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  1. How true, Deigh. I should have said to the co-worker, "I'm stylin', it's not inside-out." LOL Becky
  2. Hey, you did fine! Like Heather said, you checked before you left the house, found some errors, and fixed them. Wish I had looked in the mirror one day, a few years pre-stroke. I didn't know, until a co-worker pointed it out to me, that my shirt was on inside-out! I was so embarrassed. Becky
  3. I'm so sorry, Susan. Maybe you, too, can find a doc who can help you. Prayers, Becky
  4. Saw your pic of your dog in his shades. Cool! He looks ready to ride! Becky
  5. Have you said this to him? Do you think that he understands how his behavior is affecting you? Taltul, if his behavior is coming from the stroke, it won't respond to "talk therapy", as he's not in full control of it. He may not even remember all that he says or does, because it's not coming from him, it's due to stroke damage. What he needs to do is to see a neuropsychiatrist because these hard-to-find critters can connect the dots between neurology and behavior. When he's calm, talk to him calmly, and suggest that you both need a professional opinion...put in your own words. If he refuses, then you'll have to decide what you want to do, because, as I said earlier, if it's neurological, he's not in control. Good luck, Becky
  6. Alan, I've used both a hemi and a walker, which differ from each other in terms of how much assistance they give you. A walker gives you the most assistance, as you hold onto it with both hands, so it supports both sides of your body. A hemi, roughly half the size ( hence, its name) of a walker, you hold on 1 side. While it gives you less support than a walker, its 4 legs and size give you more support than a 4-point cane, which is the next level of decreasing support. So, it's not an issue of which is harder, but, how much support do you need. What your neuro is saying is that you're able to do on your own what a walker can do for you. Congrats! But, if you feel uncomfortable about using a hemi, talk to your PT. And, if you don't have one, get a 'script for one from your doc. Good luck, Becky.
  7. Hi, JLB411. Welcome to SN! Sorry you have a reason to be here, but glad you found us! You'll get a lot from this site. There's this message board, blogging, chats, and lots of things to provide you with info about stroke. No apology needed for venting as it's also one of the things we're here for. Things will improve- you'll see. You'll have to work at it long and hard, but things will get better. Maybe not a 100%, or fast, but you'll see improvements. And when she grows up, and can understand, I bet your daughter will be proud of her mom for never giving up. Good luck, Becky.
  8. Before my husband and I were married, he had a Great Dane who loved to go 4-wheeling. So, our "dates" consisted of hubby-to-be sitting in front, driving, me behind, and, bringing up the rear was a large, black GD. He liked to curl up in as small of a ball as he could, and go to sleep! When awake, he'd stay where he was, with his nose twitching every which way as he smelled the unfamiliar odors of the WV mountains. I don't know who had more fun-us, or the dog. LOL! Some of the most memorable times of my life. All of this to say that having a dog with you can enhance your trips, and possibly add more to it than anything else could. Happy Trails, Becky
  9. OMG, that was hysterical! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the belly laugh! Becky
  10. Hi, Bill. Welcome to Strokenet! You have made a quick recovery, but don't be alarmed if you start to slow down- that's normal for stroke recovery. Good luck on the job search! Becky
  11. 4 mos. before my stroke, I dislocated a bone in my wrist. Very painful injury, requiring emergency surgery. After the cast was removed, I was sent to a hand specialist. She started our sessions by wrapping my hand in warm towels, she said were to ease pain, and to encourage movement. Boy, they felt so good on my hand. And, it worked, too. For the first time in weeks, I could move my hand and fingers without pain. But this was 10 yrs ago- I've never heard of using corn husks for this. How interesting! Becky
  12. If I were you, I'd be feeling more than just jealousy. I don't want to hurt or offend you, but it sounds to me like she wants to have her cake, and eat it, too. Because, according to her plan, she can have the other man, and the baby without having to feel guilty about leaving you in your "hour of need" because she took you with her!. All of you can live wherever she lived with you, where everything is already establ ished, and this "other man" can just pick up where you left off. If you're OK with this arrangement, then 'nuff said. But, if you're not, apply for `SSI if you haven't done this yet,then go to your local Dept. of Social Services, or whatever it's called there, and apply for Medicaid and Food Stamps, and whatever else you may be eligible for. Is there a family member or a friend with whom you can stay awhile? None of these services starts immediately after you apply. My goal in making these suggestions to you is to give you options that may give you help to live alone. Medicaid, for instance, may give you an in-home aide for some time during the week. Most areas have Medicaid transportation which will take you to and from medical appts and other necessary stuff like therapy. If you want to, you can check out what programs are available in your area. Becky
  13. Oh, I know-You can call your hats "custom made" because you make them to people's requests, like with a bug zapper, etc. on it. Can you make the bug zapper detachable so that in the Winter, it can be replaced with a heater? '
  14. Let me clarify some I have one question: Does she already know who this "other man" is?