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  1. becky1

    I'm a Mimi!!!!!!

  2. becky1

    If I have a brain injury

    Why not????? It's better than seeing a quack! Becky
  3. becky1

    Going to a new pain doctor

    Good luck,Ken. Maybe this new doc can help you. I'll be praying for you. Becky
  4. becky1

    Head Cold

    "vomitaphobia"? I'm still there - LOL!!!
  5. becky1

    Head Cold

    Oh, man, Janelle! That sounds like something you won't soon forget, even though you may want to. I was going to share that I have had a stomach virus for the last couple of days. I've only been sick 2 other times since I had my stroke. But, based on those 3 experiences, when I get sick, I get really sick. With this stomach virus, for instance, I was afraid to go to my doc, because I knew that while I was in the waiting room or the examination room, I'd have to make a mad dash for the bathroom. Have you ever tried to make a mad dash in a wheelchair? In a large open room, with no hallways or people, maybe. But, Janelle, your experience was far worse. Hope you're better now. Becky
  6. Tracy-This is a stupid question, but did you tell them you're disabled? That should help you move up the list quicker. Becky
  7. becky1

    Head Cold

    Are you "bruisers " on blood thinners or aspirin therapy? They can CAUSE BRUISING MORE EASILY. BECKY
  8. Asha said it all- a stroke is a stroke, no matter how small. Feel blessed that it wasn't worse, and we are glad for you that it wasn't. As Asha said, this is a great site, with lots of info to share. You can come here and post a question if you wish; or share your rants, successes, and not-so-successful endeavors. You can go to chats and do the same., and "talk" to other survivors who have been there, done that. Just roam the site, and click on things to try. Welcome! Becky
  9. becky1

    My amazing daughter

    I saw her picture above and thought she was you when younger. You two look amazingly alike. CONGRATS, Cara!yOUR PARENTS HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE PROUD OF YOU. bECKY
  10. becky1

    Please pray for Pamela (SassyBetsy)

    Hey, Pam, Look over here- There's a whole bunch of people telling you to get well soon, we miss you! We miss your insights and wit. Please know that prayers and love are being sent your way! Becky
  11. Jerry, I had almost an identical problem to Shannon: Prior to my stroke, I had significant hearing loss in my left ear, and some, but not nearly as much, in my right. Since my stroke affected my left side, and I already had a hearing problem on that side, it was assumed that whether or not my left ear was affected, it would not help me now. The question was my right ear. In a stroke of genius, my husband went to a sporting goods store and bought a sound enhancer that hunters use to make sounds in the woods louder when they hunt. It worked! It raised the sound level in my right ear enough so that I could hear. The doctors had considered me unresponsive, and now that I could hear them and do what they asked, I WAS CONSIDERED RESPONSIVE, AND BETTER YET, I COULD HEAR WHAT MY THERAPISTS SAID. They're pretty cheap, about 20 to 30 bucks, and don't work nearly as well as a hearing aid which can run 2-$5,000 or more, and no insurance co.will pay for one. If you try the cheap hunter's amplifier in Shannon's rt ear, it may help you know if he can hear at all. Becky
  12. Jerry, I am sorry to be chiming in so late, but I've been away on a family emergency and saw your post for the first time only tonight. It will be very hard on Shannon in the weeks and months to come, and I'm so glad that he has a friend that he can count on. He is likely to experience a lot of different emotions- anger, fear, frustration, sadness, shock, anxiety to name just a few. And he's going to have lots of questions. Perhaps the kindest thing that you can do is to bring him to Strokenet, where you can type his posts for him, and read comments back to him. Or, just read different posts to him, especially if they concern a problem he's having or a question that he has. By exposing him to Strokenet, at least he'll know that there are others like him, going through the same things. Good luck, you two, and keep us posted, Becky
  13. My stroke occurred while we were traveling home. I was fully conscious during my stroke, losing consciousness only after the EMT'S arrived. I don't remember being in the ER after my stroke, or being airlifted to a stroke hospital. I don't remember being a patient there, or being transferred to a rehab facility. I don't remember being re-admitted to hosp for treatment of several raging infections. I DON'T REMEMBER BEING TRANSFERRED TO A NURSING HOME. What I do remember is becoming fully conscious at the nursing home, and being furious when I found out where I was. All I wanted was to go home. It has now been 12 yrs. since my stroke, and I still can't remember being in the hosp., but I can remember other things like the day before and the day of my stroke. I can also make new memories with no problem. As someone said above, no 2 strokes are alike, so Shannon is unlikely to share my recovery path. But I wanted you to know that a lot of things can change over time for better and for worse. It's a "waiting game" in that you have to wait and see what happens. What Shannon needs most once he is medically stable is therapy, and as much as he can get.Best, Becky.Massive brainstem stroke, Feb. 3, 2007
  14. What everyone has already said is all so very true. I, too, have some suggestions: You don't say what Shannon's limitations are, or if they're from a stroke. If Shanon is in a rehab facility, or a nursing home, and receives therapy, try to attend a few sessions with him/her so that you can be a little prepared for his needs. if you can, talk to his therapists, and get information and "how-to's" from them. Try to be patient. Stroke recovery is slow and hard. Good luck. You're a good friend! Becky
  15. becky1

    saebo device

    That is awesome! Was your hand clenched before you started, or just non-functional? It looked to me like your hand got red on top after wearing it awhile. Is it comfortable to wear? Was it hard to learn how to use it? Sorry for all of the questions,but I have been trying to decide if a Saebo is right for me or a Bioness. Becky