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  1. Ethyl17

    Ruth: been a long time for sure. I haven't been onsite for a long while - going through some issues here. But I was so glad to see you had posted. I was basically checking in to see how all our Texans were doing. I am sorry about William's decline and I do hope it is temporary. You do so much for him. Good to hear you are still getting off to your yoga and swimming. I know this is so important to you. And the little puppies are doing well. Please know I think of you and William often. You were so helpful to me in those early years. Be well, stay
  2. Ethyl17

    Your husband may qualify for yearly PT-OT, if you are on Medicare or through his insurance. I take Bruce to Outpatient every year for what I call his "tune up." The first few years, I sat in on every session. Now I sit and read, use their pool or just walk the grounds. I had caregivers in to help - we private paid as we did not qualify for paid assistance, but Bruce did better with me and I had gotten to the point where I could not work and take care of him, so I retired and therefore had to stop paid caregivers. I will treat myself from time to time with a dinner with friends or a
  3. Ethyl17

    Ruth: so glad you are enjoying your retirement. But still busy as ever. Good holidays. Debbie
  4. Ethyl17

    Nancy: thank you for the update. You know you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Good to know you are on the road to recovery. Debbie
  5. Ethyl17

    Sarah: praying for you and the family. Debbie
  6. Happy Anniversary Ethyl17!

  7. Ethyl17

    You know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Beautiful tribute to your son. Take care. Debbie
  8. Ethyl17

    Ruth: it might be time for a break. But defintely, it is OK for you to forgo what we call the "hooplah" here in SparksPalmer land and have your workout, enjoy your time. Get back on the horse after a short break. Be well. Debbie
  9. Ethyl17

    Sarah - I am so sorry for your loss. Please know you and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers. Debbie
  10. Ethyl17

    Thanks Sarah for the update. I do hope you find a nice cool place to chill for a few days. Weather throughout most of the country is just horrid. Will be keeping a look out for your nephew. Let us know when he comes up - lots of MLB fans here. We can all cheer him on.
  11. Ethyl17

    Thank you for updating, Julie. Happy Birthday to Larry and Congratulations on your Anniversary. Your weather is horrid, for sure. Keep the AC going and hydrate. Go Cards!
  12. Ethyl17

    That Bob is looking sharp! Great finds Sandy! I know they are comfortable but he looks so good.
  13. Ethyl17

    Congratulations Ruth! Been a haul for you, certainly. It is going to take a while to adjust to your new routine and season changes will bring about more. So glad you are able to spend time with new projects and fit in the therapies and routines that you like. William too will need time to adjust to your being home. Enjoy! And update when you can. Debbie
  14. Ethyl17

    Congratulations Sarah and Gary. Beautiful blog Sarah. How many of us you have guided through this stroke journey with such grace. Debbie
  15. Ethyl17

    Sarah - exactly what Bruce wants. A celebration of his life!