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  5. i was told that the birth control pills thickened my blood even though i don't have any clotting factors. that was the only thing they could come up with. since then i've learned of a number of people having strokes as a result of the pill. i have also suffered from migraines in the past . connections? sorry for no capital letters but it greatly reduces my typing ability doing it with only the one hand. another reason why my family and i think it happened was to help my son. he was in the marines and in the iraq war when i had my stroke. the marines granted him a humanitarian tranfer,my husband is also disabled. i feel that if i didn't have the stroke he may have been killed or injured, for that reason, it was more than worth it. mlp mlp, Hi, I'm Susan and in answer to you question about the link to migraines andstroke, Yes you can have a migraine and a resulting stroke. The Neurologists call that type of migraine a Complex migraine and they are so bad they result in the stroke. that is what is thought to have caused my 2nd stroke. I've had 2 strokes, my first one was worse than the second one but my neurologist explained this to me when we were trying to figuse out what was going on prior to me having the first stroke. He said it was one of those common yet not very common thngs. I'm glad your son is home. thank his for his bravery and honor for our country, yours as well for your service in having him over there. Bless you all. Susan
  6. i think and pray for you often. please continue to let us know how you're doing blessings to you


  7. songbird57

    Hi gatitoplata . I have been away for quite a long time and I'm still getting used to the new look to the site and figuring out out to manuver around it---Quite a challenge for a soul likeme! Please forgive me for those of you that have heard this before! If you remember reading my disertation from February '10 I do indeed have and deal daily with Aphasia. I am a little over 21 years into my 2 strokes at the ripe old age of 53. My first stroke was one month after my second child was born, my son,born 9 pounds 12 1/2 ounces; 22 1/2 inches long without the blessing of any drugs. This after he flipped his last three weeks from beng breech, transverse, breech again and then the cute little monkey on the Sunday Morning of an External version to place him into proper position, he decided to put himself back into the proper delivery spot. However, my OB's still severely underestimated him weight. (During this entire procedure I kept hoping that I would be able to hve a C-section, which we were cautioned might happen with the Version Procedure). Well, I digress and with Aphasia, that happens frequently, and while I was having a multitude of TIA's after my son was born while lying in wait to receive an arteriogram after having had and MRI showing a Left Carotid Vertebral Artery Dissection. I instantaly returned to the Hospital for the afteriogram to show the condition of the arteries. Very, Very long story short, after the canula was inserted into my brain and the contrast media was injected, an instant "POP" was heard in my head and I saw stars. That is when I had the major stroke. after the canula was removed, my right arm bagan to drift all over the table, called a "Pronator Drift" The staff was awesome, especailly since they knew I had a newborn and a 2 year old upstairs. Now, what does all this have to do with Aphasia!!?? My severe strokes (all the TIA's and the one from the procedure were affected to the Left side of the brain, which is where the Speech centers are. There are multiple types of Aphasia one can be affected with. At first, I could barely speak at all. That was really great as I was an Business Office Manager/Register Health Educator for a Pediatric Practice. The Senior Partner innediately sent a note to the OB that delivered my son.......I have never seen such attentiveness from a physician practice. It was not there fault and I had no intntion if suing them, but it was funny watching then squerm!! When the hospital sent me down to Speech therapy I learned the types of Aphasia I have-----and Still have 21 years later. I have Expressive Aphasia, which means I have a great deal of trouble getting the words out of my brain, into my mouth to make a logical sentence. I also have Receptive Aphasia. This means that, as I like to jokingly say, this is my "Deer In The headlights Look" someone may ask me something and I will likely just give them a blank stare for several seconds/minutes until a logical responce comes to mind and hopefully makes sense, at lease to that person. I also refer you back to the Feb/10 notes on Circumlocution. That is a common state a person with Aphasia finds themselves in in a horribly painful attempt to either answer a question or anything from give directions to an opinion. I know I'm wrong, but I find myself keeping quiet......ok lets be honest.....shutting up because I don't want to sound like a stupid idiot because of misunderstancing about Aphasia. Help...........After initial strokes in 1989, I went through Speech Therapy. after Second stroke in 1999 I had some additional therapy, but my benefits were limited. There are some community programs but I'm unfomfortable with them, BUT, DON'T KEEP YOURSEF FROM ATTENDING THEM, SOME OF THEM CAN BE WONDERFUL!! Well, As my Neurologist told me this week, my meds can severely complicate my Aphasia, especialy my Receptive, as well as my Memory Loss----Wonderful! Don't let that influence you though!! Well, The "Gown With The Wind" novelist has returned I wish you all well!! :goodjob: Have A Wonderful Week!! Susan
  8. songbird57

