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  1. We hear cognitive behavioral therapy and sometimes we assume it has to do with thinking and understanding tasks. Well that is correct, but Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the thinking of ourselves and problem solving to help our own mental health. This is a great site to help explain the how, what and why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. ( this is where I got this work sheet from) "Cognitive-behavioral therapy aims to change our thought patterns, our conscious and unconscious beliefs, our attitudes, and, ultimately, our behavior, in order to help us face difficulties a
  2. ksmith

    I can say I understand that emotion. At the end of the day we have to be happy and think highly of ourselves. Easier said than done I know. One thing I was taught during my cognitive therapy was those people aren't thinking about you all the time. They are living their life.. ( it took me YEARS to get a grip on that and I still struggle ) You are lovely in every way. This work sheet was my bible. It's hard but worth it. Take one tiny step at a time. xxoo
  3. ksmith

    (side note)so I received a reminder for my yearly woman check and I was truly shocked it was a year. It felt like it was just Oct 2019 last month. I then realized how not doing anything basically made the year fly , not in a good way..so I want to celebrate 2021 with a clean slate.. Now only if we (USA) can get a handle on our own disaster
  4. ksmith

    Oh Janelle, i will give good energy your way. It's running across our little community here as well..Mask, wash hands.. (( huggs))
  5. ksmith

    a co worker, who I adore, yesterday came up and gave me a hug for I had not seen her in some time and I was stunned. I think that was the first hug I had in about 7 months. How crazy to say sentences like that. Come on 2021..
  6. ksmith

    I get asked that about my life in general. Sure, there are loads of things I'd change but in doing so I wouldn't have my children and knowledge of things.. It's quite a conundrum sometimes
  7. ksmith

    I think this is the greatest news . I wish you could see my heart smile when i read this. It goes to show that there are many folks here that understand and share their thoughts and I'm happy that it worked for you. As was stated before (Janelle (GreenQueen ) Thank you for understanding. "we got you ") She's amazing and so are you
  8. ksmith

    I work in the community with individuals with disabilities. But we adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines strictly
  9. ksmith

    Stroke was a good thing?

    Sometimes people ask me if my stroke was a good thing to in the long run, and I am often perplexed with how to answer it. Yes the stroke took a lot of my happiness and my joy’s away and I wish that I could do a lot more than what I can. The one positive thing, however, was I was correctly diagnosed and finally medicated for my ADHD. And that way I feel like stroke was a benefit to me because I feel like I’m a better person. I just wanted to Blog that random thought that I had at 3 o’clock in the morning. ( getting ready for my overnight shift tomorrow night watching Dark Shadows the TV)
  10. ksmith

    I agree that you have take care of you and when he sees that you aren't stressed out , his mind set might reflect that as well.
  11. ksmith

    basically. It's like sitting out in the sun or extra bunches of vitamin D. I'm going to use it A LOT for when I wake up for work, it'll be dark and when I return back home, Dark ( BOOOOOO)
  12. ksmith

    I hope we get this beast under control. Because of starting the winter season here, we are seeing a huge uptick in my state and I prefer to stay home. I think all that you are doing is a god-send to those in your congregation and it helps remind them that they aren't going through this alone. Oh, I chuckled when Alice was playing Wii and beat you. She must have been so happy and you are such a good granma. Enjoy your summer holidays and bring joys to others.
  13. Mark, thanks for sharing. That looks like so much fun and I'm glad that 'the powers that be' were able to make it so everyone could join. It's not always easy to work the zoom thing., I still have issues but I think that the idea of a virtual camp is brilliant!!! I'm glad you had a good time and were able to see your camp friends. I would have been over the moon the whole time
  14. ksmith

    for sure!!!!!!
  15. ksmith

    That is such a great example of what we deal with.