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  1. Happy Birthday leese!

  2. Happy Anniversary leese!

  3. Happy Birthday leese!

  4. Happy Anniversary leese!

  5. Happy Birthday leese!

  6. I'm glad my timing to toddle back to this forum was in sync with you posting. It seems I missed much with you. I'll have to back-read your blogs and find out what trouble you've been getting up to. Good to read you're having some good days and I'm sorry to read you've had a bad run. On the topic of your doggie love... ... I bought a little girl last Oct. at 8 weeks old. She's a pom/yorkie mix (porkie), named Pi. I've always been a dog lover and after my stroke, my daughter had to take my 12 year old lab to her house. I lived in a second floor condo and had no way to take her out. My lab passed away in 2011 and I thought last year was time to get another companion. I never, ever thought I'd have a dog the did its business in the house, but, she does, on potty pads. She's 5lbs of furry entertainment. I hope youre enjoying Molly as much. talk later, must finish a hot flash in another room. xox, Lisa
  7. leese

    That's one of loveliest and touching dates I've ever heard of.
  8. leese

    Tiny Tim crutches... that made me laugh! Giving up isn't an option, ever. I've seen some results of that and it's not pretty. I am picturing you cheering and waving those crutches Gimme an S, gimme a T, gimme a O..well you know where I'm going with that. Thanks,Jamie, we're a couple of toughies.
  9. leese

    If it ain't one thing,

    it's a 'nother. Seems the small stumbling blocks, literally, with stroke are often what impedes our recovery. Which in turn affects our attitude and optimism in all this mess. I suppose I need to accept that it is going to be that way. It's difficult to reserve the expectation of the other shoe dropping when I'm in the midst of having a small high of progress and hope of enjoying things in a small way. But then, I tend to be very gung-ho and might bring some of this down on myself. Recently, I'd been enjoying walks outdoors. It felt great and I was getting much needed exercise.So, naturally, my 'good' knee develops a problem.Bursitis from overuse and walking badly. It's put those walks and much else, on hold. Clunk goes that shoe. Last year it was seizures. It doesn't take much to halt working on recovery in a way you feel passionate about.. In the scheme of the stroked;I have little to complain about. I met one guy fighting cancer and trying to recover and quite a few others with broken bones to contend with along with stroke. I'm just remarking, not complaining.I know life was like this prestroke, but it takes far less now, to take the wind from of my sails. Perspective, perspective, I'm trying to regain it and not be childish about how things don't go my way. The rehab gym usually takes care of that for me. I'll be able to go back tomorrow, I think, after a hiatus due to the knee. It'll all be put in the proper light then, surrounded by many people contending with far greater challenges than stroke . Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.
  10. leese

    Jamie, at least a picture you took will bring back the feeling you had at that moment. Someone else's pictures don't do that for me. Skies and seas are my favorite memories. Life can't get any simpler or more content enjoying either. Lisa
  11. leese

    Fred, I have a reader and haven't used it. Tech stuff is really difficult for me post stroke. I finally told my family to please not buy me anything I have to learn how to use. I've been listening to audio books because I can do other things while I listen. I read a lot prestroke and now books are difficult to concentrate on and uncomfortable to hold and turn pages; so I don't. The audio books are a way to have a version of what I love back in my life. Also, I'm always surprised how many common words I've mispronounced all of my life. Yesterday it was 'dour'. I always thought it rhymed with 'sour'. But no, it sounds like 'door'.Who knew! If you want, check with your library for audio books, They're free and some libraries have availability for downloading the books from your home computer. Best deal ever, in my estimation. Lisa
  12. leese

    why is it

    that I only think of visiting,reading and writing here when it's close to my bedtime?... Rhetorical, really. I've always been a night owl and get more pensive as the hours creep toward morning. It's nearly midnight and I can see the sun setting hues through new leaves on the birch tree out my window, It won't set all the way this time of year. It will dip and curtsy toward twilight, leaving just a slice on the horizon, and ascend again brightly by 3:00 A.M. It doesn't do much good to think what I would and did prestroke in my Summers; but I do think about the last time I hiked at midnight along a ridge and sat on the grass and breathed in those colors that defy paint or cameras, as you can't capture the essence and trill of our ancestry witnessing the events of the sky. I'm into audio books lately and finished my run of the incomparable Margret Atwood and her absolute succinct prose in expressing the truth in human nature and experience. *tips hat* Tonight, I've started listening to 'Gimp by Mark Zupan http://en.wikipedia...._Zupan_(athlete) I'd seen his documentary prestroke and can now have, if not a more appreciative view, a more empathetic view. I was wowed by his accomplishments when I first saw him and now there is depth to my wow. Half the people I talk to in the rehab gym are spine injuries and I'd like a better understanding of the conditions and the ability to ask inoffensive questions with some idea of the variances in damage.Nearly as interesting as stroke, nearly. : ) My eyes are getting fuzzy and there is only a creamsicle of color left in the sky. It must be time to be responsible and get some sleep.
  13. leese

    Oy...youch! My best friend had that as well. I saw how much pain and discomfort the cysts caused her both in her underarms and groin area. She opted to get her underarms sweat glands removed since hers was nearly a constant painful condition. This was 20 or so years ago. I sincerely hope they've come up with better options/treatment by now. I took care of her, after basically having her armpits removed. Hope you're owie free for a long while after this. Lisa
  14. leese

    I missed a game? If I knew there were going to be games; I'da checked in more often. My attention span is..oh look a bird! But seriously, that was very enjoyable to read,Jamie. As always, it strikes me about our similarities.
  15. leese

    People shouldn't leave their apple carts in your way if they expect them to remain upright. You have that look about you. (((hug))) Lisa