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  1. Happy Anniversary sebi99!

  2. Happy Anniversary sebi99!

  3. Happy Birthday sebi99!

  4. Happy Anniversary sebi99!

  5. Happy Birthday sebi99!

  6. sebi99

    fantastic . good yo hear Jamie
  7. sebi99

    tyou all
  8. sebi99

    HI ALL

    I moved to Philippines. having a great time! have everything cable internet car food a wonderful lady Lynn a care giver I meet in Arizona prior. She left her care home to her son and we been inseparable since. The water in the beaches is warm and clean. been to Subic bay Ilocos ,Baguio. Cavite.And are planning a long trip to her home province on an island in the pacific, verac. Oh beaches are clean with 10 15 others . I live where a 1 hour massage cost less than a big mac. Life is Good. Bob
  9. Happy Birthday sebi99!

  10. sebi99

    The other Day my friend Diane went to the Convent just a block away. It was the second time I was there. The first time was Christmas eve. The service was in English givin by Father Gus 85 year old. They study theologians there. SO I asked mother superior, a woman who has more common sense than most. I said , I had a stroke, since then I have no porous anymore. I Had to sell my business I am getting a divorce, I have no friends any more. All my bad parts of myself that I use to be able to hide were constantly harming me. She told me I have a gift of a second chance here on earth and what I n
  11. Happy Birthday sebi99!

  12. sebi99

    We really miss you here Kelly. I here you !!!! I have short term memory I have cognitive problems lost 60% right side, hurt in side my bones, i am constantly sucking up my drewl so i dont drewl. nuropothy is a bonus. Yet I am alive. And I to feel an emotional loss with everone i loved once.
  13. sebi99

    Eltee, Thank you for your post. I have the same issue. When ppl talk fast or in a high piched decibell i can not here them The words group togrther and its like one long jumbled word. Do you have a high piched rinnging in your ears? I do. Maree next time some one leaves you in the car honk the horn constantly. I am sorry please Maree partner please take the time to take maree with time is nothing and everything.
  14. sebi99

    What a wondrerful lady you are Gladice. Grrr let me at your Dr.GRR GRR Thanks for being there for me.
  15. sebi99

    Lydia You will never be alone. I to have short term memory loss. Many, many of us do. You will always have us. I keep a journel and I have an appointment book i keep with me always. I fill it up with ink on a daily basis.