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  1. ksmith

    I have to get it back. I accidentally deleted it
  2. YAY!!!!!!!! Hostmark x

  3. yes totally. Sometimes we meet other survivors who seem to have it together. They may not have the same challenges we have and say things that works for them. Well that's all in good but to you,,, no success, We all have many ebbs and flows in our recovery. Hellz, I'm over 10 years and I still get down on myself. regularly honestly. I am so over that comment " but you look great" I know they are trying to give us a compliment and when they have no idea what or how stroke can effect us, it seems like a back-handed compliment. Or to me at least. Like you said, you've been on less frequently, that's the reason I'm the happiest alone in my apartment. I'm glad they think that and I'm glad but they, some, assume I am back to normal and when I can't do what they think I can do., I retreat back into my 'safe zone' yes agreed, no tears left because I know why I'm sad , And I know when I try to explain to people that I'm not OK , I get confused looks . We all have these feelings , some more than others or less, but having them none the less. We all can understand the frustration of it . Emotional liability. Yes and no. True, we have less control of our emotions. Just know your moment can last as long as you want to but conversely at the end of the day, only you can make yourself better. In the mean time Guurrlll, I feel you x
  4. ksmith

    "Some days it feels like life really sucks - other days, I toss up my hands and say "it is what it is" and go on! " YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi Thomas, my goodness. You have had the ride. I, to, have use of my limbs and in the beginning of healing ( first 1 year) i had tingling as well. The fear of another stroke is real and scary but if you continue to follow the doctors advice and take good care of yourself. mentally and physically, you can be one step head of fear 🙂 Can you ask around, in the local hospital or rehabilitation hospital for suggestions for a new neuro. You have to feel listened to
  6. ksmith

    Now I'm on board with the corrected information, I'm terribly sorry that it's like this. Have you talked to her?
  7. ksmith

    you are correct. I read that wrong. My apologies
  8. ksmith

    I have one cat . I started out with two. Two brothers . Their first human mommy was sadly taken away from them in a car accident, I gave them a forever home with me and after a year, the baby brother became very sick and passed away this April. So my other furry son is slowly coming out of his shell and it has been a joy. I know someone is there with me or there when I arrive back home. He is helping me as much as I am him.
  9. ksmith

    Are you referring to you? I’m asking because you aren’t a ‘baby ‘ and I don’t think you should ever think of yourself that way
  10. ksmith

    isn't is crazy.. we're coming full circle in life
  11. ksmith

    I'm sorry you are feeling these things. Having someone around you that knows your issues and has dealt with others with challenges themselves, is helpful. You do not have a mental handicap. Reading that I felt like, this may not be true but it's what I read out of it, she may be annoyed more because she is now disabled and having a more difficult time with her own mobility. She may want you to help her , the way she did for you, and she has become so accustomed to your deficits. True these problems never go away. Maybe you and she can sit down and ask each other what you both could do to help your relationship.
  12. Sue, that is a great point. I learned while I was in counseling that many stroke survivors, I know i did, only see what stroke has done to themselves. I mean, yes , stroke changes us but we often fail to see how it effects the family. I would see that my husband was going out, to work, as being able to do things. I then started to accuse him of doing things, outside the marriage, because I was so upset how I looks/felt. He was having to do two jobs in one and you're right,, I, we, didn't appreciate what he did.. So from me.. thank you all caregivers who do an amazing job
  13. ksmith

    But better news-ish: I did go on a dating site and I was matched with someone who isn't my first go to.. ( i like tattoo& piercings) f you couldn't already tell by how I dress but ANYWAY::::: Many people don't know where I work is a place for individuals with either physical or mental disabilities. I love it. This was similar to my very first job in Florida but it was an institution. I now am in apartments where individuals can begin to integrate in the community. Assistant living but my 'apartment' is a mini group home for someone has to be there 24/7 due to their health issues. It's cool. I love spending time there for I use "reverse physiology' on one of the residents.. am I'm not lying for she helps me walk. ( someone needs to hold her hand so she won't run away) I do need help.. ok there's what I do. I was contacted by one gentleman who questioned the name of my employer. He woulds as a case worker for out company. He's not affiliated but how cool is that. I've been told it takes a special someone to have the patience and landed on my lap.. someone who gets it and MAYBE could understand my challenges. 🤞