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  1. Liam, Welcome to Strokenet! I'm glad you found us, but sorry that you have a reason to be here. We're a great bunch of people who also have reason to be here. It sounds like you had what I had- a tsunami of a stroke. Which means to me that you have a number of issues with which to cope with at one time. MY SUGGESTION IS NOT TO TRY COPING WITH, OR EVEN THINKING ABOUT ,EVERYTHING AT ONCE. TAKE SMALLER BITES AND CHEW THAT ONE UP BEFORE YOU TAKE THE NEXT ONE. HAVE YOU GUESSED YET THAT I HAD A PEG TOO? I couldn't swallow at first either, and had to be taught how to eat.I still choke sometimes, but I eat a regular diet, and have done so for the last 13 yrs. Eating does get better with practice and time. A lot of things may get better over time. I have another suggestion for you: For your depression try to find a neuropsychiatrist. They are specialists in treating things like depression following a stroke. Good luck. Becky
  2. Don't worry about the how's or why's too much, just be eternally grateful that you are better! But, get a doctor who can help you watch out for those things that can be dangerous for stroke survivors like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Becky
  3. Thea, You might be totally justified in feeling the way that you do, but the anger will not help the situation, and not help you or your husband. Sounds like you know this, but it bears repeating. My first suggestion is for you to get an antidepressant from your doctor. It will help you deal with the depression that you're feeling. Also, see a therapist or counselor who can help you to deal with the anger. You've got a lot on your plate right now, and an antidepressant and therapist can help you navigate these new waters.Best of luck, and good wishes, Becky
  4. becky1

    Magma, Please don't be too hard on yourself-you're only about 3 1/2 mos. post stroke. That's young in terms of stroke recovery. Recovery, if it happens at all, can take months, or weeks. Then again, it could happen tomorrow. That's the way that recovery is, and there's nothing you can do about it but to keep on keepin' on. Best, Becky
  5. becky1

    How wonderfully creative! lOVE IT!
  6. becky1

    Congrats on your new home,Alan. I hope that you will both be very happy there. Becky
  7. becky1

    Hi, Ruric and Welcome to STROKENET! To be a survivor of 5 strokes you seem to be very lucky in that you don.t seem to have had to slow down much. You are still working, and have several other interests as well. I'm glad that you're willing to share with us as we all travel on this recovery journey. Becky
  8. becky1

    One is definately one too many! I COULD LIVE WITH LESS, I THINK. What about you?
  9. Hi, Jon. Welcome to Strokenet! `Sounds like you've made a great recovery so far, and it sounds like you have a lot to share. We have chats, blogs, and here, the Forums whenever you want to share, whatever you want to share.Becky
  10. becky1

    About 6 yrs ago, my doc told me that I was diabetic. I was scared that diagnosis would give me a whole set of other issues which I would have to deal, and it gave me a greater than average chance of having another stroke, and having had one I thought was quite enough. So I began researching diabetes. I found out that many of the meds used to reduce cholesterol cause you to develop diabetes. One article that I read stated that most docs know about this connection, but are powerless to do anything about it because this is all that is out there that's effective. Becky
  11. becky1

  12. becky1

    Hi, Wayne. Welcome to Strokenet! My stroke was 13 yrs. ago, and I've had balance problems for 13 yrs. BUT they're not nearly as bad as they were right after I had my stroke, The 1st year after my stroke, I fell out of 2 different restaurant chairs, out of my wheelchair 3 different times, and out of the passenger seat of my truck once. All of these falls were due to balance issues. Over time, I learned to cope with it better, and the balance issues also got better in time. As I said, I still have balance issues, but they're much improved. Best, Becky
  13. There is nothing wrong with you hoping and praying that your sister walks again-regardless of what the doctors say, Becky
  14. becky1

    I'm no doctor, but it sounds like you took either too long of a walk, or took it at too fast of a pace,.or both. What makes me think this is that you experienced the shaking afterwards, accompanied by sweating, and you still had it the next morning. You gave your body a work-out, just as if you had gone to a gym. Every therapist that I had told me to "slow down". Slowing down gives you more control over your muscles and your brain more time to understand what you want to do. Your strokes were only about a month ago, and your brain is still trying to heal. Learn to listen to your body. It will tell you when it's tired. Best, Becky
  15. becky1

    Hi, UTF and WELCOME to Strokenet! Ask away, and we'll try to answer your question. What's great about asking questions here is that chances are that someone here has had experience with what you're asking about. We're not doctors, but we understand different aspects of a stroke because we've "been there done that." Good luck with everything stroke, Becky
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