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  1. Happy Anniversary bpatch!

  2. Happy Anniversary bpatch!

  3. Happy Anniversary bpatch!

  4. Happy Birthday bpatch!

  5. bpatch

    Great posts! I came over to forums while waiting for folks to get to the chat roomds, and I was pleasntly surprised to read these . I am fortunate to have great support from my family,who seem to understand the process better than I.Like, my son says, "Dad, you didn't get sick, and are getting better---It's like you got hit by a truck, and you were injured severely." Recovering from injury, not getting well after a sickness---that helps me keep it in perspective. There is no end to better.....
  6. bpatch

    great post, asha. ! I have bee struggling withthe changes that stroke has caused in my life, and I have been fearing the future. As you point out, these things have a very bad effect on how I feel. thank, bill
  7. Progress, not perfection.

  8. Welcome to the forums bpatch :)