    Hi Karen! It's Susan....Again! Everything everyone has said has been wonderful advice but, again, the neurontin does indeed cause some quite nasty side effects including tremmors, the making you feel goofy and possibly seizures. Thst goes for the entire family of drugs to which it belongs, which if a doc tries neurontin and rejects it will try something similar in the same family. The Drug diversion which Le Hermite talked about is true, but has been going on for years and years. I was a Pharmaceutical Rep in the 80's and it was a problem then. In fact, my Boss caused drug diversion of codeine/methadone cough syrup from me every time he worked with me (he took samples from me at every visit mand made me change the count----I kept an accounting of what he had done every time he'd done it)and then threatened me with my work performance every time he was there. You may think it's only cough syrup, but the FDA lives and breathes by their paperwork from their respective Pharmeceutical Companies amd then how a new drug gets to trial and goes through the approval process through the FDA to get approved. OK, I'm off my soapbox. There are very tight measures in place, yes, they can be broken through, just like anything, but they are there. You STILL need to get to a Pain Specialist that knows how to treat pain. That's what I have gotten to and she finally diagnosed my pain as peripheral neurophy. She gives me Vicodin 5/500 every 6 hours and M.S. Contin 15mg 3 times a day. I have had the MS Contin as much as 30 mg 3 times a day but Dr. thinks this serves me well and for now she's right. I am also using a lidocaine patch called "Lidoderm". It's not a huge panacea but it helps. It's originally diagnosed for shingles, but my doctor will use it "off-label" for pain. I hope this little bit has helped , my friend. Feel better and take care. Susan
  9. songbird57

    Dear jadegreen, Bless you for your prayers. I sincerely appreciate them and all that I can receive from any source. I am trying to do exactly as you say and get rid of all the credit cards as you say, but believe it or not the credit card companies are being my own worst enemy at this time. Unknown to me (I thought they were sending my husband his replacement card) American Express sent my husband another card with a new number in his name. No letter attached. so I thought it was his replacement card for his card that is in his name. Well, long story short I went to pay his bill and it was very strange (I pay bills via the phone) the new account number in his name was now linked to my outstanding balance and that amount I had to pay was MY minimum balance. Long story short, hubby said that Am Ex said they his bill had not been paid and i told him what had happened----then the next day he said I naver explained what was going on!! What had happened Am Ex, without my ppermission has sent me a credit card in my husbands name under MY account. Now remember, he has his own account that is still linked to my account. Now that we have it straighten out I told him that I wanted this card to be destroyed. He had the audacity to say tha no we should keep the card because it's a "couple's card" Couple's my A__ __, that goes against our credit report which is already trash as it is. I told him he has a card, not my fault it's almost maxed out!!. Sorry to go off on a tanget my friend, but this is the kind of junk that i deal with on a daily basis. Then I deal with his Mother who lives with us, who "walks on water" and when my hands were full of groceries and my cane and I didn't speak to her as she was meandering (she doen't walk well and she's quite deaf--when she wants to be--and she's becomming quite senile)towards the mailbox and standing right beside my car and I barely saw her, I turned into the witch of the day. Because goodness knows she too good to speak to me even though I have worked me tail of my entire married life taking care of her and her late husband and she is living in this house we cannot afford ($500,000) with her not putting in any monies toward the monthly expences. No wonder I'm a "Bit looney" We're doing it only with hubby income and what parts of my disablity income that I'm wiling to give. Oh, dear........I have done it again and i promised, promised that I would not do this to anyone again!! That I would not go one and on about what's happening with me. And before someone says it.......Leaving is A LOT EASIER SAID THAN DONE, especially with my multiple disabilities and my small income. My medical team is all for it, so that part is great. but I have 2 college age kids that if I just uped and left home would hate me, and that would kill me more than actually leaving. Bless you all for letting me talk about it again. If you'd rather. I'll just leave the community and you don't have to hear from me again. Peace, Susan
  10. songbird57

    Bill, "Use the anti-depressants as a tool to get you some place else, not as the replacement for happiness." I thought that was a great piece of insight you added, because, trust me, there is not a pill out there that will replace happiness that the stroke damage took away from all of us. Susan
  11. songbird57

