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Stroke Survivor - male
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  1. Happy Anniversary sunfall!

  2. Happy Anniversary sunfall!

  3. Happy Anniversary sunfall!

  4. sunfall

    I can only sent my thoughts and prayers for you at this time of huge loss. Peace to you and your family in this time. John
  5. sunfall

    Well take some of that casino money you are always bragging about and pay some bills
  6. Happy Birthday sunfall!

  7. sunfall

    So nice to see a positive blog .... Very uplifting,,,,,,,,,Good luck! Thanks for the no whine John
  8. sunfall

    Good on ya,,,,,,,,,, Hang in there Sally
  9. sunfall

    Thank you Ash for the perfect blog entry Congrats on the Anniversary John
  10. sunfall

    Sally, Either way, we are one day closer to spring Have a great day John
  11. sunfall

    George, Great picture, Great Blog Thanks
  12. sunfall

    BRAVO........Will you depressing people get a new attitude!! At least, don't spread it with your whining!
  13. sunfall

    don't drink such cheap beer
  14. Lenny, If you want some body to carry your bags, I apply for the job. Have a good time and post a lot of pics John
  15. sunfall

    And you also John
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