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  1. Happy Anniversary LoriJean!

  2. Happy Anniversary LoriJean!

  3. Happy Anniversary LoriJean!

  4. Happy Birthday LoriJean!

  5. Yes I have a Pomeranian. Most say they are a one owner pet but mine he loves everyone! I have had him a couple years and he has been so faithful especially through everything lately. He doesn't leave my side anymore, follows me from room to room and if I go with the husband to the store he has to go with haha. They are great pets :)

  6. Hi. Do you have a pomeranian? What are they like to live with? Just curious. :)

  7. Hi. Do you have a pomeranian? What are they like to live with? Just curious. :)

  8. Wow reading these posts make me worry with winter coming on! I am a newbie to all of this as I had my strokes this year in May. I live in northern Minnesota where it gets really cold. I hate the cold. This summer I got to hot and always had to have the air conditioning on. I was already not looking forward to this winter but now I think I will freeze to death brrr
  9. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! I ended up going out to my mothers so I didn't have to try to cook! Thank goodness! It was also my daughters 19th birthday so it was a good day :)

  10. LoriJean

    My Romeo

    This is my dog and my nurse. He comes running to help if I sneeze or cough!
  11. LoriJean

    Romeo and his daughter
  12. Hi again! I hope you are doing well. I haven't been on here in awhile, have had some sluggish days and been really tired. Guess that can happen :(

  13. I am of course on facebook, just look me up!! More picture on there of blah me hehe

  14. LoriJean

    Romeo posing for a pic