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  1. becky1

    Happy Birthday! I'm glad that you had such an awesome day-You deserved it! Becky
  2. becky1

    I was thinking the same thing, Scott. It was used on me in rehab for my swallow muscles. Becky
  3. It's that time again...time for me to figure out WHAT TO GET MY MOTHER FOR XMAS! This is a yearly dilemma that usually sends me to bed with a headache. She's 83, and a stroke survivor who has both physical and mental deficits. She lives in Assisted Living. She wants for nothing. If we ask her what she wants she says "Nothing. I have everything I want or need ." And our phone conversations can be so disappointing and frustrating to both of us. Because between her hearing deficits and mine and her dysarthria and mine, most of them consist of things like "Huh?" "What?" and "Say again." To make matters worse she can't call me because she can't remember my ph. number, and can't read (stroke deficits). I was mulling this over last night when it hit me. I WANT TO GET HER A PHONE FOR XMAS AND PRE-PROGRAM IT SO SHE ONLY HAS TO HIT ONE KEY TO REACH ME AND ONE NUMBER TO REACH HER ONLY OTHER CHILD, MY BROTHER WHO LIVES IN COLORADO. I HAVEN'T looked for a landline phone in approximately 20 years Haven't needed to since cell phones took over the world. And, I expected to have o pay a lot. So my trusty mouse and I set off to buy a phone. The first 2 stores didn't have what I wanted, and what they had was with a hefty price tag. So, with trepidation, I went to the 3rd store, and under a sign saying "GIFTS UNDER $100.00" I FOUND IT- A PHONE THAT SEEMS PERFECT AS IT CLAIMS TO DO MORE than I required such as "picture frame" buttons which stores and dials ph nos. She won't even have to remember a number! All she has to do is press the female button to get me, or male for my brother! There were several different phones there for hearing impaired. But the one that most impressed me, and the one I'll probably get for myself, is a CAP-TEL PHONE. which displays the words that someone has just said to you on a large screen on the phone. These were not commercially available when I first saw them,, and they were not-under $100.00, so, yeh, I was impressed. So if you or someone you know has a hearing impairment, you may want to check out the phones that are now available for hearing or physically- handicapped people.
  4. becky1

    Renzo, Welcome to StrokeNet! Please don't give up on those lingering side effects (we call them "deficits"). You are very young in terms of stroke recovery, and recovery from a stroke is notoriously slow. It can take months or even years. So hang in there, these things may improve yet! Becky
  5. becky1

    Thank you, everyone! I'm just happy that I have one less chemical in my body to worry about. Like you, Willis, if I had my way, I wouldn't be on any meds. W2, I haven't really done anything except to give control of the salt shaker to my husband, who doesn't salt his own food at all,so he's not as liberal with it as I am. tHANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS AGAIN! BECKY
  6. Alan, that is really a good idea, and one I may look into for myself if I can figure out how to make it work with my deficits. Thank you. Becky
  7. Alan, That is reall a ood idea, and one I
  8. becky1

    I've been off all of my meds for at least 2 weeks. This was unintentional. So I saw my doc for a routine appt. today and my BP WAS 124/80. She felt that if my BP was that low off of it that I didn't need it. I didn't share with her that I'd had a very stressful morning but got there on time for my 8AM appt . I expected BP to be elevated, but it was within normal limits! This will be the first time in 12 yrs that I've not been on a BP med. Kind of scary, but progress. So don't give up anyone. Good things can happen unexpectedly no matter how far out you are. Becky
  9. becky1

    Scott, i'm WITH YOU ON THIS ONE 100%. Becky
  10. becky1

    I was on Ambien for awhile in the nursing home. It affected me like it affected you; 4 or 5 hrs after I took it I woke up. Problem was I was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. I wanted to get out of bed and they wanted me to stay in bed. Made for some interesting nights.
  11. becky1

    What does "non-formulary" mean anyway? Soma has been around for several years-Certainly long enough to be formulary and certainly long enough have a generic. I
  12. becky1

    will, I do have constipation problems, but had it before I started Baclofen. I'm in a wheelchair and have been told by my doc that it's due to a lack of mobility. I have had problems with my bladder since my stroke. Came home from rehab in"pull-ups" as they like to call them. But trained myself to use the toilet, like normal. It took me a year. Before I started Baclofen, I read on here several comments from caregivers mostly that Baclofen caused urinary incontinence /increased urination in their loved ones. I didn't want to undo a year's worth of training, yet I knew that I needed SOMETHING! So, I got the 'script filled and hung onto it for a few mos. When I felt brave enough I tried it. Guess what? It reduced the number of times that I had to get up in the middle of the night to go pee! As to Baclofen being used for strokers, all I can say is if that is the case, then an awful lot of people are on the wrong med because it's widely prescribed for strokers. The only problem that I've had with it is that it causes sleepiness. I take mine at night before I go to bed for that reason. I wasn't coiled, so I don't know how, or if Baclofen would affect that. But, I think you're wise to check. I can't guarantee you'll be able to play the guitar with Baclofen, but who knows? Good luck with everything. Becky
  13. becky1

    wll, I am almost 13 yrs. out too, and I have done similar dozens of times. I will completely forget that my left hand is not entirely functional. The last time was about a week ago when I did exactly what you did. While trying to pick up one pill bottle, I knocked it and several others over. Thank God, the caps were all on securely, which hasn't always been the case. But it dawned on me that maybe I'm not just absent-minded, maybe I forget that my left hand was affected because I haven't given up yet. I still expect my lt hand to do normal things. I also wanted to tell you that I take Baclofen for spasticity and tone. It helps me grab one pill bottle only, instead of trying to knock then all over. It's a muscle relaxer that calms the spasticity down so that I can control my hand better. Becky
  14. Benni, That's my understanding, too. The only thing that I know about HBP is that they tell you to lower your salt intake.
  15. Benni, I've never done any research in this area, but I'll hazard a guess that so much is variable that no one can say exactly how many points are raised if you do "x". Take eating for example. How many points your blood pressure goes up may depend on not only what you eat, but how much. How much sodium or sugar does it contain? Are there other stressors there, like someone telling you to hurry up? Are you under time constraints for any other reason such as it's lunch hour? Any physical problems with eating, I have swallowing problems, for instance. Some things will have other factors present which will affect your rise in BP. And some not so much. Happy researching! Becky