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  1. I'm so glad you will have Trevor and Alice to stay soon and glad that you seem so much better.
  2. Janelle, I bought a rollator onlinewhich has only one (bar across) handle, desighned for one hand use https://www.disabilityshop.com.au/rollator-roomba-indoor-100kg-capacity/ . Like you, I originally bought a two hand rollator which didn't suit one hand use. Although the description says for indoor use, I have found it fine for fairly smooth surfaces outside. I exercise by walking along the footpath at the front. Hope this helps you.
  3. Very glad to see you back Fred. Your blogs always give me hope for an active future despite my stroke in 2008 which left my left side weak. I too use a scooter to get around in the community and I am supported by a wonderful husband just as you are supported by your wife.
  4. Great to have the Blogs back!
  5. Happy Anniversary elizabethc!

  6. Hi Graham, Ithink I met you at a conference in Newcastle and spoke with you on the phone a few times after that . I am pleased to read your life is going well and that operations have worked for you. Imoved to Sydney years ago and we lost contact. I can walk very slowly with a stick but have no use of my left arm/hand (no spasticity either) I will send you my phone number and email in a private message on this site so we might contact again. Elizabeth Carter
  7. Imagine the sense of achievement when you complete your exercise program and also the physical improvements. Good that life is looking up. Cheers Elizabethc
  8. Thanks for the update Mitch. Do you use a spinner knob to drive? Elizabethc
  9. Reading various blogs and forum posts has really helped me in my recovery (stil not complete) in these last 7 years since my stroke. Thank you to all. Elizabethc
  10. Fred, Happy New Year to you and your wife; I hope 2016 brings you improved health and mobility so that you can once again engage in all the activities you enjoy. Keep blogging please Elizabethc
  11. We have never sent cards or an annual letter, although we do enjoy the few annual letters we get - none of them about elaborate lifestyles. At this stage of life most of the letters recount the various "health incidents" of the writer or writer's family. I hope you and Jules enjoy your Christmas - it will be especially nice to have the grandchildren around. Are you eating at the long table in the garden again? - that looked so good last year. Cheers Elizabethc
  12. You will no doubt enjoy your outback Christmas - sharing some of it with little Alice, not so little anymore. Best wishes Elizabethc
  13. I realy hope this works out for you Heather - it sounds very promising. Elizabethc
  14. Happy thanksgiving day to you and your family, Fred.
  15. Happy Anniversary elizabethc!