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  1. Happy Anniversary Gavin!

  2. Happy Anniversary Gavin!

  3. Happy Birthday Gavin!

  4. Happy Anniversary Gavin!

  5. Happy Birthday Gavin!

  6. Gavin

    Plain and simple answer - No you have not. I recovered my ability to write and run after 3 years post stroke. You need to sincerely believe you will get better and give the effort 200%. I always set my goals to the seemingly un-obtainable - it has served me well.
  7. Happy Birthday Gavin!

  8. Gavin

    Honest answer, I kept trying and turned most everything I did/d a rehabilition game (Something I still do every day). Holding my coffee every day, is a therapy game I play every morning. I see how far I can get or how slow I have to walk before the rigidness on my right side causes me to spill it some. Today I made it to the ping pong room, but I cheated, I sipped it so it wouldn't be as full as I walked. ;P Another game I play is forcing my steps to be completely flat footed and fluid like my left side, without my hand and arm getting rigid, that's a tough one. I do a bunch of mental rel
  9. Gavin

    Hi Numnah, It is true a lot of health care professionals are nay sayers, but from the beginning I realized how ignorant they were. I am almost 4 years post stroke and I STILL see gains. The last couple weeks, my foot/leg don't kick out as much, my steps are much more flat. I started typing with 2 hands in some cases this year. Last year I regained writing and running to an extent, that was over 2 years post stroke. My 1st year I regained riding a bicycle and motorcycle. A lot of hard work, but well woth it in the end. The best thing you can do for yourself is make smat choices. D
  10. Great thing about rope, is you can just get more and tie it together, get more length, that way you never have to run out. Kind of like hope.
  11. Gavin

    Taken 5/5/2012.
  12. Gavin


    Random pics of me.
  13. Gavin

    I have lost just about every friend since my stroke. I don't go outr like I used to. I am not the same person as before. I got a dog to help with the loneiness, helps some. Depression comes and goes. Just need to make new frends, something I am have relunctant to do myself. Get a new hobby,. meet some folk.
  14. Gavin

    Great news, keep up the good work!
  15. Happy Anniversary Gavin!