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  1. I'm so sorry for all of this. I can only offer my view of being the survivor and my interpretation of thinking. I know , after my stroke, I felt guilty for having the stroke and knowing he ( my ex husband.. not stroke related) would be my caregiver. And being a man, it's pride. I can understand that. A stroke can cause personality changes. He MAY not know how to communicate then with you. But yes, this can be common occurrence after a stroke. read this ------.>.http://www.healthworkscollective.com/different-same-emotional-changes-after-stroke/ You aren't alone in this. He is a year after his stroke. In stroke years, that's a moment but to a loved one or caregiver, it's a century.
  2. that is so clever.. YAY hubby
  3. ksmith

    for a long time I couldn't say R's ( ham-buga)I know say most of the words wrong, for I say the, phonetically, for my brain can't figured them out
  4. It is hard to find the inner strength to 'get out there' sometimes but when you do, like you did, it is so fulfilling to know you are stronger than what you thought. We are often so worried to impress "them" that we can do everything. "Them" is , like you said, is our ego and that is a 'them' that can be so hard to silence them. We, whether we admit it or not, have always been judgmental towards other people that couldn't do a good job. I know I was always raised to 'do your best' but I always had a hard time in school, for ADD, I always wanted to do a good job the first time doing something so I allowed my ego to dictate my life. Now, I know that there are somethings I can't do again, like I once did, I don't let my ego ruin my life. I truly don't care what others think, honestly, for at the end of the day, I am the only one that lives my life. In my head, I truly think this how snarky this is, I have elevated myself higher above others. Not in a 'I'm the prima donna' or entitled but I see it as I've beat death and I know that all of these petty things don't matter at the end of the day.
  5. ksmith

    it is amazing how the $.25 cent words, or in my case potty mouth ones, are so easy to say. Hey Rural is a difficult word in itself. The mouth and tongue have to form the R's and it's tricky. I know for me it still is. I don't hear myself slur, but I still do. Keep up the good work with the tongue and lip and breathing coordination. 😁
  6. this is a very interesting bunch of stories. " That makes a lot if sense but interesting nonetheless. I see it as your brain worked so hard to start working a new way and when it has to start over from the newest event, it is like throwing a monkey wrench in it. I may be wrong, I'm going to ask my local Neuropsychologist about it
  7. ksmith

    congratulations for standing your ground. All life changes are difficult but it, as you said, is starting to gradually fall back into place. Yes, stroke can cause emotional changes but under no circumstance is that any reason to be Belligerent. You made all the right steps by trying some therapy. Have you spoke to someone versed in brain injuries?
  8. ksmith

    I find when I " think" and you do with playing games, it will cause me to feel very tired . I play a matching fruit game but with my ADD I can only do about 10 mins before I get bored lol
  9. ksmith

    Ive read and heard about VR being used in rehabilitation centers for those who can't walk or get out of bed and that helped. When you find more info please let us know
  10. ksmith

    it finally happened..

    So while I was driving at night, around 11:30p leaving work last night, I saw flashing red and blue lights in my rear view window. As always I was very nervous because of having a hard time seeing at night. So the black and white had EXTREMELY bright spotlight shining in my side mirror that pointed directly in my eyes. I already had a head ache and super tired. I just worked 3-11 after working all weekend. The officer, or first officer of 4, yikes four, knocked on my driver side window and asked if I was drinking or doing illegal drugs. ( side note:: my father informed me that the area I work in and near is known for many arrests of DUI or DWI) I put my license on my lap with my other documentation and of course when they walked to my window I dropped it and couldn't find it. I eventually found it between my seat, while he was standing there. I screamed " I found it" and didn't realize he was standing next to me. I told him I had a stroke and due to SSDI not paying my bills, I had to go back to work and showed him my work ID. When they walked back to their car, I'm assuming when they ran my ID, it said I was a registered handicap driver and must have my heath reason .. I think? But ultimately, and thankfully, he walked back to me and issued a warning. I said I really wanted to go home and sleep. My fear always has been I would be asked to do a sobriety road test and I know I would fail.. That was close enough to my nightmare.
  11. Sue, pacing yourself is something that even the 'seasoned' survivor deals with. As Heather said, Yes, sometimes we push hard thinking that we'll cause our self to re learn all that we lost when in fact we are only causing our minds to feel that we've stepped back twenty paces. We all do it. Heck, I'm almost 10 years post and I still do it. Going out can be taxing but knowing what are the things that make you exhausted is what can help you to a good recovery. The restaurant sounded like a wonderful experience
  12. I read that title for about 5 mins... well if PBA causes nudity.... put me on that med.
  13. I'm glad you are going to see the correct neuro to finally get sorted out. Have/had any of the doctors rain a complete blood work up? Perhaps... just perhaps it could be from either weight or smoking? I know I gained weight, after my stroke, and that can lead to other underlining health issues. I just read an article talking about waking up and your brain hasn't fully lifted the vail of sleep paralysis. https://www.vox.com/2016/6/6/11854588/numb-arm-sleep . Still get checked out x
  14. ksmith

    I swear when I read that I read a brothel.. I almost spat out my food .. I needed that 😉