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  1. Heather, you never cease to amaze me. .. Have you ever told you to write your nuggets in a book. you give good advise. instead of Confucius ... It'll be Heather.....
  2. ALL THE TIME.. FOR REAL I once said if I ordered something I often forget so when the FedEx truck comes..,it's like Christmas
  3. Not my ear but is a beautiful earring
  4. My father and I were just talking about the same thing this afternoon. Yes loud noises stinks.. I carry ear plugs . My father and I went to the movies and there was a loud part and I forgot my ear plugs so my dad gave me a tissue to stuff in my ear :)
  5. That sounds like she's a hardcase. ( fun person)
  6. Wow Deigh.. Firstly thank you for your service Secondly: Wow what a resume I have not had a career like you however I have notice a hearing loss since my stroke. Mainly I have a change in pitch/tone. People often think I was joking when I said I couldn't hear my son, his voice dropped thank goodness, for his tone was high and that was a type of sound I could not hear. My father has a similar tone issue. He has always with power tool, despite being a teacher. and loud music when he was young
  7. I wanted to share this. Somethings on here aren't exact like I did recognize my husband but not in the marriage aspect http://strokeconnection.strokeassociation.org/
  8. It is out. Online version only That was it :) thanks
  9. They did an interview on me and they did a fantastic job to capture my woes :(.. but :)
  10. I can relate to your issue for I have almost the same. I found listening to books is fun, yet I often get sleepy :) My eyes bouncing and jumbled letters are
  11. I'm on a bunch, one that truly helps https://www.drugs.com/venlafaxine.html and extended release. But it's not so much for the stroke but for my ADD. I also take Xanax but that is mainly for my leg spams and a Beta Blockers that chills you out but that's for my Tachycardia ( hereditary)
  12. I read up om yours and all I could find was : l Potential Risks & Precautions Check your skin every day for redness, blisters, discoloration, soreness, or swelling. Call our office and discontinue use of your brace immediately if you notice any of these symptoms. Never attempt to adjust, repair, or otherwise modify your brace. The components of this device have been carefully chosen, assembled, adjusted, and secured according to your physician’s prescription and the manufacturer’s specifications. In order to maintain the safety and effectiveness of your device, adjustments may be made only by a qualified medical professional. Be sure to attend any follow-up appointments scheduled by your fitter. Call our office if any unexpected problems occur. For medical emergencies, call 911 or your local hospital.
  13. ok my heart stopped at quadruplets. *gulp* I had a dissection that caused damage to my cerebellum and I have not been able to go back to work, it's been almost 9 years. Again I keep going back to YOU WERE IN ESTROGEN HELL. lol My father was alone in a house with my mom and twin sister . With the headphones, if I wear mine around people I'm more relaxed. I know your plate is full but are you working full time or part? It may have been to soon.?
  14. I'm so happy you're doing this.
  15. That is so interesting. I rather like that way for , to me, it makes us more level. Equal I'm going to remember this ..
  16. I burst into tears this morning at my doctors this morning. The words would not come and all I could do was cry..normally I laugh when upset.. As for my go to movie " Big Trouble" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0246464/ or Airplane :)
  17. I have a stent in my basilar artery. It happened while I was in surgery ( 6 1/2 hours right after I was flown to Hospital) but your upper inner thigh ( near groin) is sore but nothing more and possibly ,like me, be on Plavix .... for life but it's a good thing.
  18. That sounds lovely.
  19. If so I am interested to learn. I can join my guys on the pitch. ( my intimidation fight face)
  20. Is that the language spoken during the Haka?
  21. Havintg Aphasia, as well a stutterer, I find curse words come out so easy. I am not a fan of using them personally but they fill the gaps when my brain freezes up
  22. I have been on Concerta, or Ritalin for years and I haven't had the success as you . I'm so happy that you finally found something that works for you'!!
  23. Sue, life is good and most importantly as good as good as you make it. Worrying , though warranted, will only take away from the beautiful soul that you are.
  24. you had a football team amount of guest at your house. That alone calls for another vacation...
  25. I've heard that about Ravenclaw as well :(