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  1. ksmith

    1 year old soon

    Thanks Sue for the push to write. Blogging has always been hard for me. The words don't always make it from my brain to my fingers. HAHA. Some would argue that the word don't go from my brain to mouth. I would have to agree with that one. I never seem to have something to write about for the thought doesn't stay in my head long enough. But I'll try: In March, my mom and I are driving to Florida, via North Carolina to stay with my sister and family. I was going to fly but it was going to be costly. It will be my grandson's first birthday. I'm excited to go and see him. My father, drives an activity school bus now that he had retired from teaching, and used all the money he earned and booked us a room for 7 days. I am beyond being u[set not seeing him as much as I would love to but I know I'll be the coolest Mimi ever. That's about as far as I can think of writing. I'll have pictures for sure
  2. ksmith

    blogging is such a fantastic way to get all your troubles out or just spreed good news :)
  3. Patti, you are correct. I must have forgot all he could do
  4. Most people, that I've read about, who are locked in are unable to move, speak. Here is an articles talking about it https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/locked-in-syndrome/ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/aug/07/locked-in-syndrome-richard-marsh ( with video) There is a brilliant movie called " The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" that tells a story of such a gentleman.
  5. ksmith

    That is fantastic news. Keep up the great progress!!!!!!! Congratulations
  6. Patti, we may have asked this before but could he be locked-in? My aunt was locked-in after her stroke. she couldn't open her eyes. The one thing I remember is when my mom was talking to her she had a tear come out of her.
  7. ksmith

    yes, it is expensive. A shame for those who truly needs it. I was on 300mg of Gabapentin and I also had the fuzzy feelings and I talked to my neuro and I had it reduced. I use it for the nystagmus ( eye bouncing) People have a mental breakdown when talking about Medicinal Marijuana when you have to still pay put the bum. I swear, the government that still classifies it as a schedule 1. (( same as cocaine and heroin) because the kickbacks the bigwigs get for big pharma. Sorry I get so angry thinking about how much that helps people and it is still so costly 😞 I am an advocate for the use of it. I can't because my brain can't handle it but knowing how so many can.. I'll fight for them
  8. ksmith

    I too have PBA , so I understand. I applaud you for trying new things. It's never easy to discuss or explore relationship issues. I'm very happy you have good news with your new ways 🙂
  9. ksmith

    Holy cow. You are lucky to have a daughter who , is not only a nurse but also recognized you having a stroke. I'm so truly glad that you were able to get to the ER and TPA as quickly as you did.
  10. ksmith

    BRILLIANT. I knew you could do it. Especially when you have the passion
  11. ksmith

    I would ask, " what could I do to help ( survivor) or... go with the person and listen and ask the survivor what you could do for them. Or.. talk with the person first and ask what would you like to know
  12. ksmith


    we All speak Stroken'ese 😉
  13. ksmith

    Welcome Patty. Yes , as everyone has said fatigue is quite normal following a stroke. Here is a great summary from Stroke UK https://www.stroke.org.uk/sites/default/files/fatigue_after_stroke.pdf and here is our library http://www.strokeeducation.info/
  14. I'm terribly sorry that she had to wait that long before she was taking to the actual ER. I'm thankful that she finally had the surgery and is starting to talk again. This is going to be a slow journey. She will be upset that she can't do what she did before , at first. The doctor was correct when he said that her youth is on her side. I'm glad you found our caregiver site and we have a caregiver chat on Tuesday evenings from 8Pm (est) - 9 pm (est) http://www.strokechat.net/ We also have stroke survivor chats every afternoon from 3-4pm( est) and Monday, Wednesday, Fridays 8pm-9pm (est) http://www.strokechat.net/ You are more than welcome to come to hear from survivors and when she is able to even come into chat to 'listen' I had my stroke at 34 and many others had a stroke at a young age and from many different causes. Hope to see you there and it's a walk not a race.