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  1. awe.. I must say I giggled. I'm really happy for you for it working
  2. yes.. I get in a funk every year about this time. Shorter days, darker earlier, and having less money and the frustration and guilt for not being able to do for others as well for myself. Just think.. starting December 21st In meteorology, winter in the Northern Hemisphere spans the entire period of December through February. The seasonal significance of the winter solstice is in the reversal of the gradual lengthening of nights and shortening hours of daylight during the day. I feel your funk :(
  3. I know easier said than done but the big question of a life well lived - if you knew for certain that you will die tomorrow, no matter what you did today,would you live today differently?- that is absolutely the truth
  4. Michael, you are doing a fantastic balance. And what you could do is include her in the discussions regarding her care. She knows what she wants to say and can't but you could make a picture board of things and with patience she will be able to converse with you. I understand how hard it is for you and it made my heart smile that not one time did you complain about what happened. That is beautiful. She didn't ask for this as you didn't either.
  5. you are absolutely ok to have a day... Heck I have those days quite often and that means that you're human :) Oh darn
  6. Cypher, Your anger is very understandable and just. We all have had , and some still do, have felt the same way you do now. Many things that I'm sure you've heard many times like, " The first year us the hardest" and "Slow and steady wins the race" as trite as they must sound It is honest and straightforward as they come. I was once a 34 year old climbing the ranks in the banking industry as well as enjoying certain activates with my children. Since my stroke, I haven't been able to work nor deal with crowds to enjoy outside with my children. Each of us have had lost something dear to us and I'm not trying to diminish your struggle by tell you part of my struggle, hardly, rather let you know we are in the same boat with our feelings. Though I've not been able to do what I love, over time, like yourself, may find alternative ways to do what we like. Maybe not the exact thing but close or something you may not have explored. There is no time frame to when you will begin not to be angry at what happened.. In some cases, it may take years to not struggle with anger , I know in mine It took almost 5 years and I still get bummed when I can't deal with my issues but it is what it is. ya know.. Fair... Hell-o no but the only place to go from here is up. Persistence https://www.aota.org/about-occupational-therapy/professionals/pa/articles/stroke.aspx
  7. It happens. I get that way going into grocery stores alone.. It'll become easier..
  8. ADDICTION to online games are my kryptonite D&C truly no big deal.. I have had one and in the long run it helped me. A tops and tails procedure is a great nap. I've had three since my stroke. The pain that you have is something I can't even begin to tell you my sadness I have for you for it is unfathomable. My heart weeps
  9. Wow your story was a roller coaster of emotions. First, Major Props to Hubby for asking you to smile and acting quickly. Huge kudos. I can understand the emotions of 'everything is fine' for I was detached from the fact It was me. You are so correct to never self diagnosis yourself with google or WebMD for we all will want to live in bubble. :)
  10. I'm waving my "I'm truly sorry' Flag :(
  11. That is an amazing story. You truly are a miracle though you may not see it but having gone through everything you did.. whew. I've been through a divorce following a stroke and it's hard sometimes for us to process it. I know I was so worried that my son would not want to be around me but that's not true, at least for my younger one but he's starting hanging out in the mall with his guy friends... ( code word: girl watching) so he's going to be in the age " being a butt head" so you will always be dad.
  12. Another thing I do at night is take Xanax.. oddly that helps with the spasms in my legs and BOY can I feel when I missed a dose
  13. http://www.strokeboard.net/index.php?/forum/136-cps-discussion/ I hope while reading some of these you can find relief
  14. Department of Vocational Rehabilitation?
  15. I'm in agreement here. I know I could not return to schooling but if this is something you feel like you can do and possibly go at your own pace