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  1. nancyl

    So happy it all went well-- your one tough lady. Many of us know that for sure... You've been there for us to learn those caregiving skills for our loved ones affected by stroke.... Get some need rest -- NancyL
  2. nancyl

  3. nancyl

    place to keep track

    one of the most useful aspects of StrokeNet for me has been the blogging its therapeutic and useful to see where we have been in the journey. And in general just to keep track of the daily SH-T that happens . Perhaps someone reads about our issues and feels less alone on the wonderful stroke road. So my entry is-- Dan pulled a oldie but a goodie. He tried jumping out of the car while out youngest was taking him home. Me and a girlfriend decided to have a night out , Dan was at my work, fully aware of my decision to go out with my girlfriend. Wasn't thrilled but seemed onboard. Beth came and got him , made the McDonalds run and was driving when he decided she wasn't paying him enough attention and tried to jump out of the car. Another car stopped and luckily a Cop was out and about and seen it. Ironically back in my working at the jail days I knew the cop. But anyhow- the cop did his best to deal with Dan ( Dan has no higher power he doesn't care much about anything ). Eventually with a cop escort Dan got returned to the home. And today we had his semi yearly meeting so tried to converse with him. He cried- ( sometimes his crying can be for the purpose of getting his way - sometimes its real) , everyone felt bad. And I told him for awhile he isn't going out. He goes out daily to either my work, my oldest daughters house ( not the daughter he tried the jump out of car with) and he also goes to the casino ( which has its own issues I do my best to balance) or out to our oldest daughters cabin. So this is not a deprived man, myself and his children have made sure he has a active life. But the man is so hard to be with. Many times mean as a snake. But he is Dad and my husband so we compensate and deal with it. In this instance not much can be done to remedy except not take him anywhere anymore. But the reality is we still will- its who we are. Of course not for a few days cause you can't pull this crap and expect a basic BYE of forgiveness immediately . So we'll move on from this. Like I said when I started writing this its therapeutic to write and documentation might be useful some day to some one. I wonder if there is a Guinnessbook of records for bad behavior - LOL
  4. nancyl

    We managed to maneuver out of that for now--- The no eat, Ive gotten pretty good. I keep reinforcing to myself- His Happiness is NOT my responsibility ... I trip up and forget sometimes, but that mantra has served me well.
  5. nancyl

  6. nancyl

    As Sarah said-- vicious cycle

    I read our Sarahs reply on her latest blog. Vicious cycle she said. Perfect wording for our lives. I to, although have come so far - feel that vicious cycle . I get up go to work, go for lunch go get Dan from the nursing home. Usually have to fix something - his glasses , pick something up off floor or figure out who he is mad at and why. Its kinda routine thing for Dan to always want or need someone to jump. But I don't dwell on it like I used to. Then we leave the home, go through Mc Donalds to get his daily meal ( the only thing he will eat). We then drive to the house so Dan can eat his meal while I run in and check on the cat and the house , pick up mail -- etc. Then him and I go to my work - he goes and sits in the bathroom for like 1/2 hour . Comes out stamps the envelopes of the mailing my boss and I completed in the morning . Then he scans old legal files for about 3-4 hours. Then to the bathroom for another 1/2 hour ( the more I hurry him the slower he goes). Then we leave work. Then I'm faced with - nothing - nothing to do - of course there IS something to do , but we've done it all so many times before. Go out and eat, go see grandchild ( who incidentally usually is never home cause he is a busy boy)- lol. I could and do take Dan to the house... Unload wheel chair , walk him in - maneuver the steps -- try not to let the cat out , crap! there goes the cat-- lol Back to the bathroom - out- watch TV ( right now when weather is nice , we sit on the patio ) then Dan wants to sweep the patio. Go get the broom , sweep up and dump the stuff Dan swept up.... Then we head over to Mc Donalds - Dan gets his meal and I take him back to the home... At the home I wash up his torso, underarms , groin etc. lotion him .. Put clean shirt on him, then he sits in the bathroom for- I'm told- sometimes- hours. After the washup is done, I leave -- it's usually like 7pm then. So sometimes I'll go have a martini and the only bar in town that can make one - or I'll go home and make my own. Then I graze from the fridge -- lol--- thankfully now with the weather being nice I'll sit out on the patio water the plants and watch the cat.. In the winter I just go to bed and watch TV. Im not sure if Im content or complaining at the time I am writing this - lol---- I guess both. I like the fact we have established a livable routine for the most part. But the pure predictability of it all--- grrr and the waiting and always looking for the next thing that dan needs, a kleenex? another bathroom break-- oh pick that up ? it bugs you..... ?? So it is a vicious cycle ------- I guess its the responsibility of it all. Its hard -- I miss being able to just go- no thought of last time he has used the bathroom, what has he eaten, should I expect a mess? Fitting the chair in the car, remembering the cane--I have managed to overcome a lot , So I imagine this to shall pass-- lol . Actually Dan has a new desire on the horizon ---- Gambling has raised its ugly head..... He wants to go to the casino ( 2 hours away ) a lot--- So Im trying to keep that little addiction from running and ruining our lives.... He has always liked slots a little , but right now - he would live there . Funny - the mans in a wheelchair , can't hardly talk but still gets his way-- But not always- He is playing with the" no eat card" - if I don't take him. HMMMMM we'll see how this plays out.
  7. nancyl

