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    I only met Denny once, and his kindness and patience impressed me. Those are qualities I admire in anyone. To those who knew him well, and his family, my condolences. Becky
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    You're welcome!
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    Susan, What did you do about your diet? I avoid fried food, and known offenders" like potato chips and fast food, and I still don't come down. Maybe there's something I'm not avoiding. Tracy,If you're already diabetic you should ask your doc. I didn't research what it might do to someone who's already diabetic.
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    Benni, My left, affected foot has a continuous problem with swelling, and I get similar bumps on that foot. My doc said it's from the expansion/contraction of my skin. Sometimes they itch, and if I scratch them, they fall off. And if they stay on long enough, my skin will actually peel ( looks a lot like the peeling you see after a sunburn). There's a medical term for it, but I don't remember what it is. Anyway, they aren't serious, and look as though they need a good moisturizer- they're white, small, scaly bumps. When yours went away, had you bathed or used lotion on your skin? As I said, sometimes they just fall off, and look like dry patches of skin. Becky
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    Tracy, Crestor is a powerful, effective med, often chosen by docs after you first have a stroke because of its' effectiveness. As a first-line-of-defense drug, it usually excels. However, it also has a host of side effects. I took it for almost 7 yrs. after my stroke. I didn't have the side effects that you've described, but I had others. It caused me to have a prickly sensation on my skin. This only lasted a few minutes, was more aggravating than painful, and I could handle it. I couldn't handle diabetes that it caused. Unfortunately, all statins can cause this, but I wasn't on all statins; I was on this one. After being off of it for about 6 mos., diabetes went away. I did exhaustive research after my diagnosis and found that most docs know about the risks associated with statins, but there isn't anything else out there that compares with their effectiveness, so they feel as if they don't have a choice, especially with high-risk patients[like us]. I moved and had to get a new doc. She patiently listened to my concerns, then tried to convince me to stay on Crestor. I wasn't convinced. She finally put me on Lipitor, a milder statin. My cholesterol still hovers in the high-normal range, which it did on Crestor. But gone is the prickly skin and diabetes. It may come back, I know that, but what choice do I have? Good luck, Becky
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    Kris, Congrats on dodging the bullet. But tell us more about your rehab, and about plans to do anything about your clogged artery. You are welcome to come here any time you like. You can vent here, ask questions, or share your thoughts on your journey so far. Best, Becky
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    Tracy hit the nail on the head, I think. Your filter isn't working! We all have a filter that stops us from saying things that are not appropriate at certain times or places. It filters what we say, and to whom we say it, when. You wouldn't tell an off-color joke to your preacher because your filter says "not to". Since your filter isn't working, you will have to be your own filter for a while until it starts working again. Before you say anything to anyone, try this: As you inhale, think the word "and", and as you exhale, "one"; inhale, think "and", exhale, "two"-and do this until you reach "10". Do you still have a desire to speak? Are you calmer now? If not, count to 10 again. You can do this as many times as you want. Or, instead of saying anything, excuse yourself to get a drink of water, go to the restroom, or take a walk-whatever is convenient for you. The object here is to put you back in control of what you say, and when you say it. Hope this helps.Becky
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    That's a beautiful story, Deigh. One I think would make a great children's book to encourage aspiring Butterfly Whisperers. Becky
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    Hey, Mark, Good to hear that everything is going well and that you're moving forward. Expect to see more progress, but it might be slower in coming. Becky
  10. Prommie, There have been others who claim that their loved ones have no motivation after having a stroke. Apparently, it is possible to have a stroke which damages the part of one's brain that deals with motivation. He is not in control of his motivation, and I don't know of anything that you can do except to arrange for him to be seen by a neuropsychiatrist to see whether there is any therapy or meds that might help him. Neuropsychs are uniquely qualified to examine your husband because they are specialists who examine neurology's effect on behavior. Good luck, Becky
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    Mark, Know too that different parts of your body will heal at different rates, and may not heal sequentially. It's like the healing is random, and not in any particular order. For instance, my hand and shoulder both loosened up long before my elbow area, so I was unable to raise my arm over my head for several weeks until my elbow healed more. Logically, you would expect the healing process to be sequential, or hand, elbow, shoulder, or shoulder, elbow, hand, but it doesn't always do what's "logical". Secondly, you are new to the recovery journey, and some things just come back with very little encouragement, others take longer. As you move down the recovery road, you will probably find that fewer and fewer things come back so easily or quickly. Third, knee problems are very common among survivors. Many of us have to wear AFO'S partially because our ankles are not getting the support that they need from the knees. I have to wear a full-leg brace for this reason and also my knee tends to hyper-extend. None of this is meant to say that your knee won't get better. There are several reasons that it is not better now, that's all. If your knee continues to give you problems- and it might, as there are no guarantees- there are products that can help you such as AFO 'S, FULL LEG BRACES, WALKERS,CANES ETC.Your PT will suggest what she/he thinks would work best for you or if you even need one. You're doing great! Just continue working with your therapists as long as you can. Good luck, Becky
  12. ka-ching! ka-ching!
