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  1. I concur his statement. I have relinquished my credit cards to my family for I now have an hair-trigger impulsivity. This is heart wrenching . I would bring this up to her Neuro , what her PCP said. I'm not sure if her family doctor understands stroke.. Is there something else that she can be responsible for? Like to get her mind off of finances?
  2. I have not read too many of your messages. HopeE


    1. HopeE


      I will try to get there more often. 

  3. Oh m goodness YES. For me it's a texture thing. I think because being on a thickener in rehab that has definitely altered my food decisions. Some I don't mind not eating but it also has changed the way I chew my food. You're supposed to chew your food x-amount of times...……well...……. not for me. I barely chew for when I get to a certain texture, I immediately swallow. That poses an problem when I still have a time at swallowing ( sometimes my throat just stops knowing how to work)
  4. ksmith

    Welcome to this site. You are very lucky indeed. This site is full of all different kinds of stroke survivors who wonderful and helpful as well. I hope I get the pleasure to meet you on one of our chat groups. We have daily afternoon chats M-F 3-4(est) and M-W-F evenings at 8-9p ( est) and one on Tuesday evenings for caregivers from 8-9pm (est) can't wait to chat
  5. ksmith

    I don't use it because it makes my head hurt to much more ( dizzy) but I use CBD oil ( hemp oil derived from cannabis) and I think its a good way to help with pain. I'm a huge advocate for medical cannabis. The nice thing is they take out the THC which is the ingredient that makes people loopy Here in the states, if that is needed for certain circumstances it can be given in pill form so not in the Pot ( Marijuana) Without the THC, the relief either happens immediate or , with the CBD oil, gradually. In my opinion , it's natural and beats taking all of those pills https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/features/medical-marijuana-uses
  6. Mine was from exactly that. In the chiropractor office no less
  7. I call them Wawa lol It's a convenience store and fuel
  8. ksmith

    Oh I can understand.. some days I use 2 spoons while showering.. heck even while trying to decide what to eat... seriously 🏳️
  9. ksmith

    what a lovely view and I'm sure rather high
  10. ksmith

    I just don't like my picture taken. When I look in the mirror or into the picture of my phone, I look great. I think it's how I see myself and when I take the picture, I see my eye and face droop and it makes me disgusted. I remember in my head I though I looked great ( this was years ago and end of my marriage) and when I saw a picture that was taken, I cried,, in my mind I was ( at that time) fluffy but not obese and always thought my doctor was just trying to motivate me and then I saw I was almost 300lbs.. I know it may sound silly but in my mind I see the awesomeness in life. I've always struggled and was diagnosed with Body Dimorphic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_dysmorphic_disorder That's why before my stroke I used to ride my bike 20 miles a day. and in the hottest part of the day. I would fill up my camel back ( used to fill with water and drink while riding bike or dirt bike racing) and use that for , in my mind, I would lose more weight if I sweat it out. I wouldn't go to places if I couldn't get a ride in after. I'm not sure this is lighthearted as Benni started..
  11. ksmith

    Welcome to this site. Firstly: you're picture is beautiful.. secondly: Having a stroke at a young age is something I can relate to.. I was 34 .. I'm now .( cough) older and I'm glad you are in recovery and I hope the second TBI is recovering well .
  12. I and others often reference how may spoons we have throughout the day (For those who don't know Spoon theory : The spoon theory is a disability metaphor and neologism used to explain the reduced amount of energy available for activities of living and productive tasks that may result from disability or chronic illness. https://butyoudontlooksick.com/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory/ )
  13. ksmith

    I'm sorry you are having this feeling. Speaking as a stroke survivor.. it sucks. He's angry. Angry at what happened tp him and possibly not feeling like a man. I understand you want him back... he wants him back. I agree with everyone else, talk with him. Another challenge a lot of stroke survivors ( includes family) face is the ones we love think sometimes, and perfectly normal, bouncing back from a stroke is easy for we once were able to do things. I'm not implying you fall into this category but just a general observation. Stroke changes you.. I know stroke effects everyone in the family as much as it does the actual survivor. I'm just trying to say that because you ( again not directed to you personally) can't see the effects of the ) I know this effects me even 10 years after stroke. In an instant, I can yell and get aggravated then in a blink of an eye I'm pleasant. Drives everyone crazy but most people, around me, understand. I do hope you and your husband find a balance and love again. But please remember, he may not feel like a man any more. I mean that lovingly. As a man, you are the one to take care of your wife. That is just my opinion .. 💕
  14. ksmith

    I don't share all of you intense pain but with my nerve damage with my eye, I often get a pin point extreme pain.. only briefly I do hope you finally are able to find solace
  15. ksmith

    I find I do similar . Like Scott said, I tend to find an object to focus on. I then study every detail and that is my way, like Scott said, to cope