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  1. becky1

    I had a kind of similar experience the other day with my husband of all people! Usually, he understands me but this time he didn't and I was mad because I couldn't figure out how else to say it so that he could understand me. And guess what? It was also a computer thing. Maybe speech therapists should start having a few lessons in "computerese". Becky
  2. becky1

    Thank you, LIN. Hope you're well and happy. Becky
  3. becky1

    Ray, Thank you for the update. I'm so glad that things are going well for you. Keep it up- including the updates. iT DOESN'T SOUND AS IF THAT WONDERful attitude has changed one bit! Becky
  4. becky1

    1. Dizzy, 24/7; numbness and/or tingling all over my left side, head, and in places inside my mouth; totally deaf in the left ear, substantial hearing loss in rt.; Nystagmus-both eyes; dysarthria-speech; dysphagia-swallowing; bladder unable to hold urine;lt. side paralysis, drop-foot, and lt. foot will roll to its side; spasticity and tone in different places; balance issues; generalized anxiety disorder. 2. Dizziness and tingling went away except that I still get dizzy spells that last a couple of seconds 3x a wk or so. I still have numbness, but it seems less intense. Deafness-no change. Nystagmus still in lt eye, but not in rt. I still have both dysarthria and dysphagia. While both are much-improved, both still pose daily challenges to me; I trained my bladder 13 yrs ago, and I haven't had to go back to wearing pull-ups, but I don't think that I can hold urine as long as I could BS. No change in my foot rolling over, spasticity, or tone. And the biggie is that I have been in a wheelchair for the last 12 1/2 years because of balance and other issues 3. 12 1/2 4 Hemorrhagic, slightly to rt. in Pons (brainstem).
  5. It can be so misleading to read about something and think that you understand it all. But to make major decisions about someone else's life based on your understanding of what you've read is just wrong, or should be. "Never judge a man (or woman) until you've walked in his moccasins."
  6. becky1

    Can you write down what you want to say beforehand, and either read them what you wrote or just write down points you want to make? Or, tell them you have a speech problem and ask if you can e-mail. I like Paul's solution better but these are less likely to land you in jail. Becky
  7. becky1

    Amen! to everything you said, Deigh. I had no idea what was going on. I later thought that it would've been so nice to have had some info 2yrs later, I found Strokenet and had my remaining questions answered. Becky
  8. becky1

    I think that JWalt is right; the questions will come out. However, I felt scared a lot, mostly because I was confused. and/or didn't know what was going on. It would have helped me so much if someone had just explained the basics to me. Instead, I pummeled my husband with questions he couldn't answer, leaving us both frustrated. 1. What happened? 2. What is a stroke? 3. When can I go home? 4. Why can't I use my arm or leg? 5.Therapy? What's that? Why can't I have therapy at home? 6. Am I going to die, and that's why I can't go home? 7. What happens when I go home? Will I be cured? Hopefully, none of your clients will be like this. I really was. Becky
  9. How bizarre! Try not drinking anything for at least an hour before you go to bed., especially anything with alcohol in it. And if you feel as if you're thirsty, drink only water. Don't know if it'll help, but it might. Best, Becky
  10. becky1

    Eclare, Do you know the cause of your stroke? If you do, start there and eliminate it as a potential factor in a future stroke. Most of us who had more severe strokes were immediately started on a drug regimen that included medication for the known causes of stroke, or anti-cholesterol meds and high blood pressure meds. You may not need either one. And that's a good thing as each has the possibility of having side effects. So, as Paul suggested, see your doctor for help with this. Welcome to Strokenet! Becky
  11. becky1

    I was responding to this. Sorry for the confusion I should have been clearer.
  12. Geez-That sucks! So you're only guaranteed an income if you don't work (too hard)? 0
  13. Benni, I used to get these all of the time, but not so much now. The one that I remember most, probably because it was recurrent and very annoying, was that whenever I made a fist with my left hand, it felt as if I had small wooden blocks under my fingers, Whenever I checked, of course, nothing was there. But it felt so real! Becky
  14. As a kid growing up in Fla. it wasn't the pre-hurricane that we looked forward to, but the post-hurricane- unless something unusual happened. Like the time my mother started screaming- "There are snakes swimming in the patio! My brother and I immediately started a chorus of "I wanna see!" while my parents were frantically trying to stuff towels and stuff under the doors in case the waters rose and the snakes could get inside. Or, after the hurricane: "I wanna go outside". We wanted to go swimming! We knew that sometimes after a hurricane the streets are flooded, and it's so much fun to go swimming in the streets! JUST DON'T LET YOUR PARENTS CATCH YOU! This was in the early '60's outside Tampa. I'm sure things are different now. Becky
  15. becky1


    Tom, My doc, while I was in in-pt rehab, told me that the large muscle groups recover first (leg muscles) followed by the smaller groups (hands.) This is not saying that the hand muscles will recover if the leg muscles do. It's just saying that this is the typical pattern of recovery. So don't give up on his hand yet. Good luck with everything. Becky