    thinking of you!!
  8. nancyl

    just checking in

    Just checking in-- life has a way ,even as it slowly ebbs by, to all the suddens have passed. When I think of it ( like anyone- ever doesn't think about stroke devastation) -I do check in and look at blogs of people who have mentored me through the task of caring for Dan. What a job it has been and continues to be. We do have a routine and still i have obstacles with him, but it is what it is. My rope is much shorter now. Ive had to learn - to not care as much-- to accept - his life and his desire to live or have a quality of life so to speak is not my responsibility. It about kills me sometimes, but I push through the BS I have been handed and low and behold Im still standing. This entry may seen almost cryptic to some but a few " old-timers " will get it.... NancyL
  9. nancyl

    All I can say is WOW--- and WOW again...... How you have done it is beyond me... Nancy
  10. nancyl

    wow time has passed

    I guess I haven't anything fantastic to say-- I just realized it had been so long since I checked in . Its been a cold LOOOng winter in North Dakota-- although sounds like it has been for all in the USA.... Dan is doing alright--- the fiascos of the nursing home continue... He taught the aids and admin a lesson . He is very OCD - he asks the staff to take garbage out with them when they leave the room. They did not, kinda a passive aggressive thing with the staff . apparently it got left overnight, so the next day he flushed the garbage down the toilet, plugging the toilet. So they take the garbage now when he asks. Typical Dan -- Lots and lots of staff VS Dan power struggles . I just chuckle - anyone fighting with a brain injury - aka stroke . Is gonna lose. Hope all is well... NancyL
  11. nancyl

    Peace that is, at the end, what we all want-- Im so glad you have that. William is at peace, you know where he is and he is OK, he doesn't need anything. Thank You So much for the update. Since his passing, I've checked a few times - Im so glad to have heard from you. Thinking of you..... NancyL
  12. nancyl

    I am so sorry for your loss, you named your blog "it is done".... I get that, on so many levels.... Thank you for always being there- thanks for your intelligence and sharing of your lives. Thinking of you.... NancyL
  13. nancyl

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. NancyL
  14. nancyl

    I liked reading your take on the inside of a nursing home. It helps me to remember Dans issues there as well. Its probably why he refuses to leave or socialize. Although the other residents are generally pretty elderly - not many are anywhere close to his age. But still,- what do I know, I don't live there and it is hard for Dan to communicate complex things like what you are experiencing. So thank you for your hard earned insight... NancyL
  15. nancyl

    calm - warm thoughts -- being sent to you . Nancy