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  1. becky1

    Lg, I don't know how long it wiil take. It depends on a lot of things. I'm guessing that what may take the longest may be assessing him to figure out what he needs and then finding a place which meets those needs. Becky
  2. becky1

    LG. I'm SORRY YOUR PLANS DIDN'T WORK QUITE AS WELL AS YOU HOPED. Call the ;local hospital and talk to the HOSPITAL social worker. Or, you can call the local crisis intervention worker for the Mental Health Center- this service is available 24/7. Or, if you feel that he will be combative, call the police as they can transport him safely to the hospital, not to arrest him but to get him evaluated, which has to happen anyway before he can be placed anywhere. You cannot place him by yourself. You need to have a doctor's referral. If your friend has a personal doctor, you can also ask them if the
  3. becky1

    That probably would have freaked me rt. out. My stroke symptoms were felt first in my face. I'M SO SORRY YOU HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS, BUT GLAD YOU'RE OK Becky.
  4. becky1

  5. becky1

    JAnelle, When I was in therapy, the therapists always had to secure my foot if 5hey could and my lt hand if to whatever I WAS DOING. i have no feeling on my left side so that meant that my left foot didn't even know that it had a peddle under it, if I was riding a stationary bike, for instance. they secured my foot to the peddle with Velcro straps.WHEN THEY COULDN'T FIND VELCRO, THEY USED WHATEVER THEY COULD FIND THAT WAS LONG ENOUGH. BECKY
  6. becky1

    Good luck, Alan. Prayers. Becky
  7. becky1

    COVID has changed all of our lives in so many ways...It's hard to imagine what the future will look like. Becky
  8. The problem for me is that sometimes with these "little problems" I don't know whether they're stroke-related or old-age-related. Or, neither ?Becky
  9. Yours is a toughie. I can only think of a couple of things that you might want to consider : You need a therapist for YOU!! Not because there's anything wrong with yo u, but you need to have someone in your life you can dump on, and who will listen to you . That person cannot help your wife, because her problems are neurological, and that kind of problem can't be helped with "talk therapy". So, please try to see a therapist for your benefit alone. Maybe in talking with you the therapist will come up with things that you can do to help the situation. Maybe not, but the important thing h
  10. becky1

    Thanks,Heather. I think that I saw a picture of one about a yr. ago, but it was labelled as "a round tent". I was very curious about it, which is probably why I remember it so well. GQ, what is "glamping"? Geez, I'm learning a whole new vocabulary here. Maybe I should take notes. Becky
  11. becky1

    LG, I think that Janelle may be on to some6hing here: Seeing you express honest emotion gave him a chance to see that there are consequences to one's actions, both to the recipient and himself as he felt remorseful afterwards. You could have talked about these things all day, but showing him in real time, real life probably showed him much better and quicker. And you needed to feel safe exposing yourself to him. All in all, it may have been a "good" experience for both of you. This sounds as much like a journey of discovery as it does a journey of recovery to me. My prediction is
  12. becky1

    DEIGH, What it is is uncontrolled muscular movements that look like random movements, which have no purpose other than to irritate their host, or the one who is having them. For instance, early in my recovery, whenever I stood up my left leg would start shaking, like I was doing a bad Elvis imitation. The shaking was not caused by anything that I knowingly did, nor did it assist me in my goal of standing . My left hand will start shaking sometimes if I extend my left arm trying to reach something. These issues started about 6 mos. after my stroke, so about 13 yrs. ago. While I still have prob
  13. becky1

    There is a difference between running away from , and running to, and it sounds like you're running to. And it just might be the ticket. Like Heather said, you can both start over, get things the way you want/need them to be, and be somewhat of a distraction for both of you. Might be good for both of you. Just don't expect any "miracle cures". Stroke deficits tend to be stubborn no matter where you are Becky.
  14. I love reading posts- long or short, but with nystagmus still in my left eye, it's difficult to read long posts because I keep losing my place. But I can find it eventually, so don't let that keep you from posting long posts whenever you want to! Becky