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  1. Happy Anniversary Justice9!

  2. Happy Anniversary Justice9!

  3. Happy Birthday Justice9!

  4. Happy Anniversary Justice9!

  5. Happy Birthday Justice9!

  6. Justice9

    Entry #1

    I just now realized that I had even written this blog! I totally forgot. Thank you for the comments. I ended up letting my parents buy my plane ticket to TN. Which I felt was more frustrated to me than driving! Trying to find where to be by myself etc. BUT I did use the little blue envelope they give you for "disability" people. And at one point I thought, "WHY would I drive 8 hours even if I never HAD a stroke when I can just fly!!" DUH!!! Anyway, thank you for the encouragement. I do like the idea of checking in with them, etc. So, that will be something I will try. Yes, I do have defici
  7. Justice9

    Entry #2

    So, as I was reading some posts from people, I noticed someone had a blog. I wondered why I didn't have a blog! I figured it may help me in what's going on and venting etc. I go to start a blog...yep...you guessed it...I already have one! So, that was actually kind of nice! I thanked myself for starting one and here I am! I am preparing to take a license exam for social work and am becoming quite discouraged. My short term memory is shot. Which makes memorizing things next to impossible. I write, I read, I explain, I review etc....nothing seems to make it stick. I can't afford to take th
  8. feeling down....still

  9. sebi99, I like your visual example with the match. I know what you about trying to find the word that fits. I'm not sure what it is called but I often will say "ground" when I mean "floor" or "ceiling" when I mean "sky". People will usually laugh and correct me. But, what I HATE is when people say "well, I do that stuff all the time". Or when people who are older will say that they understand bc they go through this stuff every day. No, they don't understand. Maybe I should carry around a match too.
  10. Thank you all for the replies. They are very helpful to hear how others handle similar situations. I did end up telling our school principal. She just said "Oh!" And that was it. So much for kindness and understanding! Anyway, as I struggle each day, sometimes I wonder why I'm even working. Especially of I have a virus and my stroke symptoms come back stronger. No amount of meds can make it all just go away.
  11. thanks for all the imput. I am going back to this doc. one more time. Mostly bc he is the only one I can get into before October. He is going to do my sleep study. My neurologist is amazing. I love her. So, I always check with her before I take any new meds etc. I am still having vicious migraines/TIA's which I have had since before my stroke. The WORST doc. I had was a neurologist who, after my stroke but before I had KNEW I had a stroke, told me he thought what needed was to see a therapst due to my cognitive issues (speech, loss of words, confusion). I really thought I was losing my min
  12. I was just wondering if anyone choses to find another Doctor if he/she has poor bedside manner even tho he/she is a great doctor. I started seeing another doc. and he speaks very quickly, interrupts me and overall isn't at all interested in what I have to say. However, he is very intelligent. So, opinions?
  13. Thank you all for ur advice. My stroke can't be seen by looking at me. Sometimes this is great, sometimes not so great. I am actually a social worker at an elementary school (20 hours a week). Sometimes the kids will say things or ask questions. But they are so accepting they just move on. Some times they even remind ME! It's the adults who don't know and they throw 10 different things at me at once and then say "ok?" I just feel SO inadequate saying "no! Not ok!" I also feel like they expect me to be "slow" once I tell them. Or that they r just watching to see if I can't handle it or make a m
  14. How do you let people you just met know that you had a stroke? Do you tell people you work with, including your boss? What about people at the store, hotel, restaurant etc.?
  15. Justice9

    Entry #1

    Okay, so here goes my first day of blogging about my stroke. It has been one year, 7 months and 1 day since my stroke. It has been 1 year, 1 month and some days (I don't do #'s well) since my heart surgery. I am struggling these days. A few weeks ago, my father, mother and grandmother decided to have a kind of "intervention" for me. I was planning on driving to TN to stay with a friend for a few days. They decided I shouldn't drive. My mother decided I shouldn't even drive to work! Dad really ripped into me and I totally cried and yelled. They don't understand. They try to compare my experienc