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  1. great article. thanks for sharing
  2. yes that's what I use. www.healthyhempoil.com is a great site. It comes in many forms
  3. Holy Hellfire Batman.. are you feeling/doing better?...I hope
  4. So I ran the scenario with the nurses in my family, no personal information , and we are perplexed. The only thing I can think of is it just happened at the same time?
  5. I use Windows 10 and under the settings they allow you the option to save passwords . I do for this is My own laptop, not shared
  6. how high was it for it sounds crazy
  7. When I was on Coumadin ( same thing) I looked like a giant bruise. Hated it. You looked at me ...bam..... football size bruise. So I can understand all the "If you get this...go to the ER" I was glad I was taken off .. But I'm so glad Lisa it wasn't anything major then..... scary
  8. the person to share these ideas with is our Founder/Owner Steve Mallory http://www.strokeboard.net/index.php?/contactus/&_fromLogout=1
  9. I enjoy podcasts and I'm listening to your show now. I think that this will impact many people . good luck with this
  10. good idea though it can be changed when the member emails an administrator to change it then they can put it back to what they want. This is just another step that The Stroke Network takes to ensure a safer environment here :)
  11. I would recommend seeing a neurologist firstly. Even if you don't think there is a problem. I know there are some areas when seeing a specialist is a challenge, for distance. You can ask for a blood work up, mainly to check your chemical levels within the body. Some medicines may not be strong enough or at all. A neurologist /family dr. might be able to run some cognitive tests ( if they have had a history with you, they'll have a base line already) to see if some skills might be off. Because you may not see it doesn't mean it's not evident
  12. I've heard of that and the Doctors told me that was a possibility
  13. how can I tell if someone has responded to a post I may have made?  I don't want to appear rude to someone.....but I can't figure it out. (It just dawned on me.....I probably won't know if this gets responded to....to learn how to tell how to figure out how to know if something I wrote was responded to, that I should respond to.  This is starting to look like a conversational mirror held up to a mirror.  I suspect this will not end well).


    (I wonder if there's a medic on this flight?)

  14. I am sorry about your pain and all your aliments.