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    I had to look at that twice and had a good laugh. 😁 Witty
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    that is what happened to me as well, except mine was in my vertebral artery and they went through my inner thigh to access the clots in my post circulatory system. Mine was a dissection due to a chiropractic manipulation at 34. Clots were made from my body trying to stop the dissection bleed. I had to take early retirement from banking management. sucked But any who.... I am so happy you were able to get aide as quickly as you did. At least the TPA. Being young, or at any age, comes with ebbs and flows. It sounds like , thankfully, you have recovered from the worst rather well. Being young and in good health was in your favor for sure. You never need to apologize for feeling any way. We do get it. You just keep on being fabulous ❤️😍
  3. Never giving up is key with recovery.Keep up the great work :)
  4. ( I was sent this in my email and was told I may share it ) It's been 26 years to the day that I had my stroke/brain bleed. (And no, to the majority of the parents in Baldwin Kansas, who's kids I went to school with, I did not overdose on cocaine that caused my stroke) I was in 10th grade on a basketball team in Globe, AZ. A girl on the opposing team and I got in a fight over the ball. I "won" but she threw me down on the ground, grabbed my hair and bashed the back of my head against the basketball floor. I got up, was fine and she got ejected from the game. The next day a had a bruise on my head. It was like when you have a tomato and it's way to ripe so you throw it away, ya that kind of bruise. I did not think anything like a brain bleed. Two days later, 1/3 of my brain did not exist anymore. The neurologist's said that a person over 30 years old wouldn't have survived the severity of the stroke that I had. But I got up off of the ground, dusted my cloths off, straightened my crown and got to be the most fantabulous strongest person you guys have ever seen!!!! This is what I wrote on facebook to all of my friends and family. I was 16 years old when I had my stroke, I am now 42. Still my right side is not working well and that's after 3 plus years of physical,occupational and speech therapy 5 times a week. You can share my story with anyone. I am hoping to hear about other people and their "dealings" with this trauma. Jill K.
  5. She has already registered 🙂
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    That bike is a beauty. My oldest raced a KTM 125 ( that was last bike he used). Keep me apprised to his skills :)
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    your description brought your garden to life. It made me remember my favorite childhood book "The Secret Garden". I can see why you enjoy going to your secret place for it sounds lovely. I think that your service on Sunday should be about your garden. A reminder of a place, wherever it may be, to go when things are tough to be reminded that you are loved for you were given the garden in your thoughts. I'm glad that your daughter and family are coming for a stay and give Craig an 'atta-boy' for giving a grand speech.
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    that is a marvelous idea!!!
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    F.A.S.T indeed

    SOOO.. For someone who is one Plavix or another blood thinners you must stop for at least 5 days to 7 before and same afterwards. And , i found out later, is just the amount of time for clots to form that could cause for another or your first stroke. SO I had to stop 5 days before and 7 after. No problem for I've had to stop it before for a medical procedure. OK.. Before I proceed, I'll give some history. When I had my stroke, in 2009, I had to be intubated and I developed TMJ from them over extending my jaw. Due to the circumstances, I'm not complaining but it hurts periodically. In recent months, it has been hurting more frequently. **caught up** The end of January, I had a hemorrhoid removal surgery and normally you aren't intubated but because of the size of mine and time it would take, I was and again my jaw was adjusted. However, this time for a few days after, my jaw felt normal again. No pain.... UNTIL... Sunday I was chewing on a gummy fiber supplement and my jaw 'slipped' from where I thought it was fixed. The pain was horrible and for a time I could not close my jaw. I felt dizzy and vertigo ( bad to me for I have a baseline and this was beyond) I took some of my Ibuprofen and a warm compress and it seemed to be better. Monday and Tuesday I had small bouts of vertigo but only lasted for a few moments. Wednesday I spent mostly in bed for I was beginning to feel very nauseous and dizzy more often. Thursday late morning, I was out and out of no where, I was hit with one if not the worst vertigo attack that I've ever had. The world spun and when I was trying to walk straight I couldn't do it. Instead I veered to the right and I looked and felt like I was going to vomit. SO I sat down, where I was, and waited it off. Then after a time I