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  1. just Chill

    It has been forever Since I blogged last. These past couple of weeks have been of roller coaster of emotions. From losing my health insurance to ripping a brand-new contact lens, that is probably not covered through health insurance and had to be custom made for my eye, oh boy, it has just been a journey to say the least. Now losing my health insurance isn’t what it sounds like but it is because I have been paying for my own private insurance for there was confusion with part B. (Long story for another day) but that doesn’t kick in until July of this year. So since I have part A through Medicare so technically I have insurance though part A only covers you if you are admitted into a hospital , so that really does no good for me.. I was set to get a consultation with my cardiologist for an ablation to my heart that is much needed. Only to find out that they don’t take my health insurance and I’m NOT oing to pay for it out-of-pocket so I’m waiting till July to get the console. Which is fine as long as I follow the directions however I tend to have difficulties following directions. No caffeine no chocolate no excitement, there are the three rules I have to follow and I can tell you this morning alone, I’ve broken all three of them Now about my contact lens. This contact lens isn’t your typical prescription contact lens. This is a lens that covers my eye completely blocking my vision much like a patch does minus straps. OK…covers my eyes, that’s a fallacy. It covers the Iris and the pupil of my eye, practically matching my color but of course, I have a very challenging color spectrum in my eye that makes it more difficult. So it wasn’t exactly right but it was good enough to last me a couple days. It was very irritating. I’m not used to wearing contacts nor having anything in my eyes. Putting it in and taking out are very challenging for me but I was getting better. I was very upset. I was so mad at myself for tearing it I was afraid I was going to disappoint the doctors but then I decided to stop and take a deep breath and go you know what sh*t happens. It is no secret to this message board that I practice the philosophy of Buddhism and today I went to my temple service. (What we call it.) We have what is known as a Dharma talk which is basically someone talking about something that utilizes the thought processes and the philosophy that has been passed down for many generation within the Buddhist culture. And the talk today was about one of my heroes and recently lost Stephen Hawkings . In the talk, the discussion was about how things happen to all of us and he figured instead of worrying about stuff that was out of his control, much like h his ALS, and instead he overcame the emotion of what was happening to his body by instead choosing to devote his life and is being, as well as he knew it would be, into science. That is much like I’m choosing to look at what this past week. Focus on the good. Now for my other emotion that I’m not used to dealing with :: I belong to a group of friends that have introduced me to the motivational speaking of this one gentleman and the minute I saw this him good grief…my heart went nuts and it was like puppy love. I don’t know if he’s married. I have not asked nor do I think anything is gonna happen from but I was just so excited that feeling still lived within the me. Now I may be overstepping, getting ahead of my skis but there is no harm in finding happiness at looking at a picture. That only goes to show you that despite what ailments that you may have an what challenges that you have to go through your heart inside is the one thing that will keep you together and focused.