    Hello All, Here is the newest comment for him.....there is a procedure that my psychiatrist and I are investigating that is NOT ECT as I am not a candidate for that procedure since the strokes. The procedure uses the MRI to achieve the same end result without the horrible side effects of an ECT procedure. So, long story short, on Friday when my daughter came home from college I wanted to go out to dinner and he didn't want to go where I wanted to go "because he'd eat too much there" so we ended up some where else. The fact of my visit to my doctor came up and almost with glee he asked if the doctor had heard from the other doctor who is responsible for this procedure. I said no, but that he was aware that they perform it at the University of North Carolina and he asked me to check into that. so, I asked my husband "What do you want to do, fry my brain?" He just hesitated for a moment and then, get this said....."No I just want fix you!" What the hell am I a DOG!!!! that you can fix and all is well with the world??? I think I hear him coming, I'd better go Susan
  12. Hi Gavin!! Mine is a strange story, at least back in the day when it happened it was pretty unique. About 2 weeks after I had had my second child I started hadinv symptoms of migraine headaches---which I did have----while I was out grocery shopping. I came home and the headace started and then the precursur symptoms of the migraine called aura, started again - - - - highly unusual for us migrainers. Then all of a sudden I had the classic symptoms of a stroke ---right sided weakness, facial paralysis, problems walking, slight problems lifting/holding things with my right side. I am a health care person (now retired due to permanent disability) and knew what was happening, but everything was so subtile that didn't say anything to anyone yet. I saw my neurologist who followed me for the migraines and to make a long story short....after another week and a half of tests and ultimately having an arteriogram which caused the major stroke, it found that I had an Internal Right Side Carotid/Vertebral Artery Dissection. Almost exactly 10 years later I had a second stroke which was diagnosed as either a silent stroke or caused by a migraine. The neurologist I had to see at that time could not determine the specific cause, but did say that workeplace stress exacerbated my situtation which is why she pulled me out of working into permament disability because she felt that it was too stressful for me to continue working....that the third stroke would most likely be fatal. This is cause a lot from the stress of my Aphasia, resulting from my first stroke in '89 which gets worse when I'm under stress. Hang in there!! Susan
  13. songbird57

    Again, You are all so wonderfully caring and amazing! Yes, I had meant to say earlier we had tried counseling on 2 seperate occasions and, unfortunatelly, he did the same tacticts during both counseling sessions with both counselors...one of which was my ministor. both counselors knew he was not telling the truth and currently my ministor and I are working to help me understand that's what he is...that's pert of his own emotional problems, that we are leaving up to God. Karen, I too hve always believed as you, as does my personal care doctor, but she said that based on what has happened, and you folks have only heard the tip of the iceberg, that even God would forgive and allow the dissolution of thsi marriage if and when it should ever come to this and my own minister and I have discussed this several times already too because I have worried and cried over it more than once and he said the same, God would truely undrstand as does he and our church. Yes, I undersatnd the imperative nature of the legal advice for the property, thank you Stephen. Bless you all for your support, Susan
  14. songbird57

    Karen, Here are those web sites where you can research your neuropathy diagnosis that I told you I had. they may work for you they may not. www.mayclinic.com www.healthywomen.org http://medlineplus.gov This is for the National Institutes of Health www.DukeHealth.org the go to Services and it gives an alpha list of conditions. You can also reaearch their Pain Clinic just to see what one would be like. http://my.clevelandclinic.org then go to Health Information http://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/chat this is for their daily chats with their Health Educators from 10AM to 1:30 PM EST I hope these will give you some guides in what you are loooking for Bless you, Susan
  15. songbird57

    Hey Karen! A for the names on your precription bottles, if the name on the bottle is a name within the same practice as your new "Dr." then what your pharmacy is doing is their computer filling system is automatically pulling out a name from the practice and putting it on your bottle label. To the system, it does not matter what name goes on the bottle, as long as it matches the DEA ID Number for that practice that is in their computer system. So, if this is the case, then I would not worry about anything. It is a very common thing in pharmacies to do this......frustrating, but common. It has happened to me too. I have not forgotten about the pain sties, just have not found them in my concoffeny of info I have between migraines, strokes, and med sites for my daughter's illnesses. Will get them posted asap so everyone can access. You are still in my thoughts & Prayers and Remember your rights, this guy asked to be a medicaid doc, so don't sit there and be lectured to. Get Thee to a Pain Specialist!! :) Susan