walked to my car and sat in there and gathered myself again for a time. I finally felt normal and made it home for stroke chat. I was feeling woozy during chat and after, I went to lay down. On and off I felt dizzy. I was darn near 100% sure it was my jaw. SO to bed I go. Friday, I woke up and slowly got out of bed and barely was able to walk around my bed without failing on to my bed. So after I gathered myself, I went to the living room to call my doctor. I made an appointment but it wouldn't be until Tuesday. Well the feeling was something that I couldn't do all weekend plus work Monday night. So to be proactive, I went to my local hospital ED. ( 3 miles down road) I was feeling OK when I got there but I wanted an x-ray of my jaw. So when I walked in I said " I think I misaligned my jaw and I have had bouts of vertigo unlike how I have felt following my previous stroke" I had not sat down when a nurse called me into fast track in ED I had a team of nurses and Doctors around me assessing me. While that was happening one nurse said that they were all on high alert for a 30 yo was in last week with stroke. I then began to understand why they were hyper vigilant, even so I kept trying to explain I thought it was my jaw. On one hand I was glad to see them go into action and the other was just wishing they would look at my jaw. I was taking to CAT scan w/contrast. I'm allergic to it and they had to give me benadryl , in my IV so it IMMEDIATELY went into effect. SO not only were the ED concerned I was having a stroke, I was now slurring my words and fighting to stay alert. So I was in the ED for 7 hours, mostly waiting for the transfer to send me to the Stroke Hospital I went to 11 years ago. Last time I was medi-vac trauma. I was in ambulance for that was in another emergency. I had a paramedic riding with me. SO The ENTIRE TRANSPORT CREW were flipping attractive. I mean I was taken aback at first. The transport dispatch sent us to wrong building. We got out . It was cold and night. Walked into the building, went to the 8th floor and only to find out we were in the wrong building. We had to go 2 city blocks up so we had to go down again. Load up. and they were pissed because god forbid I was in an acute emergency, time is everything. So we finally get there and I was in another team in the NICU (Neuro intensive Care Unit) and I felt conflicted again for I wanted my jaw looked at but glad I was taken seriously with a stroke history. I was waiting for a nurse to come to I can get my phone to call my parents I made it but before that I hear over the loud speaker " Attention All Staff... Code Blue 8th floor ( my floor) room 808 ( I'm 810) so more staff then I've seen gather run past my door. Of course I'm feeling horrible to taking a bed from someone who could use it more. I hear the Dr's tell a person on phone they have been doing compressions for 30 mins and ordered blood. I then am reminded of how lucky we all are, no matter what stroke did to us, for we aren't guaranteed life. The bells stop , after a bit, as well as a code blue cancellation called so I guess it was good. ( fingers crossed) SO , I'm NPO (nothing by mouth) so no food for 14 hrs when I'm told I am going to get a MRI ( it's 1:30a). I get unhooked for all my machines and a nurse wheels me down. I speak to the tech and he thought I had a stent in my carotid artery. I told him no it was in my vertebral .I was told I can't do it for the MRI is a lot stronger and may try to pull my stent out, even after 11 years. So Back we go to wait . I can't complain for everyone on shift were amazing. They work 12 hr shifts so I had who I first saw until 7a and same for day. I had the same nurse Sat & Sun so I was happy. She was awesome!! So.. I was told the MRI was going to take some time for the machine broke and needed parts. This may puzzle some because if I were having a stroke but rest assure if it was critical, they would have sent me to the main hospital. Looking over the testing I had in my local ED and compared to my scans that I had after my stent looked the exact same. I had the same 2 out of 3 DR's on my team. Since I was being monitored and the doctor in charge of case is " The Big-Wig" Neurosurgeon of the hospital and in Philadelphia. ( the city I was in . Temple University, Uni of Penn hospital, CHOP ( children's hospital ) to name a few. I was in Jefferson Neuro)) So He and the other doctor who was a fellow and now a Resident were one half of my team. The Neurology Department made up the other half. So again, since I wasn't critical, I took a back seat and rightly so. I was on stand-by all of Saturday morning, my parents came up, thinking I was going to be released for I was on 24 observation only. Then in the late afternoon, I got the OK for the MRI. OK Brief note, I'm VERY claustrophobic. I forgot I had to wear the 'cage' for head. MAN.. my heartbeat and BP were clearly I was given earplugs, extra padding, around ears, and a lavender washcloth over my eyes and panic squeeze call bell. The tech reassured me I was only in a tiny amount, The touched my legs to show me. I sucked it up and was stiff as a board in