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  1. ksmith

    Thanks Paul.. My son called me to tell me that Ryder has been moved to a step down room and MAYBE will be able to go home within a week thank you for all your prayers and healing energy.
  2. ksmith

    I love love love love the green 🙂
  3. ksmith

    Fever free for 24 hours.. we're getting there
  4. ksmith

    I asked Trisha,or Gigi ( other grandma) ‘How is Ryder today? We still dont have any answers on what strain of bacteria is causing the meningitis. Its not growing in lab. Redoing blood and urine tests and ordering an MRI. He's stable and doing well condering how sick he is. We ask for prayers for bacteria to go for answers
  5. ksmith

    Wow...ditto. I have the high pitch tones..often.i don’t go out much , if any, for my vestibular issues, nystagmus. I think that’s why I find it so difficult to reach full acceptance
  6. ksmith

    Ok gang, prayers still asked..my son told me that ,for sure, Ryder has bacteria meningitis 🙏
  7. ksmith

    (((Good news)))) thank you you for the prayers and energy Fever was 104.1. Back down to 99.2. Drank about 2 ounces of formula. Peeing good. Running fluids. Have run 3 bags of different broad spectrum meds through him for bacteria and now running antiviral meds. Should be taking temp in about 40 minutes again. Hopefully it stays down. . RSV was negative. Could be a couple days before the lab knows what rlthe virus or bacteria is. Thats why they are running both kinds of meds to see how he responds.
  8. ksmith

    Thank you Ann xx First update: Waiting for Meningitis results...…..
  9. This morning, my son called me in tears for his newborn son had been crying all night and had a fever. They went to the hospital closer to them ( Sandford in Florida) and after two hours, it rose to 103 and an ambulance was called to transport him to Children's in Orlando. I've not heard any news further but this Mimi is asking for prayers, positive energy, light sent to my son in Florida and his son Ryder, I'll keep you up to date as I hear. Thank you xx
  10. ksmith

    that is a true. Some people wo come into our lives and help in profound ways are indeed a true blessing. When they leave, or anyone for that matter, is devastating and makes us, or me, feel like I'm starting from scratch.
  11. ksmith

    I was thinking the same thing. It made me very sleepy and lethargic
  12. ksmith

    That is such an inspirational story. It's nuggets like that brings me a new renewal of happiness
  13. ksmith


    It’s been a while since I have made a block here. I am been in a funk. A funk that I don’t often talk about and I try not to talk about on the website. I try to always be happy and cheerful and I love to encourage other people. But as of late, I am been in a deep funk. Akin to a depression. In bed , can’t quite get out, however I do you go to work on the four days that I do strictly because you have to make ends meet. I guess it’s just the 810 year itch you could say. Coming to terms that I have exhausted most of my doctors to try to see if the last bit a remnant could come back to at least have good eyesight or good balance. I listen to a lot of people and I am encouraged by other peoples journeys and other peoples advice and I try to take it myself but as of late I’ve been almost nonexistent and that is why. But after talking to my family and friends, I have been doing a lot better, I think that when the weather changes and the sun is out and it’s a warm hopefully I will feel better. I also know that as of the end of June when I do have to cut my hours back, but unfortunately I will be working every weekend which stinks, I should have a lot more energy and a lot more time to reflect on all of the good things that I have and as far as I got him. I guess a lot has to do with the memory and I getting into this anxiety about not remembering how I got to be 44, which sounds bizarre, and I’ll be turning 45 this month and it scares me for I think that my life is halfway over and I don’t know how I even got here. But like I said this is only a temporary funk and I think that I’ve been getting a whole lot better, I feel good, and I’m doing a lot of self reflecting which I think that’s going to help me and now you’ll be inundated with my positive comments to the point that you probably want to smack me in the face.
  14. Welcome Ann, I, too, have memory problems but with repetition things become easier. I carry my phone, to make notes, or a not pad and write everything down . Be sure to wtite why you were writing that note.. I've made notes and forgot why hahaha
  15. ksmith

    yes. I've heard similar stories. This does not happen there.. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-new-zealand-gun-controls-20190402-story.html It is amazing how fast the law was brought up and passed overwhelmingly and the US can't even agree on trivial facts