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    that is such a great story. My cousin was a paramedic and during the service the fire alarm went off ( small station next to cemetery) and we all smiled for we knew it was him
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    This is a tricky thing for me. My cousin passed away while I was in the rehab after my stroke. Through out my recovery I've had two grandmothers and a grandfather pass. They are all buried in a lovely place near me. BUT.. I barely have memories with them. Though I'd known them my entire life. So basically it's like it never happened. So although I've dealt with death, I can't really say. My family have all been cremated and put it into our family plot , mainly for genealogy ( my family is in to that). But we all also believe they aren't really there anymore. It might sound insensitive but we
  3. ksmith

    I hope everything falls into place :) I could feel your excitement in your words
  4. ksmith

    you are a wonderful human parents. That truly made my heart so happy
  5. ksmith

    may I say that your post truly was the highlight of my day!! Always look on the bright side of life
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    Hello and welcome to the Stroke Network. I'm terribly sorry that all had happened to you . I can't wait to meet you and talk more :)
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    Sue, I can't agree with you more. He is a true inspiration. I have been lucky enough to meet him twice and he and Missy are genuinely two of the most amazing people I've met. Without him, not giving up after his stroke, I don't know where I'd be today. The people I've come across over my time here have helped shape me into the person I am and that would not be possible without Steve. I have nothing but respect for him and for everyone here. Thank you Steve
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    not laziness. It goes back to the 'spoon theory' The Spoon theory ( can be used to explain stroke too) As Heather said 'energy conservation' . I tried to explain how now I have to think about doing things everyday (i.e. lifting my foot so not to trip, thinking about walking in a straight)
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    Those beds look beautiful. How was your tomatoes this year? I know, in my area of South New Jersey ( as far south as you can go) was Rubbish
  10. ksmith

    Some people who smoke with THC infused marijuana does relax your brain and may give the look of being slow. CBD , mostly, had no to little traces of that drug. I hope that it helps you with all your aliments. I'm sorry you have to have so much on your plate
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    I have all the above here.. Did you have ADHD before your stroke? I did and it stunk and the stroke exacerbated it and made it jump from 0-1000 over night. I tried to blog and I couldn't for I can't keep my thoughts long enough to make sense. Part of my issues is Aphasia and many people think it is just speaking, and it's not. When I type, write or even speak a sentence i leave out words. Not on purpose but my brain is telling me I'm saying, typing, or write I'm using them so when i read it I says " today I went to the store and brought a watermelon" everyone reads is " today i to
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    you are correct. I'm finding myself , as stated in HostTracy's blog post that after stroke, I find I was made for this. That being not being around many people. I get anxiety and I didn't go out to much before Covid either. Now before the stroke, you couldn't keep me home. Sadly when I try to blog, my brain has this whole thought but i find I leave a lot of my posts out. I work with people with handicaps and the fear of getting something and bringing it to work. That's why I'm nervous. My son never came to visit me when he had a cold, for that same reason. Sue, I tell folks I'm glad to
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    Some of my mental thoughs

    I'm selfishly happy that school will be remote, till at least mid-October. That means that my son will still be able to come visit my on the weekends, as per regular, but when school starts, we will have to go back to Face Time, Zoom and other ways because the county he is in has a higher amount of Covid-19 than mine and school is a cesspool of germs. It's funny how we would not be thinking about this like we are now. We have to keep PPE where I work and conduct temp checks , masks, gloves daily. It's a scary time.
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    Carrie, I can understand how you are feeling. Heck, I was just talking about how I have days when I TRULY can't get out bed. But it's not so much of depression as is it mental exhaustion. That could be seen as one in the same. Much like what was said before : friends, or ones I thought were, trickled off and I found myself going in to counseling and that was a god send. The woman who was my councilor ( for marriage) turned out she had two strokes so she understood my emotions and we shifted to stroke. I was so self conscience about going to places for I was afraid how I "thought"
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    Paul, wow . I respect all of what you said
  16. ksmith

    I would like to give a shoutout to our own HostAsha. She has truly been going above and beyond for the Stroke Network. I can speak for myself,with my work schedule being all over the place, she has offered to assist with hosting my chats. I want to express my gratitude. She has been an asset for The Stroke Network for many years. Asha is full of knowledge and will always give you the best advice and encourage your journey. please give her a cheers!!! ( I’m at work now it’s 2:45a est)
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    Oh I just noticed that picture has a nose piercing..I forgot about that. Just didn’t have a septum ring to complete the look 😉
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    I feel your ‘Jam’. I often tell people I was made for lockdown. You’re projects are beautiful. Hot and humid are two words not suitable for anything outside.
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    I know change is not easy for me... now.. Routine , now, helps me with memory. Change , in general, can make someone uneasy for they are stepping out of their comfort zone. What makes us happy- what we know.. I , now, have learned through my practices that change is a part of life and life is like water. Water never moves in a regimented form, So we all must become that which carves new pathways. But.... That being said, I'm still learning to fully commit it to my head space lol
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    Happy Rebirthday!!!!! You are right, two years IS a huge step forward. You are certainly taking the right steps by taking lessons again. It may feel scary at first but after a a while, that feeling diminishes to exhilaration. Fingers crossed for the responding communication. Way to go!!!!
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    I like to think I am. I spend a portion of my morning watching 'Would I lie to you" on BBC ( youtube) and the ones with Bob Mortimer .
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    I'm so sorry Tomas, You can not have guilt. At that time, you , nor she, ever thought that was a possibility. Looking back on things is when we often see the little indications of something but you can't blame yourself for that. You were there to find her when you did. That is s blessing
  23. ksmith

    Tomas, welcome and I'm terribly sorry that you had to endure such a horrible situation . I hope that you can find the support , either in counseling where you live, here at Stroke Network. There are some members here that have had to , sadly, go through a death from a stroke. I had two grandmothers have strokes but they survived for a while after. A passing of a loved one, from stroke or not, is something no one knows how to handle. Know that you have great memories to help you in your grief.
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    Mike, I agree with spending as much time together and say everything you want to talk about. My heart aches with the sadness you have to go through but I'm glad it will be shared between the both of you 💓