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  1. nancyl

    Time Marches On

    I haven't posted in awhile --- March 11th will be our decade anniversary of my husbands stroke that changed our lives.... We finished up our home remodel ( Dan came back home from the nursing home due to covid) the remodel made the home more accessible for him - and better for me to help him. But -- a couple weeks ago I was helping Dan with his bath , went to swing his leg and pop something inside me popped. We thought I had prolapsed my uterus - but turned out to be my bladder. So surgery to put that back in place is next week. Good lord- Im falling apart, literally -- LOL nothing to do
  2. nancyl

    I went and got my medical card for ND. Still experimenting - with dosage. I just take a tincture - helps me sleep, I actually have more dreams - which is nice. Dan won't try it. He had the stroke and it might help with his spasticity - but he won't even try -- lol , his choice.
  3. nancyl

    Absolutely agree. Stroke net brought knowledge and the feeling of not alone. Some one had don't this before, so it can be done. I met lifetime friends on the stroke net, all thanks to Steve M and the wonderful contributors and mentors on stroke net.
  4. nancyl

    Prayers -- and please be kind to yourself. Life is hard for everyone and we all make mistakes , the trick is recognizing them , learning from them and moving on. Seems to me like that is exactly what your doing . There are better days ahead along with the bumpy days. You are a ray of sunshine to many people ( I appreciate your kind notes to me on my blogs) --- So be kind to yourself.
  5. nancyl

    ugh the heat --- .. Looking for a new home can be fun, unless its sweltering out. Hopefully it works out for you and you can look when the weather cools off a bit.
  6. Ive been to that point - our minds are amazing . The only reason I didn't do it. Was the complexness I believed it would have been to get my body from AZ to ND. But man, I knew I wasn't right. But it was like a dark storm that just moves in and you are lost... It took me years to get the right treatment. ECT for me. Meds sure didn't work - usually made it worse , but you gotta jump all the hoops before ECT is ever considered. And not every medical pro is in favor of it, so they just don't tell you about it - or tell you they don't know about it - but don't provide any direction. And when your
  7. Wow -- once it got nice out here in ND then time sped up. Ive been outside puttering. stained our deck , lots of gardening... help get my brothers home together for a estate sale.. back to more or less FT work at the office. And Dan has played "nice". So I guess I'll keep him home vs. the nursing home. With Covid there is no way we could have managed anyways. So he is here( home) and Ive got a massive remodel planned to make it nice for both of us... It was on my to do list anyhow. My Middle daughter the one from MT ( Erika) is pregnant with her first due in October. So we have
  8. nancyl

    Oh Sarah-- I think of you often... What a beautiful gathering -- small - full of meaning-- very special... I'd write some "words" but I just don't have any... Thinking of you.. NancyL
  9. nancyl


    Of course we all are bored. I don't have to much to do, outside of working my now half days and take care of Dan. We have our little routine, Dan THRIVES on routine - Me not so much. But I really can't complain , Ive had to redirect him a few times as to my expectations of his expectations. He like to move the bar. The compulsiveness. But its been so many years I do recognize it for what it is. And for as much as I complained about his desire to frequent the casino - it sure beats sitting at home and staring at each other... lol. Eventually here in ND we will get nice enough outside that
  10. nancyl

    Sarah-- Im so glad a neighbor extended that wonderful gesture, albeit toilet paper ( who woulda thought in the past what a magnanimous gesture a gift of TP would be--lol). Renews our belief in mankind. I hope you are well, you have endured so much, I only hope that you have some "peace " . I think of you much more often than you'd guess-- that long caregiving road. Bless you girl.. !
  11. nancyl

    So far it is going well, we have our "issues" but for the most part we are doing well....
  12. nancyl

    Here it goes

    Due to the Corona virus - the nursing home had to close doors to visitors and no longer allow the residents to come and go. Dan had stabilized and done very well for the past 2 years. But the biggest reason for that, His time with me and him coming to my work and the large amount of socialization with our family. The new necessary mandates required the home to close their door to protect their residents for the greater good. I respect that 100%. But it left me with a decision to make . He is home with me. So far so good. I couldn't risk the absolute regression he would have made in the home -
  13. nancyl

    If I had any wisdom I would share it .. I do not . which is both sad and funny. Your one of the get-er done ladies, I only know a few. I know you have the tenacity to accomplish all on your list. -- Big HUG -- Love -- NancyL
  14. nancyl

    Sarah-- So very sorry for your loss. You are a warrior- always have been. As others have said, you took such great care of Gary. You will carry on chin high - knowing you always did the very very best for Gary. Although I really don't reach out much anymore, you are always on the fringes of my mind. Knowing you and Gary have continued through life- one step at a time, has shown me my path of one step at a time... God Bless YOU and may God give you strength . Prayers-- NancyL
  15. nancyl

    My brother passed away

    My brother the one who was staying with me since Sept - passed on Dec 10, 2019. Bittersweet. We are all doing ok. It was hard on Dan - hard on me. But my brothers passing was not a overly long agonizing death , for that I am thankful.. Nancy