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  1. THATTA GIRL! You can't keep a good egg down! I think that often people don't realize that when you come here often enough for everyone to get to know you, you become one of our tribe members, and everyone feels that you're like part of a family. And when you're not here, we miss you, and want to know you're OK.
  2. Kelli, Please tell her I'm glad she's OK. I knew she mentioned she was having surgery, and would be MIA for "awhile". But "awhile" became longer and longer, and I was getting concerned. In a similar vein, anyone heard from Fred? I know that he said that he was leaving, and why, but I figured he'd take a "breather" and come back. I'm concerned because, as I recall, both he and his wife had some health concerns. Jeanelle? aka "Green Queen"? She's newer to the group, but she was here nearly every day. Then she wasn't here. I loved her British/Aussie way of saying things. Becky
  3. Kelli, The no. one rule for me is to choose a place and time which is distraction-free. That means that I don't have 11 different things to do, and, if I do, they're put on a back burner because this task is more important. I HAVE A PLACE TO DO THE TASK WHICH IS FREE OF DISTRACTIONS- NO TV,RADIO, PHONE,etc. I get everything out that I will need beforehand. Once that's done, I start.
  4. Crystal, You must have a lot of unanswered questions. After reading your story, my first question is if the doctors ever found out what was causing your strokes? Knowing what caused your strokes may help you to put your life together and it might help you to prevent having another stroke.. We will try to help you with your questions, too. Just ask away, and we'll do our best. Welcome to Stokenet! Becky
  5. Yeah, I get very uncomfortable in small, enclosed places myself. I'm not sure that it rises to the level of claustrophobia, but I can easily see myself refusing an MRI because of it. But, intubation? They could eat my dust, and see just how fast a wheelchair can fly when the driver is wheely motivated. Becky
  6. The GOOD NEWS is that you can eat ice cream- guilt-free! You were intubated for an MRI? Never heard of that being done before. Hope you feel better soon. Becky l
  7. Margrock, If you decide to talk to the "doc", be a "cautious" consumer, and ask some questions: Is the treatment guaranteed to work? Does it have FDA approval? Why not? In which medical journals can I read about this treatment? While no med treatment can be guaranteed, because there will always be those who don't respond to the treatment,drs. often answer this kind of question in terms of percentages such as "We have a 98% success-rate". These percentages come from clinical trials, but there hasn't been any clinical trials, and the FDA requires clinical trials too, which is why this drug has not been submitted to the FDA for approval. I'm sorry, I know how much you wanted our reports on this treatment to be positive ones. But, in this post-stroke journey, there doesn't seem to be any short-cuts. Becky
  8. Omar, Congrats on "dodging the bullet" twice! Having your PFO closed,and making some lifestyle changes should prohibit any future strokes. Starting a blog may be a good way of tracking your progress on making changes in your lifestyle. Becky
  9. Can you give more info on "strange things?" Becky
  10. Pam, I have dysarthria from my stroke,and while I can't explain it as well as you, I've had many of the same experiences as you. Usually, if people would just take the time to listen to me talk, and try to understand what I'm saying, they would understand what the odd-sounding words are. My friends and family understand me, because they have tried to understand me. And, if they don't, they have found that I don't mind at all if they ask me to repeat what I just said. But, the problem is that a lot of people won't, or can't, take the time to try and understand you. What I've found that helps sometimes is to explain my problem to them briefly, then ask them if they would mind communicating via email because I can write better than I talk. If they agree to this, they soon discover that I'm not as dumb as they think I am.Best, Becky
  11. I'm jealous, too. Last wk-end, I planted some tomato seeds I'd forgotten I had, and worried that it was late to be planting. Becky
  12. I think that anything that starts post-stroke can be short- or long-term, just like any other stroke affect. Becky
  13. Hope it does all that you want it to do-and, more! Becky
  14. That sounds like a nasty side-effect. If it were me, I'd have to call neuro now (during business hrs.). This must be so frustrating for you. Hang in there! Becky
  15. keep in mind, though, that your frequent crying may be due depression, pba, or both. depression and pba are not the same things. pba is the lack of control over emotional responses. the classic example being laughing at a funeral, or crying because someone says they dropped their spoon. crying because you feel depressed is crying because you feel sad, "down the dumps".it is crying for a reason- you are feeling unhappy. you can have one, or both of these. i went into detail about these so that you would understand why you may need 2 different meds. both conditions are common after a stroke, and both are easy to treat. you can get treatment from your regular doc, or, as tracy recommends, a psychiatrist or a neuropsychiatrist may be better able treat you. get help from your doc, psychia, or neuropsych now, as there is no reason to try to deal with this any more! good luck, becky