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  1. please join me in welcoming ChatSueC. As most of you already have had the pleasure of chatting with her, if you haven't, she brings compassion and understanding of stroke and will listen and assist you with any questions you may have. She has been a stroke survivor since 2018.
  2. ksmith

    Absolutely, being the best you can be is often better said than done. And you're right, not as fun. I was just talking about this the other day that I'm supposed to be dairy, soy and gluten-free. Most times it's easy, but I REALLY love pizza and some pasta then i say I want to live my best life so Carpe Diem, but then I suffer from the pain. grr
  3. ksmith

    Bonnie was a true tour de force. A gentle soul who was a pillar in the community. Well said and yes she was, I'm glad she was able to be with her husband, xxoxx
  4. Pam, yes and yes. Mine is caused in my cerebellum and also from my Nystagmus (eye bouncing). I have to wear a patch, or I had a special contact made to wear, in that eye, that basically blocks out my sight. I can see out of my eye but if I do without a patch or contact, one side of my vision 'jumps'. Not only that, but I have that issue in both eyes, but worse in my right eye. The motion sickness is horrible. I was put on some, but because mine was in my brain, that medicine only made me feel sicker. I keep you in my thought and heart always. I hope you find the help you deserve.
  5. ksmith

    HAHAHA only is you put more food on another plate lol
  6. ksmith

    school bell
  7. ksmith

    Sometimes just watching an uplifting video that is meant to be joyful, it is an I cry. Also, the way you wrote that emotional post was very well done. very poetic
  8. ksmith

  9. Well , I can only speak for my little world, even though I'm vaccinated and since Feb. and going to be getting the jab on Friday morning for Flu and waiting on the booster for Moderna ( still waiting on final approval) I still wear my mask. I know that most of the mask mandates have been lifted, I still wear mine and truthfully, I am finding that I'm becoming more reclusive . I miss being in crowds like a concerts but I'm finding my trust with others is very thin. And it's sad . But.. it's also getting darker earlier and colder so this is KINDA par for the course. Though I agree with t
  10. ksmith

    Check it out now. Here is just a screen shot
  11. ksmith

    I didn't change Friday name. There wasn't enough room to add that so all it says is Survivor chat.. The hope, like Denny made it, when they click on it, it'll say... sorry
  12. To make finding the correct chats, I changed the name of the chat... kinda. All I did was take out the day in the name to just afternoon and evening for they are on the day so no need to specify that. I also changed Tuesday evening chat to Caregiver chat to make that more evident. Please let me know if that makes it easier or not and I can change it back. Thanks x
  13. ksmith

    Home decor
  14. ksmith

    yeah, it was tough for a lot of folks. It just goes to show how important this site is and glad that you tried again 🙂
  15. ksmith

    thanks Deigh