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    Good luck, MJS. `Becky
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    Janelle, You are so right, and I COULDN'T AGREE MORE. tHESE ARE NOT OPTIONAL MEDS THAT WE TAKE, nor are they drugs made to enhance our appearance, or make us feel good; they are life-saving chemicals that I wish I didn't have to take. But I AND MILLIONS OF OTHERS DO HAVE TO TAKE THEM. And, it makes me mad that the pharmaceutical cos. have us over a barrel, and they not only know it but take advantage of it. Because we only have two choices: To take our lives into our own hands, and not take the meds, or take them, and pay whatever they ask because we want to live, and not have another stroke. For most of us, this is a no-win choice. We can choose not to take the meds, but run a higher risk of another stroke, or we can choose to take the meds and help make the pile of money for the pharm co. grow. I don't know about you guys,but I get so anxious about the idea of having another stroke that it's not even a choice. OK, I`m ready to get off the soapbox now.Becky
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    Deigh, Great! Valerie has already been to doc about her swelling, and her's worried me a little because it sounded like a "new" thing, without any obvious cause, like decreased mobility. Your machine sounds a lot like an E-stim machine.Try using it on your fingers which have been slow to learn what to do. One of my therapists used it on the muscles around my mouth to help me with chewing and talking. Try it there to see if it helps your speech. Another used E-stim on my throat to help my talking and eating. I think you know not to use it inside your mouth-outside only, please. Therapists in US use it for a lot of different stuff, and it seems to help, or at least it seemed to help me. Let us know how it goes. Soon after I came to SN I posted about the swelling, and it was suggested that I elevate my feet. It works! It can be difficult to do this and do any other activity at same time, so I found out that if I just lie down for an hr or so, the swelling will usually go down because just keeping my feet and legs horizontal for a while helps. Another option to try is compression socks. We can get them at the drugstore without a prescription. I've also seen them for sale at different places online.The ones I've seen on-line look like regular socks, and no one knows they're compression socks but the wearer. I've never tried E-stim on my swelling.I'm interested in if it works. Becky
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    Deigh, What you're describing sounds a lot like fluid retention, which I also have because of my lack of mobility ( being in a wheelchair all day). But it can also be an indicator of other health problems. It might be a good idea for your wife to visit her doctor and let him have a "look-see", just to be on the safe side. Becky '
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    Ed, I'm so sorry about your friend's stroke. Hope he's doing OK. And, yes, worrying exacts a price, especially when there's a lot of stress attached to it. And,Madade, Congrats on doing so well this yr.Next yr will be even easier. Becky
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    You're on "stroke meds": Hydro... is blood pressure, ator... is for cholesterol, and Zoloft. Yeah, your blood pressure is a little too high for comfort. Avoid the s's -Salt and Stress. Both can raise BP. I'm guessing that you already know this, but I wanted to be sure you knew because it's very common to overlook these factors. I know that I did. I worked in high-stress job for 20 plus years. I'm not sure how big a factor that was in my stroke, but I'm sure it played a role, especially when I also had stroke in my family history. Enough about me! I was relieved to hear that you're on meds. You may want to do some research on lowering your BP, because there are studies on the positive effects of certain foods on BP. Best, Becky
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    Peter, Do you have a doctor, a GP who takes care of your medical needs? A family doctor to whom you can go if you're sick? Did you have a doctor who knew your BP was that high? Was there a reason for not putting you on BP meds? Because I'm not a doctor, but it sounds to me like you need to be on blood pressure medicine, unless there's a reason that you're not. Most of us were put on blood pressure meds in the hospital right after we had our strokes. We were also started on a drug to lower our cholesterol, and an anti-depressant because depression is so common following a stroke. A doctor can tell you if you need these drugs. Good luck, Becky
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    Tarina, 4yrs. post-stroke the nystagmus in my rt. eye went away on its own. I, too, had severe dizziness, balance issues. The dizziness subsided so much that except for the occasional 2 mi. bout of dizziness, it's gone. Balance issues are much improved, but still there. Each of these-dizziness, balance, nystagmus- can make the other two feel worse, but they are different issues, and will heal at their own rate, and not necessarily at the same time as the other 2.Whew! What a mouthful! Hope that makes sense. So even if you had the nystagmus under control, if you still had dizziness/balance issues, you still might not be able to drive. That being said, I don't see anything wrong with seeing a neuro-opth. just to see what he says, and to establish yourself as one of his patients so that you have a neuro-op if you need one. Plus, they stay booked far in advance usually, because they're so scarce. Maybe by the time of your appt., you'll be further out from your stroke, and know what you want to do if the neuro and the neuro-opth don't agree. Do you have Medicaid,BTW? I think we'd all agree that strokes are expensive, and you're seeing why I say that. Medicare won't kick in until you have been receiving SSI for 2yrs. Until then,you're on your own.
  21. Scott, "Refractory" just means that the doc hasn't figured it out yet. If the doc can attach a name to it, then she/he looks less to blame for not finding a cure. Hope that makes sense and helps. Becky
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    I am so sorry that you/re going through this. Prayers and hugs coming your way! Becky
  23. Tarina, It sounds like you have long-term memory issues. As the others said, it will improve over time. But, there are probably things you'll never remember. Why not start a "memory book" for each child complete with pictures when possible of things you don't want to forget? Like Christmas,2018 for example? You can also start a blog here at Strokenet chronicling your stroke journey. You can also write about things other than just your stroke journey. Becky
  24. becky1

    Janelle, When I was trying to stop using pull-ups, I put my bladder on an every-two-hrs schedule. Meaning that I took my bladder to the bathroom every 2 hrs. because that's the average length of time that people go to the bathroom or once every 2 hrs. If you're going out, let going pee be the very last thing you do. When you get to where you're going, let it be the first thing you do. Remember the time because in about 11/2 to 2 hrs. later, you'll have to repeat. Every 2 hrs is just an average, you may have to set the time higher or lower, depending on what's comfortable for you. I'm just giving you a guide that maybe you can go by to keep from being caught off-guard again. Becky