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  1. I just returned to physical therapy. I get 30 therapy visits a year from my insurance and I split them between my physical and speech-language. I’m not exactly sure why but I get my speech-language therapy from an intern and the facility was not assigned one this semester. That way tho, she can give me an hour each session instead of 1/2 hr. which gives me more therapy. Anyway, during my evaluation with physical (new prescription) I discussed with Jason my difficulty with creating my own home routine and goals. I admitted that I’ve accepted that these spasm attacks and my confused times are going to happen.....randomly and I have to do the best I can to exercise regularly to help avoid them. All this time I spend withdrawn, sitting hunched over playing games on my phone, is what causes more pain and atrophy. I didn’t have an evident physical damage from my stroke. A car accident caused that, and sitting incorrectly as a nail tech for 12 years. Sometimes I worked 12 hour days and usually 6 days a week. When I had my accident in 2005 the doctor said my back was screwed up already and then I sprained it. Over the years I’ve basically kept fit. I’d go through phases of joining the gym and worked out regularly for a good while, then slack, then go back again. I’m so glad I did what I DID do because I think I’d be much worse and probably need surgery. As far a relaxation, I have intentions and will do things for a little bit then slack. I see now how important it is to make these things part of my daily routine so I can feel good. I spray some lavender essential oil on my pillow right before bedtime, get ice or heat pack, elevate the head of the bed(the foot part broke) so I use a leg elevation pillow from my dad. I do my spinal rotation stretches from head to tailbone taking deep breaths with each stretch. I find that is a form of meditation for my and also helps with relaxation. Meditation is wonderful too. Wow, I’m typing as if we’re talking, seemed to flow better. Anyway, so glad to be back in touch. I need to get on my laptop and check out the forums. Have a great weekend.
  2. HI Lin and Carl, Thank you both! It is a great help to know that I am not alone. Carl, thank you for sharing what you experience. I'm much the same. I can hold a conversation like nothing is wrong but either won't remember it the next day or remember it differently. At one of my local support group meet ups we start by telling a little about ourselves if there is someone new, one lady was telling her story and her husband said, "that's not how it happened" correcting a detail and I thought...man, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that! I had been at a place of peace and acceptance, not only with my "new me" but also that I was my father's caregiver. But, then he died and his medical team did not come to the house anymore. I lost not only my dad, but my support system too and have been feeling like...now what? I'm only 50. I certainly realize that things could be much worse. I try to work or multi-task but it tends to make me worse. I'm still waiting for a disability hearing which could take at least another year. Living with month to month stress has set me back quite a bit. In addition to the stroke I have neck and lower back disc issues that create muscle spasms wherever they decide to show up. Being already cognitively challenged, when I take even half of a muscle relaxer I'm so much slower and all my senses get over loaded. I am trying to be seen by a neuro-psych but that's not covered by my insurance which is like medicaid. So I'm searching for other options. I continue to be hopeful doing my best not to sink into a depression again. I want to communicate on here more but sometimes I just can't. After I read other's posts, my mind has all sorts of comments but it's too hard to put into words. Thank you again, I'll make it a point to check in more often.
  3. Thank you everyone!! As I read each person's post I want to comment on each one. Here's the overthinking....do I reply to each one or try to address everyone in one post? Each one is a little different and room for more discussion.
  4. Twice today (and numerous other times) I was told not to overthink. What they don't realize is, anytime I think, I overthink. That's HOW I think now. How do you explain to people? I had my stroke 6 1/2 years ago and, just in the last year or so, have been going to Speech Therapy. It has been quite an adventure. I didn't have any physical effect from my stroke, just cognitive stuff. And then, not all the time. From the beginning I could walk and talk, but I was cloudy. Sometimes now it seems that I'm worse now that I'm realizing how much affects me and throws me off. Does this make sense to anyone? A have so many questions. Some are answered when I read through the topics but then a little different too. Why is it so hard to get thoughts out? They are there, I can hear them in my head. When I go to type, nothing. I'll stare at the screen trying to figure out how to start. I look forward to getting to know people here and friendship that understands.
  5. Happy Birthday KarenE!

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      Thank you!! Happy New Year!!

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  7. Happy Anniversary KarenE!

  8. Thank you all Mike, Debbie and Susan. I can't begin to express how reading some of the posts has made me feel. I had gotten on edge with everyone and everything. No one was validating me at all, no one had a clue what has been going on inside here. I had even used some of the same examples I was reading to try to explain to my family. It is so comforting that SOMEONE out there understands and also I am understanding my family by reading from caregivers. To add to my personal communication issues, which really aren't bad, I am caregiver and only child of my 92 year old father. I've pretty much got his "stuff" under control and thank God he is still very with it and for the most part, easy going. After coming back to this site I also went looking for any local organizations or groups.( I usually have to look more than once to really get what I'm looking for tho) I'm amazed at how little information and assistance is available, and I'm disappointed that I was not properly evaluated by either the speech pathologist or the neurologists that I saw while I was in the hospital. In addition to realizing that since I had reached about 18 months post, my brain didn't seem like it had been making any more progress. I was in a car that was rearended back in November. There was no major damage to the car but man my neck and back felt it. Since my stroke was caused by a dissection in a vertebral artery, therapy of my neck had to be handled very carefully. I found that I someties was having muscle spasms on my head and neck which were like migranes and of course the muscle spasms in my back that travel down my left leg. So I've been having to deal with all sorts of realities. I have "back days" and "brain days" that are my new normal. When I'm having good days I think I end up doing too much and it takes me longer to bounce back. I have no insurance and have not had a lot of follow up with doctors but now that it is evident that I have aphasia, I will see about getting evaluated. I have found different topics in the forums that seem to apply to me and hope to be able to give back some help from posting my experiences as well.
  9. I have not been officially diagnosed with aphasia, but am sure that I have home form, and luckily not severe. However, that makes it more difficult also, since I don't have any physical weakness, people forget. I have pretty much resumed daily activities. Reading still makes my head feel tight (only way to explain it) I guess because of the concentration involved. I am so glad to read how people describe what it is like, I have said some of the same things to my family. When I have read some of the posts to them or info from the aphasia website, I cry. Finally I found something to show them I'm not just a crazy frustrated and menopausal. Anxiety is an issue too, so now that I don't have to wait for things to get better (since they probably won't) I know I need to have more patience with myself and demand it from others, so I can hold it together. It has been hard to be my 92 yr old father's advocate as well as my own. Now that I am looking back into what support is available in my area, I'm not finding much at all. I am in the biggest county in Florida and that's a shame. I hope that as I search for my own answers I can help others to get the info that they need too.
  10. Wow, I am so glad I have come back to this website. Thank you everyone for your experiences. I have been feeling like I am just gonna lose my mind. I will be back to post more about me, now I just have to digest all that I have read here.
  11. Thank you for starting this topic. I have been experiencing anxiety also. A new grocery store threw me for a loop the other day and I'm about 5 months post. I just had a follow up CAT Scan and am seeing the neurologist for the first time since the hospital. I have been to a PCP but have so many questions for the doctor today as to my specific damage, etc. I still have not driven either. My boyfriend has been so supportive in trying to help me break things down so I don't get overwhelmed. I'm glad to have found a place where "my new normal" is normal and I don't feel weird about my emotions. I too am grateful to have found this site.
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  13. I live in Lake Worth, FL and am looking for a local group. I am 44 and had my stroke Jan 2011.
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  15. Welcome to the forums KarenE :)