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  1. ksmith

    well the first two have characteristics similar with my stroke. Mine was caused by a dissection in my vertibular artery ( chiropractic manipulation) that due to me bending my neck to the side, ( it was making me feel better for it was stopping the bleed) not knowing that was the side with the dissection, then straightened to be put in a cervical collar to go in ambulance those clots that formed from that then went into my post circulation system. Basically affected all parts of my brain through my brain stem. What has her neurologist said? Have you asked them to better assist with a plan or her rehabilitation therapist?
  2. ksmith

    You picked the best songs for your feelings.. loved reading this
  3. ksmith

    Hi Carlton, It was fantastic to meet you in chat yesterday. I think you're in the best place.
  4. ksmith

    Mirror therapy was hard for me. My brain couldn't associate my side. It was like my leg was moving and i didn't know how . But that was 11 years ago
  5. ksmith

    thank you for posting this. I had the same questions . about Covid and stroke because some of the symptoms are what I deal with on a regular and now I'm hyper vigilant. I Quarantine from my vacation. My sister is waiting for her results and I am waiting for my mother and I stayed with her . So its scary. To the medicine.. it's still in the works, from what I understand. Don't take anything that you think will work. That poor couple that tried to take some meds to prevent this virus and it , sadly, killed the husband and the wife is still in ICU , scary
  6. ksmith

    I understand Jay. I'm in self-quarantine for we, my mother and I , stayed at my sisters on my Florida trip and she called us on Thursday , when we were coming back early from the surge in Florida, to tell us she was in the hospital and had to be tested. IF that comes back positive, I was around my grandson, son and his fiance and family. UGH We still think it's allergies or a regular flu 🤞 It is wise to stay put.
  7. ksmith

    Welcome and you have every right to vent & moan.i can understand the odd taste. I often complain about that. I’m not sure why.
  8. ksmith

    that sounds so fun and also finding fellow Stroke Recovery members must have been an added bonus. Yes, doing things on your own is some thing that is perfectly fine for us to do but not doing that for sometime can make that feel foreign for sure. Listening to piano playing is one of my favorite things to do as well. I applaud you on your adventures!!!!!
  9. ksmith

    what a lovely photo
  10. That photo brought back so many memories. I studied Tae Kwon do for many years, when I was younger, for many years. I earned my 2nd Degree Black belt. This art runs through my family and (ex) in laws. Mom- 1st Dan (ex) husband 4d Dan ( Master), (ex) FIL 8d Black ( grandmaster). I wish I could do it again but i have balance issues , along with other bits. :)
  11. I agree.. Well done Becky!!!! I think that is an important reminder
  12. ksmith

    The first part of your blog, i was nodding my head for I can understand that. Those garden beds are beautiful. My parents have similar style bedding. You are truly doing AMAZING .
  13. ksmith

    I am so amazed how creativity tend to help us when we get knocked down. They look like Hallmark brand. ACE!!!
  14. you are correct. I think, sometimes, when a spouse becomes a caregiver they SOMETIMES look at us as such. That's it. That being said, I'm not going to try to guess what is going on but just of things I've seen
  15. I’m terribly sorry you feel this way. I’m glad you’re getting counseling and I hope you find happiness❤️ I love it when kids say ‘you just don’t understand’. Yes ,I don’t understand the new things that are happening but I understand what it’s like to be that age for we had new things happening when we were that age to