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  1. ksmith

    Check it out now. Here is just a screen shot
  2. ksmith

    I didn't change Friday name. There wasn't enough room to add that so all it says is Survivor chat.. The hope, like Denny made it, when they click on it, it'll say... sorry
  3. To make finding the correct chats, I changed the name of the chat... kinda. All I did was take out the day in the name to just afternoon and evening for they are on the day so no need to specify that. I also changed Tuesday evening chat to Caregiver chat to make that more evident. Please let me know if that makes it easier or not and I can change it back. Thanks x
  4. ksmith

    yeah, it was tough for a lot of folks. It just goes to show how important this site is and glad that you tried again 🙂
  5. ksmith

    yowzers ... I do hope its better
  6. Hi gang. I've asked some of you already for your feedback and suggestions regarding an update for this website. As was evident, the website was down and on September 27 Missy had learned the software Steve used was outdated. After talking with Steve's family members that have been apart of Stroke Network since conception, it was the general consensus that the website needs a 'facelift'. Missy, Steve's wife, asked to hear from folks that use the message board as to what changes do you think could make it easier to navigate a website for stroke survivors from stroke survivors
  7. ksmith

    I'm so sorry for Dan's gastro issues and glad he is on the mend. Comparing strokes amongst others who had better outcomes is only human and we all do it but towards the end you said, "I really shouldn't complain - we have had many great things happen in the decade since Dans stroke. Many advantages others don't have , and I am grateful" and that is it. 💓
  8. ksmith

    Holiday Inn
  9. ksmith

    of course. Thank you for sharing that with us and will send prayers and please share , next time you chat with his wife, or him, that he is in our hearts
  10. ksmith

    Sorry folks but we're back. I apologize for the issues that were preventing access to the message boards for the past few weeks. Missy , Steve's wife, had been working hard to get someone to fix all the bugs. Steve was the one who knew all the intricacies of the web site and could troubleshoot any problems. We all valued and miss him but just know Missy is working to continue his work and for that she is appreciated.
  11. ksmith

    that is absolutely adorable. I'm getting Dumbo vibes.. and I'm loving it
  12. ksmith

    ( not 24 hrs but I have time) Team work
  13. I know having some therapies and doctor appointments on zoom, or a similar way, and not necessarily having to get dressed or get transportation was a plus for some but not being able to leave your home and socialize can be horrible for our mental health. How has this been for you and how do you feel about how we MIGHT have to do this again?