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  1. I stretch every day. Every day. I stretch my leg and move it around to the full range of motion. Also, I lift the affected arm every day. I manually lift the arm while laying down, over the shoulder as high as it will go. Every day! You should try to do something, stretching, every day. No exceptions. Before you get out of bed, every day. Hope this helps!
  2. phildogg

    Try to put a pillow under the arm. Specifically, the elbow region. I sleep with one every night. It doesn't have to be a big pillow, a small one will do, kinda like a half pillow size. The sublaxation eventually goes away. But it was a long time getting my shoulder to stop hurting. Nothing happens overnight when it comes to strokes. Hope this helps. Cduff33, I was thinking of starting an exchange for gently used medical devices. But, due to lack of interest, I abandon the idea. But, I'm still holding out hope that one day I could make it happen.
  3. phildogg

    1967stingray and nancyl, when we leaving? That is an excellent idea!
  4. phildogg

    I used to live in San Diego. At the beach, a block away from the ocean, on Toulon Ct. in Mission Beach. I love Southern California, especially San Diego. Too bad I couldn't go in your place. I regret not going back there pre-stroke. I couldn't go back now. It's no place for us who suffered a stroke!
  5. phildogg

    My ten-year-old son asked me today why I don't want to go anywhere with him. I said in my best Dick Clark impersonation " because I can't go". And he asked why and I told him that too many places don't have handicap accessibility, I'm working on curbs, bathroom issues, etc..etc.... He's the one that encouraged me that I can walk down into the basement. I had to have help before. I had to have someone take my cane downstairs and someone to "spot" me. A small miracle occurred when he said "Dad, you can do it". And then I tried it and haven't looked back since. I'll take the small advances when I could get them.
  6. phildogg

    Good for you, aclarke. Your Aphasia will get better with time. With practice and repetition mine got way better. It's frustrating not being able to talk or express yourself. But with hard work you can get most, if not all your speech back. When I call my friends cell phone they asked if you wanna hear your message. So I chose that option and I sounded like me, only I spoke slower. I have a female friend who comes to my house and she cuts my hair every three or four months. She says every time she comes over I'm speaking way better than the last time she was over. But it takes practice and repetition and perserverance and a lotta hard work to gain your speech back. When I first stroked and was in rehab, I could only speak Spanish. Funny thing is I wasn't even fluent in Spanish. They showed me a picture of a table and I said "mesa". They showed me a picture with the color red and I said "rojo". I only found out later that speech and language, through my research, that it comes from different areas of the brain. And, much to my therapists chagrin, I didn't forget my swear words. That must come from different parts of the brain also! At least, I think so. Sorry if this late post is no longer relevant.....
  7. phildogg

    People feel funny around us stroke patients. They don't know what to say and too afraid to ask questions. I'm the type of person (at least, I was) who's was very friendly and could strike up a conversation with a rock. But now I'm dealing with Aphasia and it has been hard. Extremely hard. It has gotten better since I'm almost 26 months post. Most of my friends are gone now. I miss that part of my life. They didn't stick around because they either didn't want to see me like this or they thought I wasn't gonna get any better. My friend picked me up and we went to a bar the other night and this guy keep looking at me. So he eventually came over and asked what happened to me. I prefaced my answer with you can ask me anything. That's the type of extroverted person I used to be. I told him to pull up a chair and he did and we had some interesting conversation. Not only was it theraupuetic but I needed that interaction. Thank you!
  8. phildogg