  2. This isn't as funny as those have been but I truly learned the real words to Jingle Bells : the correct version A day or two ago My sister and my version ( we sang up until three years ago) I thought I'd take a ride A day or two ago ( same) I thought I'd take a ride I thought I'd take a ride ( same) And soon, Miss Fanny Bright And soon, Miss Fanny Bright ( same) Was seated by my side, Was seated by my side, ( same) The horse was lean and lank The horse was lean and lank ( same) Misfortune seemed his lot Misfortune lost his sock ( ours) He got into a drifted bank He fell into a drifted bank ( ours) then we got upsot And wee weed in his sock ( ours) Imagine singing this at the top of your lungs in front of people
  3. well the "hearts of flutters" are still there but it was business :(
  4. I think having a dog is such a wonderful thing. It reenergizes your heart and soul. xxooxx
  5. s://youtu.be/-c9-poC5HGw
  6. It is Hilarious. If it were a black and white movie, it looked like Psycho shower scene. Classic
  7. YAY are butts are ANGRY at us... at least we can do this together.. I get ya gurl : xxoo
  8. That is 'Kind-a" what I deal with but not really. I have food sensitives and intolerance to soy, lactose, gluten. The Lactose diagnosis was back in 2003 and on going ( from seeing allergist) Then as time went on I was drinking soy milk and non-lactose whatever.. I was still having loose bowels and gas and cramps. Again to the allergist and found in 2007(ish) was told to elevate soy and my troubles got better. THEN.. after my gastric-sleeve I still couldn't handle some things.. so I was told to see a "Butt Doctor" as I call mine. He's the best to see if all the ..oh back up.. so after 2009, my stroke, my doctor sent me to get an colonoscopy and endoscopy due to the amount of medicines I was now having to take added to my bleeding hemorrhoids. Polyps run in my family so ......... OK so caught up to getting it and I have the beginning of diverticulitis ( main cause is irritant in your gastro tract + hereditary ) YAY me. I just laughed and said.. "Of Course........ Of Course I have all these problems" ((very sarcastic mind you)) Oh yeah Fiber isn't my friend either :(
  9. YESSS completely agree~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found that tones and pitches are hard for me too
  10. Yes. That is a feeling many of us have. Thankfully she has already started to work to crush that from happening. That is not to say , honestly, that it won't happen. That goes for anyone frankly. We all never know what may happen but having said that , your mom is already heading on the right path with the guidance of her doctor... and a very inquisitive daughter ( pretty cool for many families aren't ) Any strange feeling she may have, pounding heartbeat, dizziness, etc. isn't always a sign but are just as scary. I found this article http://www.strokesmart.org/article?id=161 that talks about anxiety and stroke.
  11. geesh. That is absolutely horrible. I'm so terribly sorry
  12. Louise, As Heather said, that all sounds like factors that either are from or could cause that. I'm so glad that she has someone like you who is trying to get in front of what happened. I can understand that your mom didn't want you to worry for nothing major happened to her but I can appreciate your concern. Your mother is already heading in the right direction by taking BP and CL medications. I would let her know your concerns and continue being her good health coach. x
  13. you should be proud parents. Kiddo is doing an amazing job.. Funny you mentioned about memories.. someone just said to me yesterday use my phone or a pocket recorder to just say the thought u want to remember. I usually have a great thought then by the time I go write it down, I've either forgotten what it was or why I cared
  14. I am not trying to imply that what happened to you sounds crazy for most strokes happen from crazy events. I'm just trying to understand for this could be something that in the future could help someone going through similar circumstances
  15. that is a great idea. Even while I was learning and couldn't get the words out, writing them down ( my (ex) husband got really fluent in stroken'ese) or cut out pictures if he can't form the word from the letters. Sometimes that is an issue. Numbers and letter can appear jumbled in our minds so maybe cut out pictures of some daily items so he can point to them. * example * a tip : if you have a picture of a shirt.. be sure to give options of colors * this is an example
  16. Welcome. Having the uncertainty feeling is not pleasant at all. Reading your introduction, I feel in love with this sentence: Enjoy life everyday. We understand the not knowing when the next one will be.
  17. great article. thanks for sharing
  18. yes that's what I use. www.healthyhempoil.com is a great site. It comes in many forms
  19. Holy Hellfire Batman.. are you feeling/doing better?...I hope
  20. So I ran the scenario with the nurses in my family, no personal information , and we are perplexed. The only thing I can think of is it just happened at the same time?
  21. I use Windows 10 and under the settings they allow you the option to save passwords . I do for this is My own laptop, not shared
  22. how high was it for it sounds crazy
  23. When I was on Coumadin ( same thing) I looked like a giant bruise. Hated it. You looked at me ...bam..... football size bruise. So I can understand all the "If you get this...go to the ER" I was glad I was taken off .. But I'm so glad Lisa it wasn't anything major then..... scary
  24. the person to share these ideas with is our Founder/Owner Steve Mallory http://www.strokeboard.net/index.php?/contactus/&_fromLogout=1