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  1. ksmith

    Hello, Keppra will indeed cause drowsiness , but only until her body becomes use to the medicine and dose. That medicine helps calm her brain activity. Primarily the misfires that cause her seizures. Give her a few weeks to get herself adjusted to the medication. She MAY be on a slightly higher dose to start and he MAY gradually decrease depending on her progress being seizure free. I'm a fan of CBD oil but since she hasn't had one before, I'd listen to her doctor. importantly- bring up any concerns to her neurologist with CBD oil
  2. ksmith

    Yes congratulations for putting you pants on standing. That always seems to be a challenge for many, including me :)
  3. ksmith

    Firstly, happy early birthday. I think the idea of a hug mat for anyone who is in need of a hug is a great idea. As I was reading on, our summer is just beginning but with life in my state are S-l-o-w-l-y returning to normal I can say I'm not ready to come out of my 'hole'. They , the powers that be, are opening things up but with tourism comes sick.. and in my little town , it has blossomed again. Yes, splitting families apart is a hard pill to swallow for sure but hopefully, you'll all be able to visit once again and have a mild winter.. I watch a safari live from Wild Earth from South Africa and they are bundled in their hats, mitts and heavy coats and that makes me think of you ,,,weather wise 🙂
  4. ksmith

    Loulabeella I'm glad you were able to get some of your answer
  5. ksmith

  6. ksmith

    Welcome Magma. Helping out with what you can do is enough. I'm sure your wife understands and you are doing your best. Heck, I'm over 11 years and I still have to lay down after a shower. But as Heather said, don't be to hard on yourself. You did ask for this but we have to work with what we have been dealt. Just remember, she wouldn't be doing everything if she didn't want to. Just try everyday, without giving into defeat easily, to do something for your wife. Heat up a pot of water or make a salad. That will show her you appreciate her as well as you continuing with teaching your brain and body to do do more things. Just a suggestion. Remember: your brain is trying the hardest it can and thinking after a stroke is exhausting.
  7. ksmith

    I was 20 outside down 92. I can remember driving past the race track ,before the did the upgrades before I moved back to NJ, and thinking it was huge. But, I was down there in March and HOLY COW. Huge
  8. ksmith

    Hi Ruric Welcome to this site . I hope you share some pictures of you grandbabies. I have one and love every moment of it
  9. ksmith

    You both can have your own journey, and no one is more attuned, he is your yin to your yang, The hardest things in life , for me to always remember , is to know we can't change what we have no control over. My mother is one who wants more in hopes she will be happy and my father is finds happiness in everything. You can't take it with you and , I feel, you miss out on life when you focus on getting things and not enjoying. Nothing is permanent 💓
  10. ksmith

    Fantastic!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
  11. ksmith

    I had something similar to help locate my SVT so the doctor could fix and find it. I felt like I peed myself lol Drink plenty of water both before and after. Having this test could prevent further health issues . ** Bring a list of your medications ( allergies) You are closely monitored. As I said, I had SVT which was a rapid heart beat so it felt like when I had a 'bout. I had something SIMILAR for this test wouldn't have been good for me. With everything, there is a risk of further health issues and that has to be mentioned.
  12. ksmith

    The moment I read Hair scrambles, I was reminded of the smells and sounds at the starting line 🙂 This is a picture of my oldest around 2008
  13. ksmith

    my thoughts exactlyIIIIIIIIIII
  14. ksmith

    I'm not in your area, in fact I'm across the country from you but young when I had my stroke I am. I fall into a odd category for I lost a lot of my memories before my stroke of how I was. Sounds Black Mirror..i know. But with that, I was able to start off fresh, or as fresh as you can. It was hard and still is hard, for me. I'm 46 now and as a result, or one of the issues, I now have social anxiety. I never did before and with that I can't plan anything for I get exhausted very easily now. But, having said all of that, I'm happy. I enjoy being home. My friends and family thinks that weird for I was never home before. Dealing with a change in your life is never easy or can't compare to another survivor experience. It took me a long time to feel OK in my skin, post stroke. Some people find happiness easily but others not so much. A lot of the process is what your deficits are. Own your own experience. You have to find what works for you. ( I lost my train of thought lol)
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