stroke/balance is for me. I always heard ,'I know how your stroke makes your balance off'.. really? Um.. not all strokes are the same, likewise, not all balance issues are the same . I hope Randall understood and you had embarrassed, but I get
  12. ksmith

    Sweetie, We, I, will always try to do what we can for you... I'll send you a PM 💓
  13. I'm glad it is going well. Please keep us up to date on your balance 🙂
  14. ksmith

    That is such a great point Sue. I could not agree more. To me, it shows someone took the time out and understands what I wrote. No matter the topic or size. A feeling of validation of concern
  15. I wanted to share this post because I know most of us, at some point, have experienced PTSD in our life or may know someone who has. Many people who have had PTSD happen to them though some other trauma, I know I have, but following a stroke I can say the other night was my first time and it is was a whole new level of stress. (quick backstory- my stroke was caused from a neck adjustment resulting in a dissection 12 years ago . Last night my head twisted and my neck cracked.. that was the first time I heard that in 12 years and full attack. All was fine but scary.. it a