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  1. beanna


  2. Happy Anniversary beanna!

  3. Happy Anniversary beanna!

  4. Happy Birthday beanna!

  5. beanna

    Sue, I am not on here that much, but I always read your blog when I am on. You have done so much good for your husband and others, much wisdom and good advice. All I can say is that we all have ups and downs, and we are allowed to have an occasional "pity party"for ourselves, just as long as we realize that life continues on and has much goodness. Now is your time to move ahead with your life, always remembering the good times of the past. Yes, keep in touch with old friends and family, they are precious. And you will find new friends and adventures, too.
  6. Julie, sounds like you are doing a great job and things are coming along. Many years ago i'd had several surgeries for Crohn's Disease, they wrnt badly and I was fed for a month by a TPN line. Was not allowed even ice chips! There is a glycerin( I think) coated swab that was used to moisten my mouth as was a damp wash cloth. They helped, but boy I wish I'd had ice chips! If Larry cannot do ice chips as much as you would like, maybe try these just to keep his mouth moistened. Good luck going forward.
  7. beanna

    Keep it up . Exercise helps the spirit as well as the body. It is still freezing here in Ohio, it is starting to get to me. I am a big/Ohio State fan, so I really enjoyed all of that more than the super bowl. And time does go quickly, but I would like a little more warmth, supposed to go to 11 below 0 tonight.
  8. beanna

    Hi Rose, I have the same problems as you do with the face and hand---and you are so right--clementines are the best. It has been 4 1/2 years since my stroke and I don't bite my tongue etc as much as I did. You sound like you are doing great keep it up and stay warm. I live in northeast Ohio and while we don't have as much snow as New England, we have the cold. BRRR!
  9. Happy Anniversary beanna!

  10. Happy Birthday beanna!

  11. beanna

    There is a poem I have loved since high school---whew, thats a loonngg time ago. The verse I love is "There will always be a corner of my heart for you who once inhabited it all, Life is like that, changeful, imponderable, Who could forsee the path we chose would part." And certainly we are who we are because of our experience and all those we have loved.
  12. beanna

    Yes I do. I had my stroke during outpatient surgery for a melanoma. That was 4 years ago. You're right I am happy to still be here, but boy, do I hate the deficits from the stroke.
  13. beanna

    Happy you have found love---sorry about Budweiser. I've had to make those decisions, and they are terrible. Bud will live forever in your heart.
  14. beanna

    My prayers are with you.
  15. beanna

    Sue, I think Ray is with you, just not physically. I think when we truly love someone, we always miss them, but we also can laugh and smile and find goodness in life again. And of course God never deserts us. So enjoy the sunshine and the coming of Spring.