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  1. I well share this but I believe that after so long it does log you out but still passing it forward
  2. ksmith

    thank you for understanding and such great suggestions and I will do them.. much love
  3. ksmith

    You are absolutely correct and I’m so glad that you understood what I was trying to say. That’s another reason why I don’t blog that much for I can’t always correctly convey my thoughts. You also reminded me that I have to listen to what I tell people for sometimes I have similar suggestions but I guess that’s something that I (we) tend not to do. . I have been making a sincere effort to focus on my ‘wants and needs’. I mean it sounds silly but I’m 46, I think lol and never really lived on my own to gain the insights to do what needs happen to be successful . And now, post stroke, I’m lucky
  4. So hear me out... I'm not snooty.. promise For the past 12 years, I've been taken care of. meaning, when I had my stroke I was married and my husband ( now ex) was taking care of the monies and life was good . When we got divorced, I moved in with my parents so, again, I wasn't paying the bills. I have money in my savings but I try not to touch it unless REALLY important. I found an "apartment' but went to an association and now a condom right down the road, literately. merely .5 miles ( .8km) so I have them nearby if I need them. My neighbors know I had a stroke and are he
  5. ksmith

    I talked about you today with a new caregiver. I told her that you are , at least to me, a very revered and an inspiration to many folks,both caregivers and survivors. I'm pleased to hear about a new relationship. Please keep us up to date with this. Fondness makes the heart grow fonder ♥️♥️♥️
  6. ksmith

    I use a recumbent outdoor bike. Dude,, 5000 to 10000 is great but try for 7000 first and see how that is then more forward. I admire you for pushing and achieving
  7. i found this,not sure if this could help https://www.maketecheasier.com/logout-from-website-with-no-logout-button/
  8. No lie, I was just saying I would love to go back to a flip phone...
  9. I'm always logged in on my tablet. I'll check out how you can log out and get back to you
  10. ksmith


  11. ksmith

    Deigh, you truly are a hero.
  12. ksmith

    I am reminded of taking it slow

    I had my surgery December 14 and yes my mom was able to come into the waiting room and she was able to come back into the pre op room for a moment. She waited in the waiting room and my father sat in the car( his choice) and read . I think my surgery took roughly 2 1/2 hours. I think I saw her after my surgery . I think I messaged a friend, I was very medicated. I then was taken to a room for the night. Reason being I got out of surgery to late to fill my pain medicine. My pharmacy closed at 5p as did the hospital out-patient so the decided to keep me and to watch my swelling and pain. I'm no
  13. ksmith

    You are so amazing. I truly can't believe it is Christmas.. at all. This year went by so fast because no one did anything. Keep being resilient and fabulous. Merry Christmas
  14. ksmith

    will, you are incredibly kind
  15. ksmith

    holy cow. I agree with Sue with feeling weird when tied. Has it happened since?