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  1. Happy Anniversary savingthebrain!

  2. Happy Anniversary savingthebrain!

  3. Thanks, Sue and MaryJo. I should add more articles to my website. (finding the time for it). Let me know if you have any ideas for topics :D

  4. Kath - just looked at your site - very informative. I'm glad you are here as so many have questions about loved ones with for example locked-in syndrome and maybe you will be able to help them understand what is going on.

  5. savingthebrain

    A nurse's opinion on neuro doctors........ As one colleague put it, neuro doctors are usually the best and brightest in their class (Neuro is one of the most difficult subjects). They are mostly cerebral in nature, and therefore may be blunt or appear unemotional. A medical student who loved talking and comforting patients could have gone into oncology, or family medicine, or psychology. Neurosurgeons become neurosurgeons because they want to fix things... and fix it fast. And they chose to fix the most complicated organ of all. That said, really gentle / kind / sensitive neurosurgeons are rare and few. But they do exist. However it happens, ask questions. It's always their job to answer them If a loved one needed urgent brain surgery or was critical, I'd get the best neurosurgeon regardless of bedside manner. Skill and expertise in treatment do make a world of difference during this critical period. After the patient is stable, then I'd be more willing to consider other options - perhaps someone who listens more and has better bedside manners. Rehab, after all, is a totally different ballgame.
  6. Nice web page Kathy. Wish I'd found it right after Dan's stroke!

  7. Hi Welcome! Glad to see you made it to the message board.

  8. Welcome to the forums savingthebrain :)