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  1. Oh totally my friend. I always have to have someone with me when I go to the doctors for they listen.. I last about 5 minutes then...I see gloves and want to know if they fit and did they come out of the drawer.. which one.. let's open all of them... OOh look.. I wonder if I can look in my own ear with this thing.... OOOOOO buttons... This is a pretty accurate visit when I go to the doctors. seriously. I tell people please talk to me like you would do with a toddler. Don't talk to me like a toddler. That means.. short and sweet. " Today we made pizza".. to the point.. not " We were walking down this street and we noticed the smell of pizza and made us think about making some for dinner" After you said walking down a street, I start to think how I wobble when I walk and then I begin to picture what street would be good for me to walk down. By the time I find a road, in my mind, the person talking is either asking me a question or walked away. Is it my ADD or is it amplified by the stroke.. the answer is yes. It's worse since the stroke. I often just smile and in my mind listening to background noise or thinking how petty they are. I can not talk over other people or noise. I 'shut down' in a crowded place. I have tried talking in a restaurant with people talking,,, I normally just sit and smile. People who understand I have a difficult time with this, understand that I'll talk with little noise or when we leave. My Aphasia is @ 1000% with noise https://www.asha.org/public/speech/disorders/Aphasia/
  2. Heathber is spot on. Go at it slow for Shannon has gone through a lot. The world your friend knew, could very well be different, both physically and mentally and waking up from a deep sleep is a good way to look at this. I don't recognize myself once I wake up or can I understand language. I need my coffee first 🙂
  3. ksmith

    I have to vent, please and thank you. SOOOOoooo.. for the past year, yes year, I've been going on and very excited about this magical contract lens that will help me see better.. So the day was Monday 2/18.. yesterday. I worked the day before and was tired for Monday's I work 3-11, which I still did, buy we had to leave early in the AM.. ok like 7:30a for a 2 hr. drive. Early for my for when I work nights, I try top nap when I have to work Monday for I go from days to nights , and this day I couldn't so grouchy doesn't cut it. We, my parents and I, arrived for my appointment at 10a.. (Side bar- I've been trying to reach her for months and finally got her only because some nice agent said she would call her personal phone) and my mother and I walk back and all I can say is the vibe was not good. " So ( the contact person) you know WE'VE ( not you... but I digress) been waiting for.. well the don't make them anymore. They couldn't reach me for I was out for a few months.. (Side bar - let the record show that by the ordering timeline said Contact would've been in by April 2018 but the my Contact... contact at the hospital.. forgot to order it and we had to wait till Sept 2018. KM ( Contact nurse initials) went out on leave November 2018-Jan 2019 so the time record that KM told me isn't factual) "We have to start over from the beginning.. and I'm retiring at the end of the month"..( I knew that but) " so I'm going to set you up with another doctor but I'm not sure what her schedule is … ( Come to find out the lens should be completed by March but the next available isn't until MAY @ 8:30a ( nope sorry. can't) so she gave me just the trial solid black lens that doesn't cover my Iris completely but it does the trick.. Kinda my dad said it matches my soul lol ( I hope it's not sideways)
  4. ksmith

    *poof* gone 🙂 took care of it
  5. ksmith

    I'd play scrabble if it had spell check
  6. ksmith

    oh dear
  7. that is so true and can't be said enough. Working less than what we 'think' we should be is a mental fudge ball but it is true. I used to work 2 jobs at a time.. 1 full time and one part and worked on less than 4 hours sleep a day and kicked butt..now….. I can only do about 3 days a week with at least two says in between so I can recharge.. Now that works for me but you have to remember you are still in the early stages of your recovery. It's hard for us knowing we can't do a simple task that we did for years. We've ALL been there and some still can't , to this day, but we all understand we have to start of slow. Your brain got hurt and lost the pathways it once had to talk to you body ( muscles, coordination) so your brain is telling your body; " We got this, we are still awesome!" So you jump back in feet first to run with the news your brain is telling you. BUT.. you are very tired, you can't do what you did. That's normal. Your brain has to work twice as hard to get your body to listen. Ok Try to picture this hold spaghetti noodles and hold them in the middle and crack them. that's what the stroke did. It broke up the usual pathways so the brain has to find new pathways. that comes with recovery. It's ok to take your time. It's hard remember every stroke and recovery is different,
  8. ksmith

    Major.. yeah I guess.. I had the gastric sleeve done.. It was through scope so not many incisions. I had a tummy tuck before that so no really "major" I have had surgery on my eyes to realign them., I've had a few but not sure if "MAJOR" that being said, all had risks of other health issues. I'm still here 🙂 🙏
  9. Hi double D welcome to the site. I’m so glad that you’re doing as well as you are considering your ordeal in Seattle. Have you had your blockage fixed? I too have problems with aphasia. One point of advice that I could give is : please don’t feel rushed and explain to people that having aphasia is a loss of words not intelligent. One thing that I struggle with from time to time is other people finishing my sentences. I go through a Jekyll and Hyde mentality because sometimes I look to others to help me finish my sentences however I do have more times that I struggle with finding the words and I don’t want anyone to help me . just let me get to it myself! Also talking over someone else speaking or loud noises is also challenging. I fine going into a quiet room to gather my thoughts and then try to speak. I also find if I write stuff down it sometimes helps me . unfortunately , I am a horrible speller so they’ll have to have the same problem reading my spelling as I do waiting for my words. 🙈🤭🙉
  10. ksmith

    I too had a dissection. I think having a CAT scan is a great idea because it check to see if the artery has officially healed itself. I’m sure that you’re on a lot of blood thinners right now and understandably so. Being on that also helps with the repairing of your artery I would continue and I would definitely go !!!!it’s important . They had to put a stent in my artery and that was another reason to see if it healed correctly and if there were any clots that formed
  11. ksmith

    Hi great question. I would continue taking it for your doctor put you want it but I would also contact them and inquire that you recently read something that it could be bad for people who’ve had an isometric stroke. One of the hardest things that we do , I know I do, is to go online and Read possible side effects or health risks for common ailments that I may have. I’m not saying a stroke is a common ailment but always contact your doctor before you do or change anything.
  12. The good thing you have going for you is that you went to your physican and together you were put on medicines to help prevent a stroke from happening. Continue sticking with a good diet less stress and do what your doctor has ordered and just live life every day. Don’t worry about what will happen. I know it’s hard I agree, I’m not aware of what the stats are. One good thing that you have right now is a physician who has helped you figure out what was possibly causing your mini strokes. I, like you, took very good care of myself. I was not over weight. I used to ride my bike 20 miles every day. And by some freak accident, my stroke happened.
  13. It may be something through NZ. I'll forward this to IT
  14. ksmith

    I A lot of people are not gonna be able to attend, I am aware of that however, I wanted to share the post made by Peg Jeffrey’s about Dennis. ” My memorial service will be held on: February 9th, at Grace Church @ Willow Valley, 300 Willow Valley Square, 3miles south of Lancaster. Greet and meet family members will be from 12 to 2, and service will begin at 2. There will be no meal afterwards. A big thank you to all my family and friends who have donated financial help during their time of need.”