nervous. (( For my follow-up in 3 weeks I was told take my Xanax)) It wasn't that loud for extra stuffings. When finished, I was given the ALL CLEAR to eat!!!! You would have thought I won the lottery., I had to wait for my floor Neuro to read the scans but there was an emergency so I probably be spending another night. Considering I was not critical, my stay was not a bad thing. So this morning, I got the OK from Neuro surgeon ( was fellow now resident) The test showed NO new stroke, which I already knew but relieved just the same, and was given the go home OK. I came home Sunday morning. BUT.... MY JAW STILL HURTS LOL Bottom line _ it made me happy to see F.A.S.T. in real time action . Not in a crisis. It makes me sad that some hospitals still aren't taking people at their word and running the pro active actions. I was talking to a nurse, in my local ED, about strokes from neck manipulation and she commented that it must not happen that often for 'we' never hear from it. I gladly shared my story as well as the Doctors in Jefferson Neuroscience Hospital shared how many they see. Granted, it can't always be traced to the chiropractor due to signing of waivers , luckily, I didn't and it happened immediately. There was another nurse there that concurred what I was saying. But short of the longer, I'm healthy.
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    well today was my colonoscopy. My 5th. The reason was for I have pre cancerous polyps. Great news, I have no new polyps. BUT I have 2 internal hemorrhoids that are the largest he has seen in his 25 years of practice. OH BOY. SO ... I go see a specialist Friday, 13 for a consult . ARGGGGG.. my poor buttocks but two things to take away...1. I had the BEST nap ( thanks to anesthesia) 2for the next 5 years, no colonoscopy.
  11. Happy Holidays. I know many of us have these issues. But there is so much more that some people just don't seem to realize comes from this problem. ( I' m going to talk about me now) I often hear " If you're depressed, go out and be around people" or " if you want to meet people, go out and do something you like " I can't. Cognitive impairments affect most things I do on a daily basis. I have to listen to music when I go out to a store and I went out with my mom yesterday , without listening to my music, and I was overwhelmed within seconds of entering the store. I also have nystagmus, eye bouncing, in my right eye that causes balance issues, I have a contact to wear and that helps but when I do have it in, I'm so anxious because I am bind on my right side. I know that also is hard for so many. I go out to "safe places" my aunts, my parents, my best friends ( not often for she smokes A LOT) And mainly around my family for they are all in the medical field and get me. Crowds, sounds, to much talking, sensory overload is painful. I can't think. I can't talk over noise for my Aphasia REALLY likes to come out then. Not sure what is worse. My Aphasia or my stuttering, BOTH. ARRGG Something so simple as a waitress asking me 'what vegetable would you like' is so hard. I can't process or problem solve the situation. Like now, writing this , I'm trailing off . I can't even write a post, let alone reading something that is to long or I have to figure something out. I have the best neighbors and luck to have my parents right down the road for I often bring mail to them to read and explain it to me. I know I was starting this off strong but I feel like I'm done and hope I explained s)omethings.. It's frustrating that I can't write what I mean .. but here is an image talking about cognitive "Cognitive impairments are commonly encountered in rehabilitation, both in neurological conditions such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, and non-neurological conditions such as cardiac dysfunction and delirium. Cognitive impairments can involve several domains, including: ( I have this ) Memory: anterograde and/or retrograde amnesia, inability to form new memories, recall of short or long-term events Mine is mainly before the stroke and I can't remember vividly past a few weeks ago.. sucks , I write a lot of things down.and use my phone to make notes) Processing speed: the time taken to perceive, manipulate and respond to stimuli Executive function: integrated cognitive processes required to complete daily activities. These include inhibition (self-control—resisting temptations and resisting acting impulsively) and interference control (selective attention and cognitive inhibition)], working memory, and cognitive flexibility (seeing anything from different perspectives, and quickly and flexibly adapting to changed circumstances) Attention: the ability to sustain one’s focus on a particular task or subject Perceptual neglect: the inability to recognize visuospatial objects on the contralateral side" (https://now.aapmr.org/cognitive-issues-in-brain-injury-and-other-cns-disorders/)
  12. SHe has a heart of gold. Hey we all have our battles and we are all here for each other
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    Sarah, I'm so sorry. As Sue said, you are a champion . Much love
