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  1. Hi! I don't think that this will help you now, but when he becomes more alert, it might, so thought I'd mention it now, before I forget. I couldn't speak after my stroke, either. My fiirst Speech Therapist had to teach me how to speak - how to make words come out of my mouth. Until I could speak, my husband and I used a "spellboard". It was simply a piece of paper with the letters of the alphabet on it. I'd point to letters to spell a word. He'd write the letters down until a word was spelled. When he thought he had a senctence, he'd read it back to me, then say his reply. Usually, he figured out what I was trying to "say" before I spelled it. My point is that you all will find a way to communicate. It may be very different from speaking with words, but you'll find a way , Becky
  2. Welcome to Strokenet! You've recovered most of your functions, and that's great! The doctors fixed the problem this time, why can't they do the same thing if it happens again? Good luck with everything! Becky
  3. Yeah, Tracy, how are you doing? ( I like the way Kelli said this). Becky
  4. Kind of what I was thinking, Kelli, but I was thinking they gave him something to dissolve the clot, and then (too soon) gave him the blood pressure med.
  5. My question is do you know if you were also given the clot-buster, or TPA, or any other anti-coagulant?
  6. Hang in there, Ken! I'll keep you in my prayers. Becky
  7. Ed, Thank-you for your info. I'm not for or against the use of CBD oil or marijuana for pain reduction. I was just reporting what I'd read. I think it's interesting. And, they're both a natural remedy, as cons2g asked for. What interests me, though, is that on one hand there are these huge pharmaceutical companies making billions by selling pills worldwide that may, or may not treat the symptom,, facing off against a plant that's basically a weed, which grows just about anywhere and is low- maitainance. There is a part of me which is furious that the pharm. cos. can get away with what they do: They make meds which may, or may not, treat the symptom, not the cause, but the symptom. In addition, this med has side-effects, which they don't tell us about. But, when we begin to have those side-effects, the pharms have another pill at the ready to treat that. That being said, I would love to read one day, that the lowly hemp plant proved its mettle against the giant pharm. cos., and that the pharm. cos. were trying to figure out how to deal with their projected losses. Becky
  8. I just rcently saw an article about CBD oil, which is extracted from the same plant that grows marijuana. But the CBD oil contains no THC, so, it's legal in all 50 states. It's supposed to treat pain and anxiety, among other things. Because it's legal, and available without a prescripion, you can buy it on-line. Supposedly, there are clinical trials going on now, but CBD hasn't yet been proven to be effective, nor does it have FDA approval.I'm sorry,but that's about all I know. I ran across this info accidentally, and I don't have CPS, so I didn't pursue it. Marijuana, however, has been linked to pain reduction. But it's not legal,and does have THC, so,it does get you "high". But maybe you live in a state in which marijuana can be prescribed for medical use.? Good luck, I hope you find something that works, Becky
  9. Jon, Sleep disturbances are common after a stroke. Try the pod idea, and if that doesn't work for you, ask your doc for a mild sleep-aid. They don't make you feel hung- over the next day, and are non-addictive for short-term use. I don't know how "short" short-term is, but it's longer than for other sleep aids. Maybe listening to a pod-cast and taking a mild sleep-aid would work. Or, try listening to relaxing music you like. Good luck, Becky
  10. Ken, I hope you find a solution soon. Becky
  11. Excellent start! Yes! Please keep us posted on how you're doing. Becky
  12. Jon, Sometimes, after a stroke you don't realize that something has been affected until you try to do something, and find, to your surprise...you can't do it. I'm thinking in particular about driving-may not be a good thing to do right now.At least until you know the full impact of your stroke. Do you have a regular doctor? If you do, now might be a good time to see him or her. You need a doc for any prescription meds or therapy you may need, and just for medical follow-up on known stroke factors like blood pressure and cholesterol. You may also benefit from seeing a neurologist who can read your MRI for you, and tell you things like what kind of stroke you had, and where; what may have caused your stroke, etc. The stroke-fatigue willl be with you for awhile. Ignoring it for a long period of time isn't an option. Work may not be possible for a few weeks Listen to it as soon as you can, because it's your brain, talking to you, and telling you it's tired. Your brain is trying to heal the damage done by the stroke, and it does this best while your conscious mind is sleeping. You are so new to stroke.... I'm sorry if I sound negative, but there really aren't any positives, unless one of your dreams has been to become a "couch potato" because you have just been given the best reason in the world to become one for awhile. Just hibernate for awhile, and sleep whenever you feel the need. Take good care. Becky
  13. I had no idea there were so many on FB! Cromely, you may just be right. The convenience alone- of being able to access different groups from 1 place- may convince many to look no farther. When I first came to SN, it was like coming to an oais in the middle of the desert. FB wasn't as much of a phenomena then. Like Deigh, I'm not a big FB fan, but I still maintain a page there.
  14. -yeah, did you also know that pharm. cos. have some of the largest lobbying groups in DC?
  15. As Kelli said, Welcome to the family! Sounds like you've been through a lot! Any deficits? Any rants, or anything we can try to help you with? Where are you at in your recovery? Rehab? I'm nosey, I know, but I want to know anything you want to share. Becky