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  2. Happy Anniversary linda6363!

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  11. i went to hospital slurring numb paralyzed hand and told them i think i am having a stroke because of the a-fib. i was told go home you have carpel tunnel. if they would have done a ct scan i could have had a a tpa. day 2 go to another hospital doc says he thinks cva or ms or tumor does a cat scan.........was told it was normal when in fact it was clearly there . docs changed shifts another doc sent home said i was fine even though the paralysis was progressing. monday morning i have my yearly cardio check up my cardio doc leaves me in a room goes to the waiting tells my hubby to b
  12. mine was caused by a-fib and apperently i had 2 previous ones i was not even aware of. 1st paralyzed my hand then over a week it was up to my shoulder and then my left leg. i can't take drugs for a-fib because i am on asthma drugs. i take coumidin, asthma drugs, 5mg of lisinipril even though my bp is low. .....also take lorazapam for anxiety. before stroke i just took low dose asperin and asthma drugs, never smoked, low colesterol, vegitarian, didn't drink caffiene or acohol. linda
  13. how long before you got 95% back and are things continuing to improve?
  14. linda6363

    the one i count is the one that left lingering deficets but the ct showed i had 2 previous ones that i was unaware of. hugs linda
  15. Atrial fibrillation was the cause in oct 2010 but they found 2 others that i was not aware of one from small vessels sometime in the past plus infarct marks on my scans from the past. was on aspirn no high blood pressure or high colesteral never ate salt or caffiene not vegan but 90% of my diet was with coumidin I miss my veggies. embulism on right side and left side still weak can use left hand but numb sensation. need a cane and limp. get dizzy and a stiff neck on left side. i had alot of emotional liability and it seemed to peak around 6 months po