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  1. Happy Anniversary Colin!

  2. Happy Anniversary Colin!

  3. Hi Colin: I liked your post on the support forum. I had my stroke in 10/09, and my exercise regimen is somewhat different than yours, but I think your persistence and pluck are great! See you around SN.

  4. David I Pray you'll achieve your goals also. The Folks here are absolutely the best support group EVER. And i owe a debt of gratitude to each and everyone that read and posted to my comments. I feel such a closeness to people I've never met but one day hope to. I've since been officially permanetly disabled which should relieve some of the anxiety over what I'm going to do with the rest of my life and I started an Affiliate Marketing business and work with that 5-8 hours a day. So the Journey hasn't ended but it's a completely new adventure now. God Bless All Colin
  5. Wow Coming up on a year since I posted that last march. Well Taebo was too much for me to work with, I had to go back to walking (no more Jogging) on the treadmill because of the weird gait from my left leg and foot, but it was terrific for weight loss, I have virtually overcome my physical disabilites and continue to workout on the Total Gym & the treadmill everyday. The spasticity I complained of 1 year ago is non-existent It's gone, I have no more pain in my shoulder or arm. With determination and guidance I believe most of us can overcome the physical liaibilites of stroke. I am h
  6. Well I'm with Gavin here. If you're struggling with something it means you need to work on the strength, pinch and dexterity in your hand, Ignoring it WILL NOT HELP. When you have a more relaxed time...practice, small steps at first, like can you grab the zipper tag with your weak hand/fingers? How hard can you pinch it? now can you feed it into the other side on the zipper and start tugging upward. Well I'm sure, Cause I did it, that with practice you'll overcome this defieciency. God Bless you. Remember If It's too hard to do, it should become a challenge to overcome in increments. Like
  7. I self reported to MDDMV. and working with them was like developing a new program, no one had a clue about what they needed so I went through a course through PT and recertifed with someone who understood the circumstances. My understanding is that if you're involved in an accident and the Insur carrier discovers you had a stroke (not reported), you could be held liable.
  8. Well sorry all for taking so long to respond, but thank you all for your kind, motivating words. My motivation is probably stubbornness, and it was incredibly hard at first, but I just keep after it. On 07/4 I got a chance to get into a pool, didn't think I'd ever swim again but I can move my left arm in that way now so I CAN SWIM. I did about 20 laps cause I was so excited about doing it I couldn't stop. When I did stop that was all my energy and I was done for the day. But within 1 week of getting in a pool everyday I know I could swim well again. SO i really don't think it's so much mo
  9. Colin

    WOW so sorry to hear of this situation, Sounds like you need to stop the bleeding and start to protect yourself financially by calling the credit companies in your name and setting limits or cancelling future credit until you can get it straightened out, I'm sure they would work with you and may be able to offer other suggestions to help protect your interests. Concentrate on yourself, take care of you and not knowing what else to say, I will pray for you in hopes of finding a suitable way out of this bad circumstance. GOD BLESS you, Colin
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  11. CloseCall Not sure what's going with your leg and arm going numb, have you spoke with your PT or Dr. about this. Sounds to me like you are doing what I would do, but it seems very important to understand why you experience the numbness. Above aLL else we as survivors must think safety in our excercise programs and should be absolutely positive that we are NOT engaging in activities that will cause us more harm then good. One thing about my treadmill program that I didn't mention above is that I started walking 20 min for about 3 wks then increased to walking 5 mins then jogging 1 min then
  12. Thanks for the positive engery everyone. I love sharing and hope one day we'll all be strong enough to finally shout loudly "I'M BACK!!!!" i truly believe that we can and do start somewhere doing something to get back . from squezzing a ball while watching TV, or being able to safely getting across the room on your own. Whatever brings you back. It's like we're starting over. Songbird57 one day you'll stand in front of the TV doin "Downward Facing Dog" rejoice in the moment. GOD BLESS YOU. Colin
  13. Hi everyone, Since my 2nd week in the Hospital in May 2009 I've been on a misson to overcome my physical disabilities caused by my stroke. Everyone one of them and I am positive I can overcome most of them and have improved many areas by just being determined, stubborn and focused. For example typing this topic I force myself to use my left hand even though I can type faster without it. But it's getting easier each time I use it so I'll continue trying until I can type acceptably (for me). My biggest area of concern recently is my personal energy management and found that by jogging a 20 mi
  14. Colin

    Thanks to Paula Hambricvk for her artistic hand
  15. Colin

    Geez Great thread I was wondering what the heck is going on? I'm only on my 5th month (stroked May 07, 2009. I've virtually overcome my physical disability (Spasticity on left side) by performing low intensity workouts everyday and have recently started jogging and cycling 15 to 30 minutes each morning to increae my stamina but it doesn't seem to be helping, I could sleep most of the day. I try not to cause I was expecting to go back to work in late November. Driving in traffic wears me down so not really sure how I expect to work but that's my goal. As I draw closer to that date I'm b