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  1. Happy Anniversary songbird57!

  2. Happy Anniversary songbird57!

  3. Happy Birthday songbird57!

  4. Happy Anniversary songbird57!

  5. i was told that the birth control pills thickened my blood even though i don't have any clotting factors. that was the only thing they could come up with. since then i've learned of a number of people having strokes as a result of the pill. i have also suffered from migraines in the past . connections? sorry for no capital letters but it greatly reduces my typing ability doing it with only the one hand. another reason why my family and i think it happened was to help my son. he was in the marines and in the iraq war when i had my stroke. the marines granted him a humanitarian tranfer,my hus
  6. i think and pray for you often. please continue to let us know how you're doing blessings to you


  7. songbird57

    Hi gatitoplata . I have been away for quite a long time and I'm still getting used to the new look to the site and figuring out out to manuver around it---Quite a challenge for a soul likeme! Please forgive me for those of you that have heard this before! If you remember reading my disertation from February '10 I do indeed have and deal daily with Aphasia. I am a little over 21 years into my 2 strokes at the ripe old age of 53. My first stroke was one month after my second child was born, my son,born 9 pounds 12 1/2 ounces; 22 1/2 inches long without the blessing of any drugs. This aft
  8. songbird57

    Hi Karen! It's Susan....Again! Everything everyone has said has been wonderful advice but, again, the neurontin does indeed cause some quite nasty side effects including tremmors, the making you feel goofy and possibly seizures. Thst goes for the entire family of drugs to which it belongs, which if a doc tries neurontin and rejects it will try something similar in the same family. The Drug diversion which Le Hermite talked about is true, but has been going on for years and years. I was a Pharmaceutical Rep in the 80's and it was a problem then. In fact, my Boss caused drug diversion of c
  9. songbird57

    Dear jadegreen, Bless you for your prayers. I sincerely appreciate them and all that I can receive from any source. I am trying to do exactly as you say and get rid of all the credit cards as you say, but believe it or not the credit card companies are being my own worst enemy at this time. Unknown to me (I thought they were sending my husband his replacement card) American Express sent my husband another card with a new number in his name. No letter attached. so I thought it was his replacement card for his card that is in his name. Well, long story short I went to pay his bill and it wa
  10. songbird57

    Bill, "Use the anti-depressants as a tool to get you some place else, not as the replacement for happiness." I thought that was a great piece of insight you added, because, trust me, there is not a pill out there that will replace happiness that the stroke damage took away from all of us. Susan
  11. songbird57

    Hello All, Here is the newest comment for him.....there is a procedure that my psychiatrist and I are investigating that is NOT ECT as I am not a candidate for that procedure since the strokes. The procedure uses the MRI to achieve the same end result without the horrible side effects of an ECT procedure. So, long story short, on Friday when my daughter came home from college I wanted to go out to dinner and he didn't want to go where I wanted to go "because he'd eat too much there" so we ended up some where else. The fact of my visit to my doctor came up and almost with glee he asked i
  12. Hi Gavin!! Mine is a strange story, at least back in the day when it happened it was pretty unique. About 2 weeks after I had had my second child I started hadinv symptoms of migraine headaches---which I did have----while I was out grocery shopping. I came home and the headace started and then the precursur symptoms of the migraine called aura, started again - - - - highly unusual for us migrainers. Then all of a sudden I had the classic symptoms of a stroke ---right sided weakness, facial paralysis, problems walking, slight problems lifting/holding things with my right side. I am a hea
  13. songbird57

    Again, You are all so wonderfully caring and amazing! Yes, I had meant to say earlier we had tried counseling on 2 seperate occasions and, unfortunatelly, he did the same tacticts during both counseling sessions with both of which was my ministor. both counselors knew he was not telling the truth and currently my ministor and I are working to help me understand that's what he is...that's pert of his own emotional problems, that we are leaving up to God. Karen, I too hve always believed as you, as does my personal care doctor, but she said that based on what has happened,
  14. songbird57

    Karen, Here are those web sites where you can research your neuropathy diagnosis that I told you I had. they may work for you they may not. This is for the National Institutes of Health the go to Services and it gives an alpha list of conditions. You can also reaearch their Pain Clinic just to see what one would be like. then go to Health Information this is for their daily chats with their
  15. songbird57

    Hey Karen! A for the names on your precription bottles, if the name on the bottle is a name within the same practice as your new "Dr." then what your pharmacy is doing is their computer filling system is automatically pulling out a name from the practice and putting it on your bottle label. To the system, it does not matter what name goes on the bottle, as long as it matches the DEA ID Number for that practice that is in their computer system. So, if this is the case, then I would not worry about anything. It is a very common thing in pharmacies to do this......frustrating, but common.