    Thanks for understanding Ethyl17. Can we still be friends?
  9. phildogg

    Ethyl17, You know I love you,but....... I want to correct you, if I may. Botox is NOT a virus! It's a bacteria that causes food poisoning. The labs have refined it for injections in various parts of the body. Along the way via Hollywood they found the others effects and uses for Botox. They found it's beneficial for parylizes or weakening of specific muscles that is beneficial for all types of muscular applications. Including us stroke patients. Although Botox is popular among the Hollywood crowd and people could afford it, they discovered it to be true for people with muscle maladies. With great benefit for the majority of stroke patients unless you had a stroke, you don't know how good it feels to be able to move your arm over your head or in some cases, to help you walk again. I encourage you to continue Bruce's Botox injections. It doesn't hurt for long and besides he'll have a smooth arm. Not a wrinkle can be found, in his arm... What is Botox? Botox is produced from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which is commonly associated with food poisoning. In small, diluted amounts, however, Botox can be injected directly into specific muscles, causing a controlled weakening. It has cosmetic and medical uses.
  10. I'm the exact opposite from what you are experiencing, maree. Since the stroke, I'm cold all the time. I can't get warm. Incidentally, I have several afghans within my good arm's reach. Thankfully, at least in the States, we've had unusually warm weather. I like being warm now. I sit out on my deck in the sun whenever I can. Recently, I'm always hot. Go figure! By the way, how much is 3 stone?
  11. phildogg

    We'll all learn this Medicare mess together 1967stingray. We'll crack this code before May 1st. Are you on part "D"? That seems inexpensive for prescriptions. I pay 167.00 every three months but I'm looking forward to paying $1.10 per. Currently, I take at least 5 scripts every day. The Baclofen is the most expensive. I'm looking to find a cheaper alternative. Maybe part "D" is the answer. I hope so!
  12. phildogg

    Only recently I've been able to string sentences together. I always say things over and over again until I get it right. It takes some time. I only could speak like Dick Clark before. The conversation would move along and before I could speak, the conversation would already passed me by. I still have trouble with crowds. I can't overspeak anybody. It's sooo frustrating. It's been suggested that I try to sing the words. Don't have a singing voice. Never did! It's been a long 26 months but I'm finally able to hold a conversation with friends. Recently, a female friend came to visit and she said I'm speaking !00% better than the last time she came over. That's been at least 4 or 5 months ago. With 5 kids that like to argue, I'm finally able to argue with them. But it's been a long hard road. I'm still not fluent by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm miles ahead and still making progress. I've got my inflection in my voice back and I can talk on my cell phone. Now, if I can only get my comedic timing back...
  13. phildogg

    I read Debbie's post saying they have to pay a deductible. I'm gonna have to look into that. I thought I was gonna be covered once I got on Medicare. Now this? I don't think so. They sent me a letter saying their gonna deduct from my monthly check $99.00 for the stinking premiums. What else can I expect?
  14. phildogg

    Most of my friends have bailed. Only the ones that are real special to me have hung around. I have to pay someone for what I used to do. I pay $15.00US an hour. I would kill for $15.00 an hour. I can't get anybody to do work out here. We live in the country about over 10 miles away from any civilization. And, it's real hard having somebody come out this way. My friend who moved to Alaska when he retired is down here for a couple of months is helping me. Good thing, he doesn't require any pay. His Mother had a stroke and he understands how difficult for us stroke victims. Only problem, the cold chased him down here and he's going back soon. Bummer! He'll be back. The cold has chased him back. He's gonna sell his place in Alaska and return to the Cleveland area-in a coupla of months or until he sells his home back in Alaska. The friends I lost over the years weren't real friends anyway. I suffer from Aphasia as well which makes it doubly difficult! I still go out only once a month. We stroke patients like to go new places. It's so sad hearing of the others isolation. I just watch a lotta TV and I have a Tivo machine and I'm on the computer a lot of the time.
  15. phildogg

    Update: I was billed for about $10,000.00 a year ago in December for Botox treatments. Merry Christmas! My wife and I both looked at each other and simultaneously and pointed at our behinds indicating what part of our anatomy the insurance company could plant they're lips on. The mixup occurred when the hospital and the insurance company were done arguing, thirty days later, we were out of insurance. At time we were denied in between the time we were approved the time had already elasped. The time of service was the time the insurance company goes by. Needless to say, we got, how shall I say this, fill in your favorite swear word! I'm eligible for Medicare at the first of May and guess what thing I'm going to get? You guessed it, Botox! I sick of my hand curling up. I'm sick of my stiff shoulder. At the time of service, I didn't think it had an effect on me, minimunally at best. But since I haven't had an injection for about 15 months, I can't wait to get another series of injections. On my government, this time