  14. I agree with Kev. I would seek the Advice of a Neuro specialist.
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    Thank you very much. I seem to be doing very well. I learned I have a follow up appointment in a couple weeks and I forgot about it. Knock on wood that should last me for a while. Apparently these come normally with everybody especially in women with childbirth. And they can build over time. Everybody is meant to have some of mine just wanted to say hello to the world before anybody else ha
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    yes unload. Stroke wise- your age was in your favor But i;m sorry to hear about the latter
  17. I agree with everyone here. My smell is very confused, even after 11 years. Certain smells, give me headaches and some nauseous. 3 months is still somewhat to early to know exactly what is normal for you may see that somethings that you notice now might not be the same after some time. I told my mom once ,who was cooking roast beef and i once loved, that it smelled like a garbage dump. And some smells that others deem gross to me, remind me of yummy foods.... lol
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    No they didn't , with my jaw.. I must seek out my own doctor. And my boyfriend was very happy to see me. He meowed like he was so happy and was attached to my side all night and slept on my pillow, above my head, and rested his head on my face... AWWWWWWW I was loved!!!!
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    I am... except my jaw... hahaha. But even thought I was certain I was alright, I'm glad the ED staff did what they should
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    agreed. I let my body dictate my wake up time.. unless I have an appointment :)
  21. I received a Facebook message from a friend that I've not spoke to in a long time that made my mind spin. If you have views that you TRULY believe in, make sure to share it with someone you know shares that view. I have been studying and practicing Buddhism, and with that I try not to let myself get really involved with the zeitgeist of today. WELL, I just had surgery and being on a bunch of pain medicine, my mind isn't as focused . I may have caught that person off guard by immediately sharing my opinion . I feel bad but people are people. I'm trying not to get really into this for it may offend some people. Basically, religion. Depending where you happen to be born determines how you believe. That's fine with me. My issue is when someone says someone else's views are wrong. No one is better than the other. To you, back to where you were born, are taught your practices are the right one. Same with everyone around the world. But to instill your personal views onto others is not right, in my view. I truly don't wish to disdain myself but I feel that everyone has a right to their own happiness and practices. To believe that others will try to make you change your views are just wrong. The reason why we say " Happy Holidays" no :"Merry Christmas" is not everyone celebrates Christmas. Reasons range from the belief that 'every day is a holy day,' as promoted by some Quakers, to a desire to observe those days the Bible emphasizes, such as the Old Testament holy days, while others, such as Jehovah's Witnesses, suggest any birthday, even that of Jesus, shouldn't be celebrated," writes Mark A Kellner for the Desert News. Among the largest group of Christmas-shunners are the Jehovah's Witnesses, which number close to 2 million in the United States, Kellner writes. The group once observed Dec. 25, but dropped the observance in 1928. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/features/os-christians-who-dont-celebrate-christmas-20141215-post.html We, as a society, are trying to be understanding for religions that are practiced by other people. I just want everyone to get along ((this is my own opinion)))
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    I am so happy to see you again.
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    1 year old soon

    Thanks Sue for the push to write. Blogging has always been hard for me. The words don't always make it from my brain to my fingers. HAHA. Some would argue that the word don't go from my brain to mouth. I would have to agree with that one. I never seem to have something to write about for the thought doesn't stay in my head long enough. But I'll try: In March, my mom and I are driving to Florida, via North Carolina to stay with my sister and family. I was going to fly but it was going to be costly. It will be my grandson's first birthday. I'm excited to go and see him. My father, drives an activity school bus now that he had retired from teaching, and used all the money he earned and booked us a room for 7 days. I am beyond being u[set not seeing him as much as I would love to but I know I'll be the coolest Mimi ever. That's about as far as I can think of writing. I'll have pictures for sure
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